Spermatic Cord Denervation caused me permanent nerve damage


This is a 6month old scar on my left side @MikeO. Still sore and feel pulling inside, but 75% healed.


Does anyone have any info or has discussed with a surgeon that can explain difference between cutting gf nerve of during orch as opposed to how they sever it during denervation?

Interesting that testicle removel is done daily for cancer and dont really hear of people getting gf nerve damage but seems to be happening with scd .

My main worry with getting a orchi is gf nerve damage like alot of guys in this thread have got with scd.

@SomeGreyBIoke is the side you had orchi on healing up anymore or still sore that side?


Still get some soreness on occasion around the incision site, like a bad stitch. I was told it takes 18 months to fully heal