Sperm blockage Question


Random question. Theres been alot of mention on the forum of the health risks of having sperm blocked off with no where to go after vasectomy which makes total sense. With that logic would the same health risk be there for men who live celebate lives who never ejaculate? Just curious


As far as I know, the body will take care of that (nocturnal emissions being one or maybe even the main release method…).


+1 if you don’t ejaculate on your own you’ll eventually just have a nocturnal emission (wet dream)


Oh yeah huh! That answers that.


You just raised a question I’ve been wondering about. Have you ever gotten farther with this then the wet dream comments. I have a really hard time ejaculating. The performance is better than ever but I just get either tired or frustrated now. I think something is wrong since I have no erection issues nor do I have a drive issue.


Gilles, have you had a vasectomy?


yes and it turned out to be a massive internal bleeding emergency surgery.
My body was purple from belly button to my knees for weeks. I can’t even
describe the color of the scrotum

Thank you

Gilles Boudreau


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@Gilles_Boudreau, given all you’ve said up to this point, what you are describing sounds like “vasectomy dick” to me.

BTW, how long have you been vasectomized? Sounds like you’ve had a rough go of it.

A lot of guys get the “vasectomy dick” side effect after they have their testicals disconnected from the end organ (the penis). A lot of guys find it more difficult to climax for quite some time/indefinitely.

I’ve seen quite a few men report similar sensory issues from a vasectomy reversal, but not a comparable % far as what I’ve seen.

Based on what I’ve seen, both categories of men report “better” in time, but not all of them.

I’ve seen a ton of reports of loss of sensation/s post vas period. Sensory nerve issues /nerve damage, etc is my best guess for a lot of it, but not for all of it.

As I’ve said in other threads, having your testicals disconnected from the end organ comes with consequences. The consequences seem to vary man to man. Many things about your entire ejaculate process change post vas.

Give it some time. With any luck, it will get better.


Orgasm is a very finely orchestrated motion that involves nerves, muscles, neurotransmitters, and the autonomic nervous system. Given the nasty outcome with your vas, I think it’s safe to say something got altered that wasn’t supposed to be altered. There are pills that will do the same thing to you. I lost most ability to orgasm while taking low dose cymbalta. It was an interestingly frustrating situation for me. It opened my eyes as to how this system works. I know there are drugs that can take orgasm away. I’m not sure about the other way around.


I experienced the exact same thing myself far as the inability to get mine as easily as pre vas directly after my vasectomy (amongst other sexual side effects).

I experienced it pretty bad, and for quite a while after my first reversal too. At that point, I was also experiencing less sensitivity far as my johnson goes.

Here’s my poor wife, she bought into vasectomy doesn’t change anything except for having sperm in your ejaculate. She too would tell anyone that vasectomy can make it harder to climax. She finds it to be unenjoyable for the most part.

I got a lot better over time, but sometimes I still have way more stamina than I would like to have.

Sometimes my wife is totally not into long sessions, and I find myself frustrated wondering if it’s ever going to happen. That’s not fun either.

Having surgery down there messes things up short term at minimum for many. I’ve seen many men report the same problem as @Gilles_Boudreau.

A lot of men just don’t talk about this stuff. Ask any random guy that’s had a vas if anything has changed, and he will likely say no. You have to ask around, and/or dig/pry deeper to hear the details.

I’m not saying everyone experiences the exact same stuff. Sexual side effects tend to be all over the board, and vary in intensity.

Nobody wants to admit they have any problems, and/or sexual side effects post vasectomy. Vasectomy is a trade off. You don’t get something as such (sterilized via vasectomy) with zero consequences.

I’ve even talked with a guy that worked at a reversal guru’s practice about this same subject. He had a vasectomy, and openly admitted there was a trade off.

FYI, there is a dedicated “sexual side effects” thread on this forum. It might be worth a read.