Still Have Bruising and Discomfort after 2 months


It’s been 2 months since I had my vasectomy, and I still have bruising and discomfort. I don’t have severe pain, but I still have discomfort and bruising on my scrotum. Before, I had a large knot in my scrotum and my doctor gave me some antibiotics. The knot is now gone, but the bruising still remains. This is now 8 weeks out. All the literature says bruising should have gone away much sooner. A few times, the bruising appears to almost have gone away, but only a few hours later, the bruising comes back. What is causing this, and should I be concerned, and is there anything I should do? I greatly appreciate any advice given.


Hi, this is my opinion and i am just another victim of vas and reversal. Soon as i had my vas i was black and blue for weeks. It cleared up but i was left with on one side
Of scrotum like a big bruise dark skin that has never come good. It appears to me that they have damaged blood flow to our nut sack or even deeper when they cut the vas. It doesnt look pretty but thats least of your worry if same as me. My advice is dont worry about it thats not what causes any pain. You are very early and probably come good dont stress.