Steroid (cortisone) injection theory


I had plenty steroid shots in the very end it did nothing it was a waste of time. They gave me some big shots dont know amount. But i was awake for days and ate food like a bull for a week man i was hungry. Hope you get better relief than myself all the best.


Sounds like you were loaded up with steroids all right. I’m sensitive to them as well. I get agitated don’t feel right don’t sleep right and I want to eat everything in sight. Plus you gain water weight.


hey guys i have a scheduled visit with my urologist in sept and will ask him about doing nerve block since his clinic does this as well. It’s more for diagnostic purposes but also pain relief, as i have associated groin and leg pain along with my epi issues. Has anyone who had the nerve blocks benefited pain relief for both scrotal and leg/groin pain after the block was done? @raising4girls @MikeO


I’ve gotten short term benefit just about every time I’ve had an injection, just not long-lasting relief.


@NC79 I have had blocks give 2 to 3 weeks of relief in rt lower stomach, rt hip, and rt lower back. My blocks were focused on illioinguinal nerve and inguinal area. You may want to look at nerve chart and try to identify nerve causing issues. I would research spermatic cord blocks if you are considering that. I had a bad experience with one and others have as well.


Thanks @Ben looking at the chart I got pains in all the associated areas (brown, green, pink and blue)


Thanks everyone for the additional detail.

It’s been exactly 4 days since the initial steroid injection (not spermatic cord block and not botox- probably another concoction- unfortunately didn’t specifically ask) and unfortunately I cannot say I’m experiencing any relief at all.

Last two mornings it was (maybe) a different soreness and then pretty much back to the usual discomfort for the rest of the day/night. Its truly hard to discern though.

Kind of feeling if I wasn’t getting any relief by this point it flat out was a waste. Guess I can give it a few more days till I throw my hands up. I’m scheduled to go back to urologist next Friday for another injection. Kind of don’t see the point of it as this point… trying to stay optimistic…


Hey @Jdubb64321 any updates on the injections hopefully they gave you some relief


Hey Nick-

Thx for checking in!

I wish I had positive news on this. I’m pretty much back to my baseline over the past few days, but I was in agony (like the most discomfort in months) over the long Labor Day weekend. Also developed what I think is a hematoma on the upper middle part of my scrotum. So much for the injection giving any relief. In fact how could I not say it made everything worse?!?

Also convinced the Tylenol is barely working and to add insult to injury, was up last nite with a stomach ache (my original discomfort was secondary for a change) cause I took 3,000 mg (6 pills) of Tylenol over 24 hrs.

So… I guess I have lots to discuss with the doc on Friday… where the f do I go from here??
I can’t imagine he would recommend another injection at this point… some on this forum are saying relief from the steroid could still come and I was experiencing discomfort from the intial injection itself, but I just don’t know…

Sorry for the rant… truly appreciate you asking me though…


Hey Gents-

Just wanted to give a quick update. Saw the doc on 9/7 and this was going to be when I got my second dose of steroids. Well as soon as I said that the first round didn’t work, the 2nd dose was off the table. No argument from the doc so that was good.

So… now the doc asked me for the 3rd time how long ago I had the vas and I said 8 months… and he said ‘that’s just too long to still be feeling like this’ I agree. So… he recommended the ‘excise’ (clean up)…so… gents… there was some discussion/experience around this, but I need to know the success rates…is the recovery just from the procedure worth it?? For the record, my doc has not once mentioned reversal yet…

As of now, I’m schedule for the procedural on Oct 11th.



If you are going to be opened, you might as well look into reversals as an option as well @Jdubb64321.