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Hi everyone!

I’m new to this page. I did my vasectomy around June/2017. I never had any pain except for one sting on the left skin which bothered for several months. But in terms of sex yes. I noticed immediately the loss of sensitivity on the tip, weird orgasm and ejaculation, “balls” feeling loose after healing and gradually lost of libido and erections gradually weakened. Before I was like a machine, iron ready any time, after 6 months of the surgery I’m more like rubber. Initially I was giving time for healing, but I started to note it was never going to come back. Then I started researching and found this and other groups and realized I was deceived by doctors and did the most stupid things of my life. I booked a reversal immediately to next month. I’ll keep you guys updated after the fact. I created the account to share here because more people need to know about this lie called vasectomy.


Hi seems we all share similar problems so i have a question …In regards to urinating ; pre vasectomy I had a strong urge to frequent the toilet which could be very irritating but i could not relax until i went .It felt like an irritation but was not cystitis …Think laying in bed and if not asleep quickly one would have to get up and go .Also the feeling was another layer to my original orgasm ,a kind of strong tickling sensation …
Now both have disappeared post vas and reversal which may explain poor orgasm … !!! Any similarities …Rob


Yes, 2 years post-reversal, mine had risen from 285-325 pre-reversal to 405. Nothing to write home about but at least the pain was gone. I didn’t get tested again for about 6-7 years when I switched GPs around 2016. Since then, I registered a 600 and most recently a 764. Every year has been higher despite getting older. Coincidence? I think not.


Hey Vasvictim,

I’ve been following these boards for a little over a year but have never posted. 38 ur old male, 2 kids, 2 dogs, living normal life in sunny Florida. I had a vasectomy 9/17. Within 3-4 months , knew something was wrong. Pain in both balls, no libido, same as everyone else. Waited to 12 month mark and got a reversal with Roeder. Super nice guy, nice office. First test showed good amount of sperm , My most recent has shown a major decrease alrwady. I started getting morning word the first 30 days but it has mostly gone away now. And the pain has resurfaced in both balls. I’m no better off or worse. That being said, I don’t know if I would use him again. I get the fact you don’t want to spen 8-10k. I didn’t eaither only for the fact if it didn’t work, I’d be more pissed than I am now. It’s not to say it hasn’t 100% worked, I would say I feel exactly as I did prior to the reversal. Go figure.

Thought about all your guys stories today when I went to a urologist for the 1st time today. I was starting there or going to a TRT clinic as my testosterone was a 280 and 326. Can’t take it anymore. First thing he says today is let’s try a 10 day course of antibiotics. Thought about every single one of you and thought to myself, these guys all follow the exact same playbook. Lmao! He gave me clomid as well and some super strength ibuprofen. I will do another testosterone test and semen analysis in 3 weeks. I told him I will go through the process with him but to understand I need results and will be going on TRT if his solutions don’t work. I will say he at least acknowledged that this does happen to guys , albeit extremely rare, haha, of course. Guess he doesn’t read this site.

You all have a good evening - follow up soon.


I did forget to add- during reversal , he removed two very good size granulomas. Stated they were quite large but was a good sign. I assumed my pain would disappear. It did for about a month. And it’s slowly come back. I asked the urologist today if that is what is causing pain again but he said he didn’t really feel any. The spots that are sore and painful are exactly where I was reconnected though from when he was feeling around.

This is such fun stuff to be dealing with at such a young age. Let me tell ya. Never in a million years did I think I’d be dealing with something like this.


@Gatorcase thanks for your response man. My guess is your reversal failed and the vas were closed or clogged again. Normally this should lead to the same issues prior to reversal. However you probably need to let Roeder know about this. He may consider redoing it for you. If a perm is not there anymore that’s a good sign your reversal did not work. However I don’t think he has a contract or a guarantee to redo it. I proved him on the phone and he did not show any signs of giving any second chances unless you pay the full fee.

For me, I’m looking to meet my personal doctor first and as I mentioned I will request some blood tests. Step by step. I may end up reversing and hoping that it does not fail. We’ll see!!


@daniel thanks a lot for your post. Yes same problem as mine. Numbness of the penis tip and also some regions of the sack and weird orgasm (mine is mostly due to low fluid pressure ) which probably is related to the numbness … etc etc.

Please keep us posted.


@etf42 thanks a lot man. My guess is the quality of reversal impacts thebpost mortem effects. I think it is extremely important who does the reversal as far as I understand and based on what I’ve read here. Still seeing very similar issues: depression (in my case I added 10-15 lbs), loss of memory (which I recently found is related) resembles your brain fog.

I’ve read in some articles that leaking sperm (after vasectomy) into blood generates anti bodies which adversely affects the brain.

So many problems with vasectomy man. It’s sucks!!!


When was your reversal @Gatorcase?


Vasectomy 9/17 and reversal 9/18. Longest 12-15 months of my life. It’s only been approx 3 months since reversal so there is still hope but it’s faltering at this point. Guess I should take some solace in that I’m not worse at least.