Spermatic Cord Denervation caused me permanent nerve damage


This is a 6month old scar on my left side @MikeO. Still sore and feel pulling inside, but 75% healed.


Does anyone have any info or has discussed with a surgeon that can explain difference between cutting gf nerve of during orch as opposed to how they sever it during denervation?

Interesting that testicle removel is done daily for cancer and dont really hear of people getting gf nerve damage but seems to be happening with scd .

My main worry with getting a orchi is gf nerve damage like alot of guys in this thread have got with scd.

@SomeGreyBIoke is the side you had orchi on healing up anymore or still sore that side?


Still get some soreness on occasion around the incision site, like a bad stitch. I was told it takes 18 months to fully heal


Hey everyone, I’ve read through many of the comments in this post and I am so sorry for the suffering so many of you are experiencing. I want to thank you for sharing your stories. This information is really making me reconsider perusing a denervation procedure. I’ve had testicular pain in my left testcel for about a year and half now. The first two times I experienced symptoms I thought it was an STI. I took Levoquin and strangely the pain went away. It came back 6 months after the first time and 3 months after the second. I’ve now had pain for 4 months. Was on 3 courses of antibiotics with no relief I think the relief the prior two times was just coincidental. I apologize if I’m not posting in the appropriate forum, as my pain was not from a vasectomy. I now believe I injured my testical having tougher than usual sex. So here I am, 3 urologists in, having been on tricyclic anti depressants tryingto treat the nerve pain (they did not help after the first 3 days of taking them), 3 courses of antibiotics (all negative urine screen/culture so no infection) and a seemingly successful cord blocker shot (pain free for about 8hrs)… my pain is intermittent, a few days a week I come home after work and ice my groin which usually takes the pain away as long as I hold ice there. But at least a couple days a week I’m pain free… so here’s my question, I have an appointment with a surgeon next week. Do any of you guys have any advice for me. Should I not even go and try to just live with the pain as is? Thank you all so much for all making this conversation public. Even if no one responded to this, you all still really helped me by making me aware of these very real and very scary risks. I wish you all the best and hope for you all to recover :heart:


@User631 my advice would be to use the search function on the site and look up nerve damage options. There are several options much more conservative than denervation. Since your pain is intermittent you may want to pursue that first however keep in mind most of the denervation cases on this site are after vasectomy which seems to be a different animal than non vasectomy. It’s also important to note there are different versions of denervation and cord stripping. You should search the different variations and make sure to choose a surgeon with proven track history. Dr P at Pur clinic offers several nerve options or you could work with a local pain management and try nerve blocks of GF, II, and IH nerve see if you get relief and maybe identify the culprit. You could then look at pulsed radio frequency or ablation which are low risk or several nerve blocks in a row could knock out the pain. Plenty of info on the site. Good luck and I think you have some good options to choose from that could help. Also sometimes time goes along way in healing.


Thank you so much for your response, Ben. I’ve been to about 7 doctors about this in total and in a short message you’ve given me more options to explore then all of them combined. I’m going to look into what you recommend. I didn’t realize that there were so many options available. I think I’ll meet with this surgeon and feel him out. I’m not going to rush this decision. There’s a lot more at stake than I ever would have imagined if it weren’t for this forum. Thank you again so very much for your insight!


Agree with Ben. Pursue conservative options such as nerve pain meds and nerve blocks (injections) as well as some form of ablation of the nerves first. Injection options general include anesthetic and steroidal injections to the II or GF nerve or the entire spermatic cord. Ablation options include botox, pulsed RF, RF, and cryo.

I’ve tried all of these and have gotten some intermittent benefit, most recently from botox. I’m still contemplating spermatic cord denervation but, like you, this forum has soured me a bit on that option.


Read my story its much like yours with no vas. My pain did continue for around 4 years although the constant dull pain when sitting did go after around month 8.

Then I had an epididymecomy in Jan 18, and my pain got worse,alot worse, more consistant. Im still praying for some improvement as my pain gets intense when i sit and even when i walk normally.

I was off work 5 months sick tried to go back, was vomiting during my shift pain was so consistant and draining…am now off again, now im pretty much in pain if i do anything other than take it easy or lay on sofa alot of the day ( any lifting makes it worse)

Im now going to lose my job and have to try for disability. My advice if your still able to live a semi normal life and if it isnt consistantly on your mind 24/7 id wait it out and try all other natural treatments before touching one of these surgerys.

Currently epididymectomy surgery has ruined my life…boy i thought things were bad before with the dull ache now and again.

Unless you can say this has ruined your life and you dont look forward to things in life anymore I would say leave it. Thats what i wish i did.

Ones last thing…you say you think it could be an injury, thats exacly how i was thinking aswell. When i look back i think what if a small injury caused a blockage in the epididymis which was causing the pain. If you feel this is possible try the papaya seeds for a month or so just incase.


Sounds like reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Have you considered this? There are treatments and it can improve - like ketamine infusions, which are being used more and more. Anyway please consider reflex sympathetic dystrophy: pain out of proportion to the injury, burning pain, pain of disabling intensity, spreading from one side to the other…



In fact, it might have been RSD before they operated in the first place, and then they operated on it, which always makes it a lot worse. Hope you’re improving.