Sexual Side Effects


Another thing to better understand are these so called “statistics”. There are statistics for all sorts of vasectomy, reversal, pain, procedures, etc related stuff.

When someone says the odds of pvp/s are 1-2%, or 1-10%, etc for non vasectomized men, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 1-2 (or whatever number) men out of every 100 will have their number come up.

Think of scratch off lottery tickets, or multi state lottery’s. These games have odds that can be mathematically proven. This is what makes lottery’s a viable, and very profitable business.

If you look at the back side of a scratch off lottery ticket, the odds of winning are generally printed on there somewhere. If the odds of winning are 1 in 4.3, that definitely doesn’t mean that if you buy 5 tickets from the same roll, you will have a winnner in there somewhere.

These statistics are generated with mass numbers such as millions, hundreds of millions, billions, etc of tickets.

Even I have been guilty of looking at vasectomy outcome related statistics the wrong way at times, but the odds are what they are.

Back on topic, I remember a guy that was an MD who ended up with PvP/s who tried to get on shows, wrote to people that could get the word out on TV on talk shows, etc. He was turned down by everyone.

There’s a lot at stake far as vasectomy goes. From overpopulation, billions in revenue to be made, to NGO groups such as feminist movements, “world get a vasectomy day” etc, etc. Seems all these high ranking “authorities of sorts” have their reasons for keeping the truth under wraps.


I’m going to bet that the percentage of male urologists that get vasectomies is far less than the general male population. I’ve always said I would never get Lasik eye surgery because when I go to an eye doctor, most of them wear glasses. If they aren’t getting it done, why would I get it done. Don’t know why I didn’t ask multiple urologists if they have had a vasectomy, but i really didn’t want more kids so my judgement was cloudy. Again, I’m going to bet that not many of them have had one or are willing to have one done because they know the risk for PVPS is higher than what the AUA states.


This site, the web, is the perfect forum for this issue. No one can stuff us here. Prior to the web we were all just a bunch of voiceless helpless guys alone navigating the desert of Post Vasectomy Pain treatment options alone.

This forum, except for a few minor issues I have with this particular software, and the web in general are perfect for us. There is a little anonymity, so our privacy is protected and guys can all put their issues/stories in one place where anyone can find it. All of our knowledge and experience is pooled in one place. It gives us a voice and a lot more power over our lives and treatment than we would have alone.

As long as we remain reasonable and recognize that we are a statistical minority, keep things civil, and focus on important issues like informed consent we can make a huge difference. It’s important to remember that place is not an anti-vasectomy site. The goal of this place to support men who develop chronic pain after vasectomy. We give guys emotional support and guidance. We men help men educate themselves and navigate all the available therapy options and providers. That’s what we are.

As long as we recognize that’s our focus then those that reflexively attack us have no real means to do so. We can stay above the fray and politics that would try to marginalize us.


You make many valid points in the post above Mike O.

I certainly don’t recall ever saying that I am anti-vasectomy on this forum, but in all truth, I am pretty much anti-vasectomy.

I personally think vasectomy is a “bad procedure” that’s loaded with to many physical, and mental risks. It’s not just me that feels that way either, I know of many that share the same sentiments about it. If that wasnt enough, vasectomy is illegal in some countries, and considered “self mutilation”, and for good reason.

Anyone that has gone through the things I have would likely have the same sentiments in regard to vasectomy. Why would I recommend any man get a vasectomy given what I’ve experienced? I certainly wouldn’t recommend vasectomy as “safe”, “a low risk procedure”, or anything of the sorts.

Oddly enough, every time I type the word “vasectomy” into my phone, one of the three words above my keyboard that wants to help me finish my sentence’s is “safe” (vasectomy safe). I can only imagine whom the jackass’s are that are responsible for this indoctrinating bs.

When I see guy’s in forums like this one recommending a vasectomy to anyone (which isn’t very often), it really makes me question the legitimacy, and/or sanity of them people.


So a friend of mine has her tubes tied but her husband still is getting (and wants) a vas. Is it odd that I’m actually mad that she’s not stopping him?! She knows what my husband has been through and the issues I’ve been dealing with so I’m confused by their choice. It actually kind of angers me. I can honestly say I am now definitely against vasectomy and I have made that known to friends and family. I agree with what Ringo said, that it’s loaded with potential risks and damage to your mental health. I feel it’s a ticking timebomb.

I have told her to really research the procedure and the risks and to specifically look up PVPS because it does exist in the medical community, not just on a forum. I don’t think she realizes that if something goes wrong, there is nothing that can be done. I think she just looks at my husband as an unfortunate outcome.

If I’m going to be honest, I see my issue with her and her husband’s choice as twofold:

  1. I don’t want her family and her husband to go through the same thing as mine. I wish I had researched or been warned beforehand because I can 100% say that I would have said no way to him getting it.
  2. I feel bad for saying this but I’m being honest, if things go well and he has no issues at all (which i really do want for him) it does kind of frustrate me that he’s another “98%er” who doesn’t have problems and once again, it goes back to why PVPS happens in the first place and why did my husband (and the rest of you) end up with this chronic pain.


This is very odd, and my first thoughts are he must have the desire to screw around on her when she’s not looking (out of sight, out of mind), or he already does/has, and he worries about consequences. Accidentally becoming a daddy is a great way to get caught cheating on your spouse. It’s beyond difficult to deny the results of a DNA test.

Honestly, I believe many men do cheat on their spouse’s post vasectomy. “Some of the motivation” may be due to the fact that their wife’s pushed them into having the procedure despite their wishes. I can see many men thinking why not get even a bit? I guarantee you it happens.

I guarantee you that many married men have a vasectomy just so they can screw around, and not become a daddy.

Theres no question in my mind that something is very not right about a man who’s wife is sterile, and he desires to get a vasectomy. It’s a big red flag if you ask me (which you didn’t).


I find it odd too. Now mind you, she just became sterile during her c-section recently and he had his appointment set before. Maybe he will decide against it and cancel since she went through with the tubal.
I will be interested to see what he decides come his appointment.

I always appreciate your opinion @RingoStar


Yea, I hear ya. If he does go through with it, here comes the big red flag again.


WOW THAT IS CRAZY! And overkill. Stupid


It may be that many of us have sexual side effects mainly due to prostate issues after vas. I also developed prostate and sexual issues - very low libido, no desire for sex, weak erections, sexual and relationships anxiety (I am 19 months post vas, have pains also that have been somewhat reducing starting 8 month mark, current level is 1-3/10). I found one older publication, here are few lines:

“The special fears and personality features of prostatitis patients have not been studied
extensively. Men with prostatitis have considerable psychic stress, and some degree of
psychic difficulty (anxiety, depression, affect lability, weak masculine identity) has been
discovered earlier in 80% of patients with chronic prostatitis, while signs of severe
psychic disturbance have been reported in 20 to 50% of cases (Keltikangas-Järvinen et al.
1981, Keltikangas-Järvinen et al. 1982, Keltikangas-Järvinen et al. 1989, de la Rosette et
al. 1992a, de la Rosette et al. 1993b, Berghuis et al. 1996).”

“As reported by Keltikangas-Järvinen et al. (1981), sexual disturbances are common in
men with chronic prostatitis, so that 52% of their prostatitis patients interviewed by a
psychologist reported suffering from periodic or total impotence or decreased libido.
Berghuis et al. (1996) reported that chronic prostatitis reduced the frequency of sexual
contacts in 85% of cases, interfered with or ended ongoing sexual relationships in 67%
and prevented or inhibited establishing new sexual relationships in 43%.
Alexander and Trissel (1996) nevertheless reported the prevalence of sexual
disturbances to be only 6.6% (erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation taken
together), whereas they did not ask about libido problems. In the present series, 43% of
the respondents had erectile dysfunction and 24% decreased libido, which is consistent
with the earlier findings of Keltikangas-Järvinen et al. (1981), while Pavone-Macaluso et
al. (1991) reported reduced sexuality in 32% of cases without any further specification.”

Many on this forum have nerve pain, inflammation, blockages, etc, but maybe sexual side effects are mainly related to prostate issues that occur after vas. Few reported on this forum that their prostate issues went away with reversal. Did sexual potency in these cases return also if it was lost?


I had sexual side effects immediately post vas, but I’m certain many men developed them later down the road.


@Vincent, ‘chronic prostatitis’ or ‘chronic non-bacterial prostatitis’ is an old catch all term for pelvic pain and a lot of urologists aren’t even calling it that anymore, instead referring to it as Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) or urologic CPPS (UCPPS).

So many of us here have been fed the line of ‘it’s not the vas, it’s your prostate!’

@choohooo has said that a lot of prostatitis symptoms are more like interstitial cystitis, and I think he’s really hit the nail on the head with that one.

I wonder how many guys with ‘prostatitis’ actually have a problem with their prostate. No one really knows WTF is going on with any kind of pelvic pain. Up until like 15-20 years ago any patient presenting with pelvic pain that wasn’t from an infection was told it was a psychological problem. It’s still happening today, albeit not as much. It’s sad really.


@vasregret, agreed, prostatitis is/has been continuously reclassified. I was referring to cases when true problems with prostate occur that may yield sexual side effects. By true prostate problems I mean after vas enlarged prostate, boggy, white cells increase, increased PSA, feeling full rectum, etc. I have/had those symptoms starting 3 days after vas and no issues before that.


I had no pre vas prostate issues/sensations either, and mine started within a few days post vas myself, and well before I had any serious pain, or complications.

My symptoms were much the same as you describe far as sensations in-between my sack and anus, but up inside of me.

I reported these symptoms to the top tier pvps doc I was working with a bit further in time, and he didn’t seem to take any interest in it. Never made any comment about it.

I did manage to get a lot better over time, but I still get that swollen, boggy feeling/sensations in my anus after I ejaculate sometimes, and I think it really sucks to.


@RingoStar, great to hear that time made you feel better, after two reversals. Time is also working for me, pain dropped from 4-6/10 to 1-3/10. I almost scheduled reversal few weeks ago with Dr Burrows, but I am terrified of making it worse than this lowered pain level. Current sexual side effects that I have may result in not having a girlfriend/wife for the rest of my life (got divorced 3 years ago). At least I can go fishing, no erection needed for that, he, he.


Yea, I hear you brother. Glad you’re able to go fishing. The risk of making things worse via reversal is very real, especially for guys that already have pain. The term “double edged sword” comes to mind.

I can’t say that fertility had everything to do with the relief I got either (as a whole). Granuloma and scarring removal probably helped me the most.

Getting my anatomy straightened out far as the way things hang many have been helpful for me as well. I don’t think my pre-existing varicocele condition appreciated the vasectomized circumstances.

In time I realized my pre-existing varicocele condition didn’t appreciate reversal very much either, far as the invasive nature of the procedure/s goes.

Going back and forth from fertile to infertile has actually caused some pretty serious prostate issues for me in the past.

I’m by no means cured, but I am able to live a fairly normal life. I still have to rely on medication to get me through bad patches, but like I’ve said in the past, it could always be worse, and believe me, I’ve experienced much worse far as my pvp/s goes.


Yes brother, it can always be worse. We will probably never be the same as we were but we keep on going…


I just had a vasectomy two months ago. Exactly the same happened to me. I can not even reach an orgasm when having intercourse. It change in such a drastic manner that I can not understand how this is not clearly stated before one goes into the procedure.
One should be told there is a 2% or 5% or whatever % risk that your sex life will be ruined.
You just won’t ever have an orgasm while having sex, you may no even feel any pleasure, and you may come but the sensation will be greatly diminish.
I would highly appreciate if you could let me know if anything you have done has help anyhow.
This is so so sad. Best regards juan


Hi @Juan_Ortega, sorry to welcome you, and thanks for sharing your experience.

The majority of your concerns, and questions have already been addressed many times over in this thread. I suggest you read it in its entirety.

Far as how many men experience what you, and many others are experiencing immediately post vas is unknown. The majority of men I have spoke to, and/or read about experienced similar, or the exact same as you post vas.

There are many studies out there regarding sexual side effects post vasectomy, and they flat out contradict themselves.

There was a study conducted in India that put the number on sexual side effects as high as 20-40%, but someone else posted a study way back in the beginning of this thread that completely contradicts the India study. Go figure tho, urologists that practice vasectomy will do anything to protect the brotherhood of urology, and their beloved vasectomys.

Bottom line, I would tell you that two things have the best chance far as being helpful to your situation. Time, as in perhaps years may be helpful far as getting used to the new. Vasectomy reversal has also been recommended by many since I became involved in this stuff in 2010.

Time, waiting this out, etc is risk free far as the sexual side effects go, and surgery is not.

While the risk of making things worse via vasectomy reversal doesn’t “seem to be” that high, and is said to be approximately a 1-2% chance, the risk is very real. If your number comes up, you will likely regret not waiting things out.

These choices are completely yours.

All the best.


Ha ha, LOL, my first thoughts exactly. The only reason he is doing this is to cheat. It’s obvious. Why else would he do it unless he’s a head case and wants to show he can make a sacrifice too. What a waste of money as well. My bet is he want’s to be able to cheat and not have to worry about making a baby.