Spreading the word to stop the butchering - it's time to take action


Amen brother, amen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this too will take quite some time.


I am different i am dead against the butchering it should be stopped. I am not the worst here but got my share of shit. Its fucked my life my marriage and lots more. Its a terrible procedure. If this many people got fucked up from a procedures starting from now on it would be outlawed. But cause its old school yep they keep it going.


@Loz I have to agree with you on this. My informal survey of vasectomized men has yielded 1/3 in some sort of ongoing pain and 2/3 regretting the vasectomy. (And strangely, some of the “1/3 group” didn’t regret their vasectomy.) My view of a successful vasectomy is no pain, no sexual changes, and no patient regrets. If 1 out of 3 is your best result (which may or may not fit my previously mentioned definition of success), the odds are horrible. At what point do you ban a surgery? How bad do the odds have to be?


Correct. Men just wont talk about this shit for fear of embarrassment and weakness. When i put pressure on 5 people i know, 4 out of 5 had a change be it small to one guy got done at 30 and got ED cost him his marriage and has never had sex again. For 15 years he never told me, only now i am stuffed up he told me, but i had to put pressure to get that out of him. If i found that many suffering issues i can assure you its more than 10 percent suffering. Men dont talk.


You have to talk about it. It ruins lives or has the potential too. I think you have to understand it will always be around. If you start with informed consent and documenting bad outcomes eventually the truth will come out. That truth is that vasectomy destroys the lives of a significant minority of people that get it done. We are talking about it and that’s a start.


So are we gonna do this or what? I’m game to start drafting some pages with PVPS info and cold hard data/facts.

PM me if you want to go ahead.


What website address do we want? What do we want the advocacy group to be named? I’m not particularly creative however I know we have some creative folks on the forum.


Men don’t talk. Heck I got a vas that screwed me up and it was only afterwards that my dad said his hurt him pretty badly. I asked how long he was in pain and he said “Years” Now why the hell he didn’t tell me when he knew I was considering it is beyond me but it is just an example of men not talking. I don’t get it-I tell men all the time to not even consider it as an option.


I am 100% behind this. I just passed the 4 year anniversary of my Vasectomy. My vasectomy has left me with pudendal nerve entrapment / pudendal neuralgia. I am on long term disability & unless something changes, this is expected to be a lifetime struggle. I’ve had to sacrifice all of the things that I enjoyed doing in life. I’m willing to talk to anybody anytime about the risks of Vasectomy.