Sexual Side Effects


Ha ha, LOL, my first thoughts exactly. The only reason he is doing this is to cheat. It’s obvious. Why else would he do it unless he’s a head case and wants to show he can make a sacrifice too. What a waste of money as well. My bet is he want’s to be able to cheat and not have to worry about making a baby.


Here is my story

I had a lef inguinal hernia surgery with mesh in December 2017. After the surgery everything was normal. 10 months after the surgery I experienced very strong pain in my groin before and during ejaculation. The strong pain disappeared after the ejaculation but the groin are become more sensitive and a burning and bruching sensetion remained 10 hour. The pain increased during coughing. There was a point just above the incision line, when I press there I feel a pian in my groin at the leg side. Also after ejaculation pain, I feel pain in my groin during farting (!!!).
Also I feel strange pain in my groin when I feel aurosal. Erection doesnt needed to feel pain. Thinking erotic things also make small pain in groin. It is very strange but I found a complaint in the internet mention about the same thing. As I understand, with the stimulation of the erotic zone in the brain, vas deference or creamaster muscle started to contraction.

No body in my country including big proffessors in the university hospital don’t know anthing about this subject. I searched sciencitific papers and I found the name of complication. It is dsyejaculation. Dr. R B. first defined it in 1992. He published a recent paper “Pathology of mesh and time”. There are also some more paper such as Dr Kehleets paper. They stated that, mesh stuck to spermatic cord and vas deference and during ejaculation vas deference spasm are disturbed by the mesh. It creates neuropatic pain in groin. Ilıoinguinal nerve close to the hernaia area is responsible for that. Dr. R B. said that with the presence of the mesh, the situation is irreversible. Papers mentions some individuals who cannot perform sex due to pain.
The papers offers removal of the mesh and transection of the ilioinguinal nerve. 11 months after the surgery, My mesh was removed. The surgery was very difficult. After the surgery, everything was perfect. My fucntion returned to normal. But during the 4 month time interval, after the second surgery, the groin pain started to come back slowly. First the groin started to hurt during coughing, a burning sensation started after the ejaculation and finally the dsyejaculation pain started in one intercourse. Also pain in left testicle started when I touch it. There is no anormal findings in ultrasound.
No body knows anything in here. Dr.’s said, nerve re-grow cannot take place in 4 mont. This is due to new scar tissue formation at the surgery site and spermatic cord again stucked. The other strange pains are also restarted. (same as before)
Dr. R B. suggest to remove the left Vas deference completelly. He propose that, if no sperm flows in the Vas Deference , then there is no pain. The pain is due to damaged vas deference. I dont understand, if vas deference is damaged, why it didnt create any pain during 4 month period.
From the papers, I also learned that, removal of Vas or vasoctomy also creates chronic pain. Also some individuals complain about orgasm loss after vasectomy. So removal of vas can create additional problems.

A urologist in my country offered to make spermatic cord denervation. Bu as I know, it is the procedure for chronic testicular pain. Can it help to reduce the dysejaclation pain ?
Also another doctor adviced to block the ilioinguinal nerve completelly.
I dont know what to do.
I ruined my sex life. I am depressed and also my wife . I ruined all my social life. No doctor in my country dont know anything about tis subject and also they dont want to deal with it. Because I have unsual case, chronic pain and the solution is not clear. They want to perform only standart patients. The first surgeon didnt mentioned possible complications. He said that hernia opertation is very simple and has no danger. But the literature is full with chronic pain cases.
The Doctors in my counry want to earn more money and they ignore patients future risks. After the complication, they just say “I am sorry for you”. At the end of this story I may lost my left testicle. Also I lost 1 year up to now. I am 45 years old and my sex drive was high.
I saw several people with inguinal hernia. They didnt get surgery and they live with it. My hernia was not so big. I was performing sport and surgeon said that if I sontinue sport activities, hernia create proble and it is better to put a mesh. Mesh is a foreign object and spermatic cord, veins, nerves, muscles creates a complex formation in inguinal region. Mans sex fuction ism highly depend on vas deference tube, creamaster muscle and testicle.
My economical loss is very hidh. Not the fees of the medical trreatments, loss of the business is huge.
Every attempt to fix the situation has another complications. My only pleasure and relaxing part of life is ruined.
That was my story.


It did for me.You have 2 options.Be happy with shitty orgasms the rest of your life or take the chance and get it back again.It was a simple option for me.I could have a 1000 doctors tell me not to do it and I would have got the reversal anyway.For once in my life being stubborn and not listening to the experts really paid off.