Spermatic Cord Nerve Block Painful


Well settles it for me no nerve block for me.


Nerve blocks can be useful tools in diagnosing the location of dysfunctional/damaged nerves. They are probably the least invasive of any meaningful intervention. I would not rule one out. I can tell you that when I got one, on the side I had success, it was a great feeling and welcome relief.

I will admit it did hurt more, although temporarily, when it wore off. I also don’t do well with steroids as they make me very anxious/miserable.


I agree with MikeO, don’t rule them out. Remember there are different types. Most Pain Management docs offer several nerve blocks, the Ilioinguinal and Genitofemoral most common for guys like us. Some PM docs also do spermatic cord blocks, but I haven’t found one, at least not one under anesthesia, which is why I like Dr. Parekatill’s approach.

I have a good experience with Dr. P’s cord block. Hurt like the dickens days 2-5, but once the steroid kicked in, I got good relief (50-75%) that lasted about 3 months. He had encouraged me to get a series of blocks, but I was too busy. I’m planning to start over in October and visit him again in December and again in early 2018 if needed.

Don’t rule out nerve blocks. They’re less invasive and less risky than surgery. I’d also argue that they’re less risky than downing oral medications for months on end. Getting pain medication directly to the source without going through the digestive tract has some advantages.

I had spinal fusion at L5/S1 and have had 2 flare-ups of sciatic pain since the surgery. Both times, the flare-ups were calmed down by epidural steroidal injections. Similar principle, I think.


I can say not having to drive and sit all days has helped well cause I’m jobless. But I still can’t do anything above my “new” normal. I can’t move to quickly when I do anything. Or lift anything real heavy.

I just worry about about upping the daily pain levels permantently.


Yeah, pain went from a 7/10 to a 15/10 after it wore off. Both urologists swore up and down that it couldn’t have been the nerve block since the injection is supposed to go around the epididymus. The dr who did the block felt like it went right into the nerve with 3 injections in one visit. I was trying to not claw the wall or knock his jaw loose from the pain he was creating with the block.

Don’t let any urologist fool you with the nerve block, or try to medicate you with gabapentin (the memory erasers). They’re just following their programming books which state only 1 in 1000 men have more pain after a block. I can’t imagine the pain involved with the other kind of block but I bet it’s just as bad if not inflaming the whole area vs one testicle.


For sure gabapentin is the memory eraser. Lyrica made me forget where I was going when I walked into another room. No thanks.

Are cord blocks supposed to be in the scrotum? I thought they were up higher in the groin?


Great question. I believe a cord block as given by uros can be in the scrotum AND/OR in the lower groin region. In talking with Dr. Parekatill, it sounds like he varies the location of the injections based on the patients’ symptoms when doing a cord block.

My non-medically-trained understanding is that GF and II nerve blocks are higher up than cord blocks

I THINK (but would love confirmation) that the cord blocks are designed to block pain signals from everything in the entire cord, including branches of the GF and II nerves. The nerve blocks done by Pain Mgt. are only to the main nerve “trunk” before it begins branching in the cord or scrotum.

Again, take that as a layman’s understanding, not fact. I won’t be offended if corrected.