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Well you have given me a lot to ponder. I’ve really only recently begun my quest for answers as I told myself I would wait until after the year post vas mark. I’ve spoken with friends and family who have had a vasectomy and they really have had no feedback other than a quizzical look and a “really?” So combine that with the medical communities nonchalance and it left me pretty disillusioned. This site has provided a reality check and grounded many of my prior concerns. I am very greatful!


This is really common. I’d say the majority of our friends and family were just as naïve, and stupid of sorts as we were about vasectomy prior to this mess. How many men have they really spoken in depth with in their lives to really have an educated opinion, or any real knowledge about it.

Vasectomy is socially accepted as safe and simple, and people really believe this. It’s been indoctrinated into our culture in many ways. The TV (programming), media, magazines, urologists, GP’s, medical system, etc, etc. Men suffering in silence, and no internet have put a big damper on getting the word out for decades.

Good luck


It seems that our society as whole has a serious learning curve. I wouldn’t gage them or us as naive or stupid. We had faith and believed in a “simple procedure to make our lives better.” For those of us on this site, it was anything but. My doc had the same procedure with ileffect, which I’m sure gave him confidence in his current practice. I can’t blame him for his resolve but I will not allow a disclusion of others who have suffered and been told it’s in their head. A led to B, period. Why look for answers with C?


Well, I’m not sure what words would’ve describe us better far as our knowledge about vasectomy prior to having it done ourselves. The terms I used weren’t supposed to gauge anyone as idiots of any sort. Ignorance is bliss.

I completely agree with you that all of us likely thought we could believe in a doctor informing us of the real risks and side effects.


I think this may be typical as well. As has been said in the past, urologists/vasectimists should be required to take annual classes to further their knowledge, and keep them up to date with new technology, studies, statistics, pvp/s, etc.

A vasectimist cannot realistically sell anyone a vasectomy, and tell them, or imply their patients outcome will be the same as theirs, or another guy’s. While bad outcomes do seem to be the minority, they are very real, and generally not disclosed.

Personally, I think every man should receive the same paperwork. Not something that was hand crafted on site with the intention of encouraging men to do it to themselves. If a man doesn’t get a real slap accross the face warning, it wasn’t good enough IMO.


Every bodily function that is made to flow and is obstructed will have an adverse outcome.
I’ll skip the obvious: Arteries/tissue death, Veins /swelling and eventual tissue death, Lymph nodes/swelling and eventual tissue death, Kidneys/ ureter obstruction with kidney failure, Liver/ common bile duct obstruction with liver and pancreas failure, Lung/death, Heart/death. Even a sebaceous gland on our skin gives us a heads up with a zit!. I placed to much faith in the medical community of which I’m a part of and said to my testicals, “you no longer have a release valve.”


I hear you brother. I actually posted my paperwork I received to this forum, and I encourage others to do the same. It’s in the “proof doctors lie about risks” thread.

My paperwork says my sperm would be absorbed just as it always was. It contradicts itself with congestion as a risk. It also says “usually” resolves itself in a matter of weeks. No mention of pvps, or that this could go on indefinitely, and cause pain.

I certainly didn’t know about all this pvps stuff, and I was stupid of sorts to beleive him, and his paperwork. Hindsight is 20/20.


To enlighten women who may be unsympathetic, they have a single egg to grace a fallopian tube possibly, each month. If their tubes are tied, then this egg simply dissolves. Conversely, men have millions of sperm with a mission no matter what. They come out of our testicles to our seminiferous tubes and then to our epididymis. With the vas deferens blocked, it equates to Pain.


Theres actually a pain syndrome women get from being fixed to. Its the equivalent of pvps guys get. Some women claim to have been over worked, etc down there just like men. Burnt, nerve damage, etc. Lots of stories out there of women that were never the same hormonally after the fix to. And like with men with pvp/s, they are a minority.


I’m certain that the medical community has left women in the dark as well as they always do. I’m not looking at this from a retribution standpoint but a “no more point of view.” How do we help others? Like I said, I’m only a month into this.


My sister in law asked my brother to get a vasectomy and kind of was pushing him into doing it but he said he was not going to do it. He was the bread winner in the family and his job was stable so I don’t think she had that much leverage with him. He was not comfortable doing it. She ended up getting her tubes tied.

She died of ovarian cancer last year after a 5 year battle. Just horrible. I remember one woman saying why would you disable that part of your body and keep it around. It’s just a cancer risk at that point. Well I think that was naive of her because of the hormonal implications but that was how she was thinking.

I don’t think men or women should mutilate their bodies needlessly. Not for the sake of convenience at least. There are situations where pregnancy has really negative life and death implications for women and I have seen that used as a reason men have “taken one for the team”…

I just think you mess with your body at your own peril. I have been very up and down lately and I am not sure what I’m going to do. I don’t think I can work another 10 years like this but I have ZERO idea what therapy would help me. I truly believe denervation when you don’t have testicular pain is kind of dumb. I’d be letting someone cut me where I hurt to make it not hurt which makes no sense to me. I know I would end up even more pissed at my wife and probably in worse pain with one less option to try.


I’m so sorry for your sister in law! Your family must be turned upside down.


Forget your brother and any further post, seriously.


MikeO, you were brave to share this wish us. Im very sorry for your sister in law. I pray that your family has found strength amongst us for we are with you.


Hope you are doing ok Mike.


Ringostar, thank you for the information about women suffering as well. I was unaware, but unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me. Women’s health has always been on the back burner in the medical community.


No problem, glad I can be of any help, or insight to you.

I find myself loosing my cool verbally sometimes. Got to give it a break every now and then.


You didn’t loose any cool other than filling me in to what your life has been over the last 7 years. We all can learn you as I have.


Ha-ha, I hear you brother. I do actually have some good input far as 7+ years down the line, two reversals, etc, etc. I have lived and learned in them years. School of hard knocks.

If you have any other questions for me, or just random vasectomy/pvps/etc related stuff to talk about, post it in the thread below:


No hijack, continue. I’m concerned about you.