Severe pain 6 days after Vasectomy


Hi there

I had a vasectomy 6 days ago and was told I would have a ‘dull ache’ for a few days and to wear supportive underwear for a week and then it would be fine.

I’ve found the pain on the left side has been getting worse, anything that touches the area including underwear really hurts. The pain is like being kicked hard in the balls!

The pain is worse top left of the scrotum and even when walking I have to stop after a few paces to let the paid subside to a low ache.

Is this to be expected 6 days post surgery?



Hi mate. We are all different some heal with no pain in a week. If you have no obvious infection or hydrocele or hematoma you need to keep cold packs or ice on for at least 2 weeks and rest. Also anti inflammatorys help. You are early days yet keep positive and do little as possible all the best with recovery.


Hey Mark,

Welcome aboard. I would say what is happening is not normal based on my experience with vasectomy but lots of guys have it rough this early on so keep in mind time is your friend. Loz is right on: ice and medicate. I would suggest that you tell your urologist and make sure you are properly medicated for pain management as well as inflammation. I would demand that he provide you with temporary pain mitigating meds if you don’t have any. Some opiate based meds or tramadol etc…

Do you have any bruising or swelling at all?


Thanks Mike

Yes, quite a bit of bruising on the scrotum and either side of base of penis.

Right side hurts every so often, but the left is too tender to touch and pain gets worse further up left side. I have some co-codimol following a sinus op couple of months back, it sort of works but this is an odd pain compared to any other. It’s like someone is squeezing my left testicle


Yeah sorry I know how bad that sort of pain can be. I would do whatever you have to do to manage your pain and any anxiety you are having. Ice, fluids, anti-inflammatories and take it easy. You probably have some internal swelling of accumlation of fluid pressing on something.

What kind of vasectomy did you get? How many incisions and where?


I had the non scalpel one where they do one hole in the scrotum (either cut or burnt) and then not sure what they did other than they used something to burn the tubes and tie them up.


@Mark25551 you will get better than you are with time. I was that bad it took me 4 weeks just to walk ouside the house.i am better than that now but still not well just remember time is on your side.


Thanks Loz, that’s reassuring.

Hope you get back to normal soon.


Ice, supportive underwear, and ibuprofen or naxopren. You’ll likely feel good soon. Get some rest for now!

Check with your doctor, but if you’re getting inflammation, you want to get that under control right away to help it burn out faster.


It can take from 6 weeks to 3 months to recover / adjust from the vas. (Another thing they never mention up front). Give it time. I had to wear jocks for 3 weeks post and then compression shorts permanently. It was 10 days before I stopped feeling reallly sore and uncomfortable from my vasectomy. Once you get past a week. Try war, baths at night if you’re not swollen. Otherwise ice and Advil. Hopefully you’re issue so will resolve. If not there’s a lot of good advise and support here. Good luck.


Thanks Guys.

Swelling gone done but heavily bruised. Also there’s this lump in the scrotum right between testicles which might be causing the discomfort.

Agreed, needs a bit more explaining upfront than ‘you’ll be fine in a day or two’


Hi, that lump could be a hematoma. I had one that felt like a grape above my left ball. I literally wrung my hands and ground my teeth with each step for about 2 weeks. It took about 5 months for that to settle down and feel normal. I did not lift anything, exercise etc for about 4 months


Hey Mark,

I hope things are going better and you have healed up. I had a vasectomy just over a month ago. I was suffering from a lot of pain and Anxiety for about 4 wks. Both testicles were extremely sore and I had a lump on the left side causing Extreme pain. The Urologist gave me antibiotics in pain medication but they did not seem to work. I was very depressed it was causing string on my family. As time went on things started to get better. I currently have slight discomfort, but am finally able to go on about daily life. Their is hope for anyone reading this that may be going through the same things that we are. best wishes


The great news is Mark has not been here since April. Usually when a guy hits this site and is on for a month and then you don’t see him again that’s a really good sign. I am guess you will be okay to @alee27. It’s interesting but I did not have a bad experience with my vasectomy. I was not fixated on it or worried about long term pain. I noticed some discomfort sitting and it got gradually worse and was accompanied by really horrific prostate issues, pain with erections, and then a really bad case of epididymitis where the back of my testicle got swollen to about 10 times it’s normal size. I think having a spike in pain directly following vasectomy followed by gradual but steady healing is normal. Some men have a rougher recover and a lot of bad symptoms right after vasectomy and their bodies heal up fine.