Stabbing pain 4 months after Epididymectomy and haematoma


Hello people

I had vasectomy 2 years ago, but developed spermatic granuloma on my left side. My doc performed epididymectomy, and unfortunately I have developed an awful haematoma after operation, my nut was the size of the small orange. After numerous infections and pain, it has managed to resolve itself on its own after 4 months, and for about 2 weeks I were pain free and happy. Unfortunately, as I always was very active, I chanced it and went for a very short bike ride, and that was a mistake. Now I’m back in awful pain, my testicle is super tender and touching behind it where the epididymys was is quite literally agonising.

Is this likely to resolve itself, or would I need another op to see what’s going on there? As I always had occasional pains and aches in this testicle, I’m even considering orchiectomy, any advice? Worth doing?

Thank you!


Hard to say what to do, or what’s next. Will this resolve itself in time? Hard to say much.

Personally, I would be looking at orchiectomy if it comes down to another surgery, but to each his own. I never recommend anything surgical as I do not have to live with the outcome of another man’s procedure.

Sorry you are here, and welcome to the club.


Thanks Ringo, I know pain is very individual. Have you had haematoma? How long did it take to resolve itself?


Not a problem brother.

No, I’ve never had a hematoma from any of the 4 procedures I’ve had down there (including the vas itself).

Lots of detailed hematoma horror stories/posts on here. Use the search bar on here to find them easier.

You can also Google search “vasectomy hematoma recovery”. Likely some useful information found that way as well.


Thanks Ringo. Could you tell me what procedures you have done? I’m at witts end, feel like crying as thought were getting better, but now more like back to square one. Cannot believe I were silly enough to go on a bike


I feel confident saying you, and I are on different flight paths far as corrective procedures go, and at least somewhat different post vas as well.

I had 3 corrective procedures by the time I was 2~ years post vas. I had my vas in 2010, and I haven’t had another corrective procedure since December 2012.

My corrective procedures in order, reversal, redo reversal, varicocele embolization.

You still might get better. This bout may resolve itself. I would at least try as many conservative treatments as possible before another risky surgical procedure.

From hot soaks, NSAID’s, pain meds, and down the line. A lot of conservative treatments are posted all over this place in numerous threads.

Perhaps some others will chime in here that may better relate to your story. I can relate to pvp/s, and the sperm granuloma, but not the hematoma, nor the epididymectomy.

There are others that have a bicycle in their storyline. Others that have hematoma pain/recovery experience, epididymectomy, and so on.

Many of us have been dealing with this kind of stuff for years, and can relate to what you are experiencing, and dealing with (physically and mentally). Hopefully we can be of some help to you.

Hang in there brother.


Thank you for your speedy response Ringo. Pain was bad enough to throw me into anixeity today.

I have read about men having a good succes with orchiectomy, as I’m not really fussed about having testicle, I am seriously considering it. Has anyone got any experience? Recovery, any potential side effects?

Thank you kindly


There are several members on here that do have experience with unilateral, or bilateral orchiectomy.

Searching, and reading entire threads is the best way to fill yourself in on these members experiences faster. Many members are not frequent, nor active posters.