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@RingoStar I appreciate all insight you have shared in this forum. I live in the US. Do you have a list of doctors that can do a good job with reversal? I am close to Houston area ~3 hour drive and I’ve heard good medical care there when it comes to complicated procedures.

I don’t have much PV pain, feel a little here and there around the testicles or weak pain in abdomen depending on how I sit or what I do, but I consider myself lucky so far, that I don’t have pain in a major way. Will reversal create more pain? Or can I assume that since I don’t have major pain I won’t have it after reversal? I am ok with the recovery period, however long it is. I assume it is 3-6 months or less?

I don’t drink (alcoholic dad caused me to hate it) don’t smoke and am drug-free, and sex is a major relief point for me. I definitely need help here as my sex life is ruined. Any help will be appreciared.

Thank you !!!


Hey there @Vasvictim. Sorry to hear it man, what your experiencing sounds fairly typical. When it comes to vasectomy, you never know what your going to get far as individual outcomes go. What one man loves, accepts, etc, another might hate. Some say they can’t tell any difference, others say it’s a night and day difference. Some have pain, some don’t, etc, etc. What a mess.

I generally don’t recommend VR surgeon’s to anyone anymore. There are plenty of them that have been mentioned on this site over time. You could even choose one that’s never been mentioned here before.

Spare me all the typing, and read through this entire thread. Please do your own homework. The risks of ending up in a worse predicament may be low, but they are very real. Recovery timelines seem to vary man to man, and 3-6-9-12~ months is pretty typical. The surgery is in no way comparable to the vasectomy itself. Please consult with a highly skilled, highly respected, tried and true VR surgeon.

Seems Dr. Harry Lipshultz is in your area. He’s been used by a few members, and brought up on this forum multiple times. Type his name into the search bar on this site to find the posts.

Good luck.


@RingoStar thanks for your message. I will follow up with the doctor you mentioned.

Is it very common that VR is not covered by insurance? Assume I have UHC from my company.

Thanks again!


That’s correct. It’s uncommon to hear of it being covered for pvp/s. On that note, I certainly wouldn’t expect it to be covered for sexual side effects, or because someone is unhappy with their outcome. I will spare everyone a rant about it. It is what it is.


Thank you so much for all of your advice Ringo, Kyvas and Bry. We have had quite a few really candid discussions that have gone really well and ultimately have really helped our relationship in general. We called a reversal specialist but since we aren’t specifically seeking a reversal at the moment he referred us to a urologist? I’m hoping that appointment goes well. That isn’t until Aug 16th. My husband did go back to the doctor that did the vas and as expected, he totally blew him off and blamed it on a small hernia that he’s had for years. When he told the doctor that he never had an issue with it before he actually had the audacity to tell my husband that there aren’t even any nerves in the testes or base of the penis. Excuse me? My husband was justifiably pretty upset by that appointment but I think it’s going to help give him more credibility with the urologist, that he went back for help and was turned away. At least I hope it makes a difference.

As far any recent improvements we haven’t seen much. His girth has actually returned to what it was pre surgery and his struggles with occasionally flaccidity are fewer and farther in between but he says he has even less feeling than he did before. The numbness is spreading and his orgasms are becoming even more lackluster. Which is scary as much as it’s incredibly frustrating for him but I’m doing my best to try and keep him calm and focused on the next appointment even though I’m kind of freaking out too. I’ll keep you guys updated, you have all been such an incredible support and help!


No problem @hlfl12, keep up posted. For better or worse, there’s people out there that need to hear how your husband’s story pans out.

Good luck.


You should go back or get that dude on the phone and try to record him saying that then sue his ass…


Thought I’d post a link to a similar relevant thread in this thread for anyone researching this subject.