Sexual Side Effects


Go back to them friends you spoke of, and ask them again.

Several friends of mine told me the same thing. It was afterwards I came to find out others experienced similar, or the same problem.

My guess is they were to embarrassed to speak the truth the first time I asked them.


Thank you very much Edangus. Mentally it was beating me, hence, in my search for answers I arrived at this site.

Another thing I noticed is that before the vasectomy I was able to lift my penus without much thought but currently I am unable to do so. I had vasectomy about six weeks ago. Can anybody relate?


Ringo I welcome the humor…I am screwed. I will give it time, but I am not sure how much time. I will need to research the cost of a reversal and risks.

Ringo, do your orgasms feel like they did before? Based on two different members here their answer is No.

I will follow up with my colleagues again in a few months, hopefully I will see some improvements. I want to be able to raise my penus up without being aroused just by triggering my muscles as I did before the vasectomy.


Sounds like a nerve issue. Time is your best friend. Don’t think that a reversal suddenly makes you back to where you used to be. Reversal is for fertility. You can’t reverse nerve damage. I’m not trying to be a dirtbag, I just don’t want you to go under the knife yet again. It’s a delicate region. Be careful.


Choohooo, thank you. So reversal is for fertility…and you can’t reverse nerve damage? I am screwed (for lack of a more explicit word). I will give it time and hope it all improves with time, as that may be my only good option.

My goal is not to be fertile, I am happy with the kids I already have, rather I was hoping to be somewhat close to normal again…it has been about two months so far, I have experienced three side effects, less intense orgasms, I pee more often, and I cannot raise my penus unless I am aroused…and I realize I am fortunate because I do not have serious pain…but these early side effects/symptoms are making me anxious. How long will it take to find out if this will go away?


@Hopeful, Some humor can go a long ways when you are fighting bad situations.

I will do my best to answer your questions based on my experience, everything I’ve seen, and know.

First of all, lets keep in mind that the vast majority of this group suffers from pain. That’s what brought us all together in the first place. We likely over emphasize the risk of nerve damage, and making things worse. All at the same time, the risks are very real. Anyone that tells you other wise is lying to you.

You can do some research on how many men have their vasectomy reversed. There are many reasons men do this, and it isn’t all about fertility.

Urology likes to poopoo all over men that have their vasectomy reversed for anything other than fertility. They make claims like, men have their vasectomy reversed because they claim they have a low libido. Or, they have it reversed because of psychosomatic reasons, such as feeling disconnected, poor orgasm, etc.

There are statistics out there on how many men have their vasectomy reversed annually, and I don’t buy it for a second that its all about having another child. I find that urology likes to pile bs on top of more, and more, and more bs to help strengthen their own bs. Lots of bs within urology far as vasectomy goes.

So, how many men end up with nerve damage via vasectomy? How many end up with nerve damage via reversal? I’m not the guy with all the statistics, but can tell you, vasectomy reversal doesn’t involve someone taking a electro cautery pen to the ends of your vas’s, and frying the ends of things. Personally, I believe the electro cautery pen causes many problems, as do the metal clips scratching on nerves down there.

Are my orgasms normal again? Yes, and no. Its been so long since I was my natural self, its hard to say what normal is anymore. I can say that, since I had my first reversal, I have had an improvement far as the disconnected thing goes. My orgasms are not horribly skewed anymore. I will note that my reversal failed 4~ years ago

Lets keep in mind that reversals fail far as return of sperm, or down the line period. You may have one side close up, perhaps both. Nevertheless, I certainly don’t feel disconnected like I did post vasectomy where my boys were left hanging by the cermastic muscle only.

I know of a guy that had been shot, and suffered nerve damage. In time, things repaired themselves. No more numbness, pain, loss of motion, movement, etc. In my opinion, this is actually one thing urology banks on big time far as vasectomy working out for men. The human body is a magnificent machine that is capable of repairing itself, and/or getting used to change in many cases.

Bottom line, keep in mind why you did this to yourself in the first place. It was best for your wife and family life is my guess. I think its horrific that some men wait long as 2-4-6-8 years to feel somewhat normal post vasectomy, but to each his own. There certainly isn’t a one size fits all answer to any of this other than don’t have a vasectomy in the first place.

Also, for what its worth, I’ve seen guy’s like yourself post in pain forums like this one in the past. They had it reversed, and never posted again.


Unfortunately nerve damage can’t be reversed. The only thing that can be done is wait and hope the body heals itself, or further nerve damage (spermatic cord denervation).

I’m almost six months post-vas and the intensity of my orgasms has dropped off for sure. Is it enough to roll the dice on a reversal? No.

But, I will be going for a reversal for pain and hopefully it will help with my nerve issues at the same time, but it’s a crapshoot really. Dr. Jarvi (a PVPS expert/researcher) in Toronto blatantly told me that we have to ‘roll the dice’ and see what happens. He also told me that there are so many nerve endings in the scrotum that just can’t be seen, even with an operating microscope.

So yeah, sorry you’re here, but if you’re not in pain, I would just wait it out, perhaps the issues will resolve with time.

Also, try not to psyche yourself out about the less intense orgasms, it will only eat away at you.

About the urinary issues…your prostate may be inflamed or irritated due to the lack of sperm being circulated through it. Who knows. I had the same issues for about a month and they cleared up with some NSAID’s.

In my opinion, if you’re not in pain count yourself lucky.


I agree with this to some extent. If you had a high value nerve damaged, you are likely screwed.


Vasectomy reversal doesn’t mean “same as you were six weeks ago.” It means fertile again but not same as you were.

Any monkey can find a wire through the drywall, pull it out and clip it. In fact, it was so easy you decided to use a light saber and did it in record time!! (Congratulations by the way). It wasn’t until after you melted everything that you realize you cut 4 wires, not just one (to your credit you were looking through a peep hole)

Now something in your house is different. Figuring out the ramifications of cutting some random wire in your wall is much harder to do. Finding those ends and putting them back together would take a much bigger hole and much more time, especially considering there’s a high voltage wire running next to it that means instant death if you hit it. To complicate things further, you can ONLY connect the red wire, not the other three green wires that were subsequently cut by the light saber.

you can roll the dice, but you need to be informed before you start taking on big stuff. Reversals usually fail with time anyways. It might allow you to get her pregnant one last time but it won’t get you back to where you used to be.

If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me. Time is your friend. Be patient. Be hopeful.


My orgasms are not the same pretty bad actually and we are all different but if i could be painfree i couldnt care less about orgasms. I have suffered enough pain in 6 months for a lifetime. Including urination problems prostate issues and testicle, cord pain and abdominal cramping from day 1 of vadectomy for me losing orgasm to be pain free is a small price to pay. But hey we are all on a different journey and whatever gets us by is what matters in the end. And for any newer people read Brad Bowens book the creulest cut of all it will change your opinion on a few things maybe.


Damaged nerves can certainly heal, but sometimes they heal ‘incorrectly’ and continue to transmit pain. Sometimes the pain can become centralized and even if the damage is fixed, your brain remembers the pain, and you will ‘feel’ the pain even when you’re better.

I’m almost six months out and my nerve pain is probably the same as it was a couple weeks out. Although it May be worse now, but it’s hard to say considering that I take nortriptyline and lyrica everyday. Maybe it will get better, maybe it won’t, who knows. Another variable is that I may be adjusting to the pain. Slightly.


Yes, I understand where you are coming from exactly. Based on what you said above, it sounds like you pretty much agree with me.

My thoughts and advice to you is, don’t damn yourself to worst case scenerio, and a bad outcome before you try anything. Educate yourself on all aspects of this topic. Be smart, ask around, and prepare yourself for the unknowns so they won’t be unexpected. I know you are already doing this, and I feel you are on the right path.

Far as damaged nerves, and not healing properly, you already know about physical therapy, you already know to get the absolute best surgeon involved if you decided to have a corrective procedure. What man in his right mind would pick a poor surgeon to do a corrective procedure for PvP/s? I’m not thinking it’s you :slight_smile:

It’s tough to argue with good advice.

And most of all, stay positive.


You guys are all great. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences as this ultimately helps one/me think about my options. I will wait and hope for the best. I have accepted that the vasectomy has changed me forever and that there is no going back even with a reversal. I will move forward acknowledging I was fortunate to not have pain. May God bless me and all of you in this forum

I’ll keep you posted.


Today, 04/08/2017, it has been about two months since my vasectomy. Orgasms are not the same and it seems that at least every other day I can feel a faint dull pain on either my left or right testicle. Whether I am at work, at home, or driving, it seems as if my balls were telling me, “we are here…here’s a dull pain to remember us” as opposed to prior to the vasectomy, when I wouldn’t even think about testicles.

Follow up: I asked two of my colleagues about their vasectomy, one said everything was great with him and the other said he had scaring as big as third nut.


Hopeful,I had a vesectomy reversal 12 years later after things were going very badly for me and I can tell you in my case it was a very positive outcome.Orgasms were good,volume good,and no pain.It was like my old self pre vas…I highly recommend a vesectomy reversal ASAP.


Hi Hopeful. It would seem that my symptoms most closely resemble yours as well. I am 13 months post vasectomy now and orgasms still feel majorly blunted. On a scale of 0-10, 10 being pre-vas, I’d say I’m at a 2-3 now. The constant ache is ever present with an occasional short WTF thrown in. I truly feel for you and everyone else on this site. My issues have not been physically disabling like many others and I am certainly more than thankful for that, but it has been a major kick to my psyche. This procedure has robbed us of something we once took for granted and like many others have posted, it is not even recognized within the medical community. My urologist didn’t even have the decency to speak with me on the phone. Instead, he had his PA call me and tell me that my symptoms could not have been related to the vasectomy. Hopefully, time will suit you well and improve your outcome but I suspect we may both be in the same boat.


That’s exactly how a lot of these vasectimists do it. We sent my vas urologist certified letters, he didn’t even have the decency to respond.

I think any urologist that feeds their clients the “it doesn’t change anything” nonsense are dirt bags. It’s to permenant, and to big of a deal for them to not take consultations, risks and side effects seriously. They take the money and run, and leave you with shat to deal with.

Given the fact that I’ve had two high end reversals fail, I call bs on so much of what urologists, and urology preach. All this crap about how men have reversals for libido, etc, etc. What bs. I’d say the majority of reversals fail eventually, and the majority of the men they are talking about are never the same.

As for me and my orgasms not being the same, it’s something I learned to stop dwelling on. If I were to constantly judge my orgasms, amount of ejaculate, stifled ejacs, etc, etc, I would end up more depressed, and loose more of my every day life to a vasectomy.

I’ve been through a lot of crazy, and hard things in my life, and vasectomy is right at, or near the top of my list of bad things that have happened to me. Urology brought a whole slew of problems into my life, into my marriage, no warning at all. I have suffered a multitude of problems because of it. 7+ years later, 30k~ in surgery’s, etc… I still have some pain, and problems.


I’ve read a number of your posts and you have been very active and helpful to many. I am greatful for your time and advice. You stated that you have had 2 reversals without any relief which must be infuriating. I was thinking that that might be my next step but it seems that may not be a good decision either. I’ve read mixed reviews post reversal. My urologist told his PA to tell me not to have it done.


I actually did get some relief from both of my reversals, but not the relief one would expect. My first was a failure. I consider any reversal that fails in the 0-6 months timeframe a failure. My first one still helped me. My second one helped as well, but it wasn’t the big success I had hoped for. If I didn’t have a pre existing - pre vas condition, I think I would be better off.

I’d say I have learned over the last 7+ years about reversal and pain. Everyone is thinking it will last, it will work, etc. Idk about this in so many cases. Over the years, I’ve even seen top tier pvps docs change their thinking on reversal for pain to. Things like, “patency isn’t even required to get relief”.

Reversal is a big step. Some guys suffer very badly from a reversal for pain. I suffered greatly from my first one. Recovery was very challenging for the first 4-5-6 months. My second reversal was soooo much easier. I was doing pretty well by month 2. I could elaborate on why I feel it was easier, but not here.

Theres only so many ways to get better, and you have to start somewhere. Given some of these pharma’s, and stuff urologists are giving men to get better with no luck and terrible side effects, I feel many are better off doing a ton of homework, and treating/diagnosing themselves. The most productive options I would list are, but not limited to; more time, pharma’s, papaya seed therapy, reversal, and POSSIBLY de-nervation. Take your pick.


Here’s another one for you. What about all these men’s health clinics that have poped up all over the place? Many of these entities are promoting vasectomy along with men’s health. That’s really messed up IMO.

There all kinds of data out there that suggests men with vasectomies have to live healthier lifestyle’s in leu of the procedure, etc, etc, etc. So what’s the truth? Many of us know the truth by first hand experience.

Theres so much contradicting information out there from urologists, it will make your head spin. If the lies, and half the truths we were sold upon weren’t enough, there’s plenty more bs to be read, and learned about regarding urologists, and vasectomy.