Spermatic Cord Denervation caused me permanent nerve damage


I agree with everything you wrote. I am in a healthcare field and see first hand how the government is changing healthcare. You are also right about the greed that is pervasive throughout healthcare and how the shift is moving away from patient/providers towards regulation/cost. I am lucky that my career allows me the ability to not have to deal with the politics often, but I believe my role will change as time moves forward. I’m only 35 so I’ve hopefully still got a long career ahead of me too but who knows. I dont believe you are overreacting either. I just dont see them completely abandoning opioids until a better option is available. Too many people are dependent on them for them to just be taken away. It would be a national crisis. In some ways, it is already. You, like all of us, are in a bad situation. It at least sounds like your pain management guy is having honest discussions with you so that’s a positive. I think he’s right about finding a uro that you trust too. There are good ones out there. Good luck man.


@Kyvas thanks for discussion. I know that Oxycontin was misrepresented as non addictive (which I find hard to believe because that is exactly how heroin was marketed) and I know it is being sold on the street for amazing amounts, but doesn’t that show people that the “war” against citizens who are going to use drugs has failed? And doesn’t that also show that we need mandatory education for a first or second offense? I actually deleted alot of my post. It seems to me that peoples behavior is pretty predictable…the more taboo you make the subject…the more people and kids are going to want it. It’s human nature!
When I see what we pay per month and then I get flack from a system that isn’t doing their jobs in one area so they move to another area and create havoc it is infuriating. My pain doctor has so many restrictions, controls and now “threats” that he is beginning to wonder if it is worth it. I have one doctor (a great guy) who visably throws up his hands and says “i wrote the perscription, why are they questioning it?” And you can see he’s 1/2 counting the days to retirement and 1/2 remembering why he wanted to be a doctor to begin with. He’s almost funny if it wasn’t so sad! He is almost controlled by his assistant PA who has grown up more with the oversight but he pushes back …pretty hard…and that’s what I really like about him.
I worry about my pain doctor because my insurance pays him so little (judging by my copay) I almost feel like asking him “how much are they jipping you per month? Cause I’ll pay you some on the side.” Lol…but I’m seriously concerned. Lastly I will be glad to pay you a finders fee if you find me a Urologist that really cares and spends time like he believes (or admits he believes) in PVPS and takes my insurance!lol… Good luck. P.s. What part of the health care profession are you in…do you have PVPS or are you one of the urologists that help people on the board? Because my intention was not to offend…it was experience & jest.


I’m not offended at all. This is a solid conversation/debate. Yeah, i wouldn’t feel to bad for your pain management guy. They make really good money. I have PVPS. I’m 7 months post vas and I’ve been in pain since day 1. I’m definitely not a urologist because I’m sure if i was, i wouldn’t have had the vasectomy. Ha. Luckily because of my job, I’ve been able to find some good docs/NPs that not only admit the pain is real, but have also been able to help me out. My current uro is a good guy and has been open and honest with me. Although he’s almost been too honest because he believes it may be something i have to live with because no surgical option is without risk. It’s depressing that i may have to live the rest of my life with this. I guess I’m lucky though because my pain isn’t so bad as to warrant narcotics and also because i couldn’t work if i had to take them. Elavil and Gabapentin have worked really well for me, but i have recently weaned off gabapentin and I’ve had no uptick in pain which is fantastic.


@IamHurtin I was looking back at some of your posts and noticed you were in Sacramento. Is there a division of the UC system there. It would seem that a urology group based within the university system would at least admit that PVPS is real and be willing to work with you. I’m in Louisville, KY and the University of Louisvilles urology division website talks about PVPS and what can be done for it. Just a thought man.


Hello @Kyvas … are you talking about the University of California, Berkley? I am a transplant and there are so many colleges here. But yesterday I did a search of my PPO approved doctors!? And none were from Colleges? We are really unhappy with our Blue Sheild PPO because it is acting more like a HMO than a PPO. I could go to L.A. or S.F. and possibly get a teaching college, yet here, all the Urological Surgeons are attached to one of the big hospitals. One guy I’ve already been to (who was listed in Best Doctors ) and he said that I just had to learn to live with it and that I should go back to the Dr. that did my “incorrect” reversal (as I’ve learned on these boards)., to which I said “thanks a lot (Best Doc?)” and left! The insainity of it all is what bugs me the most. If i would ask one hundred men “where would it hurt most if i kicked you right now?” I’m pretty confident I could get in the 80 to 90percentile region that testacles would be in part of their answer…BUT! All of the Urologists that I have tried to discuss this problem with, act like I’m a wimp or something is wrong with my head… I know that they are not tellimg the truth…but they seem so aloof so distracted (like they are hiding something) I can’t seem to find anyone I can trust!
I actually read on one board where this one guy who had done a rather large survey, said that he was pretty sure it was a certain body type, with a certain amount of hair and a certain sex drive that come down with PVPS…I think his study is as valid as the urologists that i’ve spoken too. I’ll send this now because I always type too much. Thanks for the discussion.


I hope my question is clear…

  1. My question is this, was the procedure correctly done, but your outcome was bad?

  2. Or did the doctor perform the surgery incorrectly resulting in the bad outcome?

#1 is an “acceptable” risk, #2 is due to an incompetent surgeon which is not acceptable.

I don’t know if you could answer this, but what went wrong? Did he use a sonogram to guide procedure? In other words did he do too much cutting in the area to cause the damage?
What is used to do cutting? A laser? Or a surgical knife?


@SirPaulMuaddib…i wish i knew if the operation was done correctly. My surgeon never checked if there were sperm present after the operation. He didn’t even ask me if i wanted it done. And he took “no” pictures of the proceedure. He seemed like he was tired out from working too hard (it was a 4+ hour surgery). When I called him for the 3rd time weeks later after surgery (to let him know that i wasn’t doing very well) he told me that he had another guy that had the same surgery and he was fine. He also said that perhaps I am just overly sensitive…so no, i doubt wether the surgery was done correctly. He seems like he skipped a lot that other doctors do… And he made me worse off than i was before i went in for the reversal and he insulted my self esteeme by infering that i was a chronic complainer. Does this answer your question? Oh yea and He used a knife and he had bragged that his microscope was soo good that he didn’t need anything else! This was earlier when i had asked him if he used a daVinci system or not.