Steroid (cortisone) injection theory


I’ve been watching the show, Autopsy, the Last Hours, and in the Bruce Lee episode, the Dr. tries to figure out what killed Bruce Lee. He concludes that the many steroid injections that Bruce had to help his slipped disc ultimately lead to his death because too many cortisone shots damages kidney function. So too many shots over 3 years finally damaged his adrenal glands and kidney to the point that his body couldn’t function.

But a single shot near the damaged area where vasectomy pain occurs could potentially help the problem. If I understand correctly, a cortisone shot breaks up scar tissue, and radically reduces swelling.

So have any if you actually had a cortisone shot into the area of PVPS, and what was the effect? I’m not talking about steroid pills, but focusing on the injection of cortisone. In another thread, a book is referenced that talked about the pain being a result of entrapped nerves. It would seem that cortisone could help break up the scar tissue that is contributing.


Tried several steroid injecrions in cords and inguinal area worked for a bit. 1week or so. But even injections have the side effects like tablets.i was given big doses and the usuall cant sleep for 3days and extreme hunger, took a fortnight to go back to normal.


Thank you for the reply. So you didn’t get any long-term benefit?


@PVPain no long term at all. All the best with your journey hope you find some answers. So far i have found no answers.


Looking back I wish I had NOT had a nerve block with steroids. The immediate result of my block was a huge water weight gain and severe agitation. I don’t know how much was injected into me but it must have been a lot. I would fear the effect of concentrated steroids injected into healthy soft tissues. What effect might it have on healthy tissue?


Cortisone shots are essentially synonymous with the “nerve blocks” of the ilioinguinal and genitofemoral nerves done by Pain Management specialists. They don’t actually inject into the scrotum, but above the scrotum in the groin. They haven’t helped me.

To MikeO’s point, he and I both had Dr. Parekatill’s “mega” cord block where he blocks the entire spermatic cord with analgesics and steroids. I actually had a positive experience with mine. I had some immediate benefit from the analgesic, then worse pain, then decreased pain 4-5 days later once the steroid kicked in. Lasted 2-3 months and gave me a 50% pain reduction that was much appreciated. Seems to have worn off a couple weeks ago, so I’m back to the drawing board.


The pain doc I saw three times was pressuring me real high to get a block. With pain levels between a 2-4, now lately 3-6 I just don’t see the point in aggravating it.


I’m glad I asked. It doesn’t appear that a steroid injection has helped people here, and steroid shots are hard on the body.


I didn’t mean to lead you that way. I got very good relief from Dr. P.'s cord block (which uses steroids) and I intend to try another. No doubt, steroid shots are hard on the body, but seem to me to be less risky than surgery.

There also appear to be some diagnostic values to nerve and cord blocks.

As with anything, you have to weight the pros and cons compared with other alternatives.


I see what you mean. I’ll ask my Dr. his opinion on this also. As everyone else here has figured out, I wouldn’t be taking my time to consider this if it weren’t for the original surgery.


I would like to add that my block gave me complete relief on the right side which was not that bad to begin with but the result was very pleasant. On the left not so much but that’s because I think non the left my pain is damage to nerves outside of my spermatic cord.


Do you mean it gave complete relief, then wore off? Was it pain killer plus cortisone?


Oh, and if cortisone shots help break up scar tissue, and if nerve entrapment in scar tissue is a cause of pain, why wouldn’t the injection be right around the cut end of the vas?