Severe pain starting 3 months after vasectomy


I had my vasectomy 3 months ago today.

Things were going well from the operation until about 4 days ago. My balls were tender, but nothing too bad. Then I started experiencing pain while ejaculating, and some random pains on both sides.

Last night, an unbearable surging pain from my right testicle up into my pelvic area started happening at 10-15 second intervals. It has persisted through the night into this afternoon. I took one of the Percocets I was prescribed for recovery pain (didn’t need them). It got me high, but did nothing for the pain.

I’m not expecting a solution or anything, but I wanted to post this here and use the thread to keep a record of my journey. sigh I knew about pvps before the operation, but I bought the stated rarity of it and wanted to do something nice for my wife by letting her get off birth control. She didn’t pressure me at all. It was my choice.


The pain has persisted, albeit less intense, today. Saw my urologist this morning (the one who performed the operation). He was sympathetic and compassionate, but visibly timid about approaching the situation. He said my epididymis was swollen, so I got a 2-week prescription for meloxicam (an NSAID). He also suggested warm baths as a first-line treatment, so I took one for about 30 minutes, and it seemed to help quite a bit. The pain is still there (3:49 pm), but it has lessened. The most relief I’ve felt today was right after the bath.

The doctor also said that it was too early to worry about lifelong pain, and that I can hope for any inflammation to subside over the next few weeks, while taking meloxicam for relief. He also ordered an ultrasound and asked to see me again in 3 months.


It may be congestion related. If you don’t see improvement, I’d suggest checking the papaya seed thread on this forum. Basically, it could be a clog of your sperm building up over the last few months. Papaya seed (powder) is a natural way to drop Sperm count. Some have seen improvement with testosterone therapy replacement as well - but that may carry additional risks if your T is already in a good spot.

Good luck!


Stick with the warm baths. It’s no joke. I’d also add some epsom salt. In three years, it’s probably the single most effective thing I’ve done. I do it every night before bed without fail.


For 9 days after the last message, I enjoyed minimal pain (while taking Meloxicam daily). I skipped it one morning and was jolted by the same sudden pain while falling asleep that night. I took a dose right away, and the pain subsided after about 30 minutes.

I got my ball-trasound (sorry, gotta keep a sense of humor) today. Results pending. I also skipped Meloxicam this morning and experienced relatively mild symptoms today.

All the pain I’ve experienced is notably less intense and shorter-lasting than the episode at the beginning of this thread.

I appreciate everyone’s advice and suggestions.


I had pain that showed up 5 months after vasectomy which was triggered by ejaculation. My pain however stayed localized to the groin area. Ibuprofen and naproxen did nothing for the pain, but I obtained relief from the pain for about 4 weeks with a low dose of amitriptyline (elavil) prescribed by the urologist. After about one month though the amitriptyline no longer worked.

The only thing I have found to always help are ice packs. I am a huge proponent of ice packs. They have and continue to be my best friend. Sad, I know. :roll_eyes:


Just got ultrasound results. No infection or cancer. Doctor recommended continuing Meloxicam for a total of 2-4 weeks. It works, but it’s not something I can take long term.


Just wanted to update my log.

I experienced several surges of debilitating “electric shock” pain going from my right testicle up into the groin area late morning on April 18th, about 45 minutes after taking Meloxicam. More pain around 12:30, then more about 1:30.

The next day, I was in pain 6-7 all day. Same on Friday and Saturday. Totally miserable. Meloxicam doesn’t seem to be helping anymore.

I mentioned to my wife that I felt a distinction between what seems like nerve pain (the acute “shocks”) and pressure pain (the heavy, dull ache). She mentioned that she’d been taking B12 supplements to treat nerve damage in her foot for a long time, with outstanding results. I’ve heard of some (maybe dubious) science connecting nerve regeneration to B12 (and deficiency to nerve damage), so I figured I had nothing to lose and took a 1mg dose on Saturday night.

The pain went away almost right away. I’m not making an assumption or mistaking correlation for causation, but that is what happened. Since then, I’ve been taking 1mg B12 (cyanocobalamin) every 12 hours. The only time I’ve had pain since I started this regimen is about 12 hours after each dose, so as soon as I get the “shock” pain, I’m reminded to renew. The pain has subsided within 30 minutes or so of each dose. The pattern has held consistent for the last 4 days. The congestion pain hasn’t been affected.

I’ll post more on that when (and if) I can establish a longer pattern. If anyone else has ever tried this, or is willing to, I’m definitely curious whether you see any correlation.

Anyone tried B12 supplements for nerve pain?

6 months post-op, and I’ve been taking 1mg B12 (cyanocobalamin) each morning for the last 3 months with no other treatments or habits. I’ve gotten substantially better. I notice pain about 1x a day, and it’s nothing unbearable. I haven’t been kept awake or had to stop what I’m doing. I now reliably feel a cramp in my upper right groin area shortly before ejaculating. It’s not fun, but it’s also not enough to deter me from enjoying myself.

This isn’t science, but everything started improving steadily and rapidly when I started the B12, so whether it’s working, causing a placebo effect, or just a coincidence, I now have a little pill of hope that reminds me my life isn’t over. I’d really like to hear if anyone else has had success with this.


Is this a prescription B12 or something anyone can buy? Can you share the name? I take a B12 now but not sure if it’s the right product to help. Glad to see it’s giving you relief


Cyanocobalamin is the most common off-the-shelf form of B12. You should be able to find it anywhere.


That is what I have been taking but just making sure. I need to be more consistent taking it.


I had that shock pain also. I described it as being tasered in the balls. And it was random. Really wild and sucked huge. It eventually went away after a couple years. But it did cause me to get pulled over once and the Sheriff thought I was drunk or high. Made me going thru everything to check. Didn’t believe me when I told him why. Ended up giving me a ticket for failure to control. Fought it in court and the judge laughed at me. The craziest part was I had just left the Cleveland Clinic and had medical notes next me about things. And I still wasn’t believed!!