Single or dual incision reversal


I don’t believe this topic has been studied on the forum before, but I was curius if there is any correlation to addtitional short or long term post reversal pain based on either a single center incision or incision on both sides?


I think the main factor is whether there has been nerve damage during the vasectomy or new/additional nerve damage is created during the reversal.
If no nerves are damaged is think either method should be fine regarding the incisions and related pain.
I had two incisions which both healed nicely during the first weeks. Unfortunately, my pain is still present in the testicles and scrotum.


Takes ages to heal after reversal. I’m 4.5 months out, and just started having better days. Also, anti imflammation medication is recommended in the first few months. From what I read, imflammation turns into scarring and can contribute to reversal failure.


The surgeons I think all have their own techniques. Dr. Marks in Tuscon is a single incision guy. My vas was bilateral incisions and my reversal with Marks was single incision. I think Dr. Marks may have said something about it being better for some reason or another. I don’t want to misquote him though so I won’t speculate exactly what he said. He uses mid line so he obviously thinks it is superior.


What kind of pain has it been during these 4.5 months and can you tell the source of it. Also, is it different than your pre-reversal pain? Thanks


Before reversal I had pressure pains, my epidydimis was visibly swollen and very painful to touch. Thank God had none since reversal. Mainly surgical pains where the reconnection was made. I have kept a journal with details here Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug


I am about 17 months after reversal and still have good and bad days. I should update my profile etc soon to let people know if it helps them. I still suffer the severe lower abdominal craps which i got straight after my original vas. On subject of incision i got dual and also told my reversal surgeon to remove my nuts completely to check everything and put them back in my nut sack again. I dont think one incision makes a difference as pain isnt cutting nut sack its the hacking of cords or whatever that causes all nerve damage. Also i have given up no more surgery for me, i dont know if i am still open and have got to stage i couldnt care less to even do a sperm test, but upon ejaculation i get a severe burn on on side and feel its closing.


Thanks for the update @Loz. I am sorry you are still having such a rough time with it! Did you have the reversal in Australia or US. Did the Urologist follow your request to take the nuts completely out and check? I have thought about that myself, particularly my left nut and wondered if that would expose me to more risk of complications and pain?


In Australia, yes he took nuts out, he actually is a urologist fertility doctor over here that does high volume reversals so i felt he had most experience. I dont feel taking nuts out and back in is anymore dangerous really, when your stuffed up like lots of us here can you really make it worse. Lol. He never found anything major other than scarring, inflammation, bits of granuloma and the wierd way of open ended vasectomy, where they stitch vasdeferen back onto the tissue inside. Open ended is no better its just a con to sell their shit product the vasectomy. all the best mate… Some of the old timers on this forum are legends and i can never say thankyou enough i had very dark days and just to talk here got me by. I just learn to live with this monster nowadays.