Sever pain left testicsl


Recently had vasectomy during procedure on left side received excruciating pain n pulling sensation dr switched manoeuvres n finished now extremely tender left scrotal area feels as if left testie being pulled or ripped toward ground. Right side no problems ! Any advice ? Nerve damage? Is this seriuse?


How long ago was your surgery?

I had mine two weeks ago and had a very similar experience. During the surgery, the left side was excruciating and the right side didn’t hurt at all.

I had pretty bad pain for the first week. Missed a few days of work the second week and even had to go back to the doctor because I was having shooting pains so bad they made me cry.

My left side is still tender and very sensitive to any sort of moving or bumping. However, the past few days have been noticeably better. It still isn’t great and I still walk slowly and gently wherever I go. But at least I don’t have constant pain.

A co-worker of mine said that he took a month to fully recover, but he has zero pain now. So I’m hoping that I’m just a slow healer like him and that I’m not in the early stages of something long-term.


Friday march 2 so I’m days in but every step feels like kick in the scrotum n the heavy left testicsl feeling is like I’m carrying s brick around from it! Shooting pains into
Lower abdominal ! Just clothing touching left scrotum is debilitating ! But have been told by. Successful vas’s. Thst should not be experiencing this sort of pain! So obviously wondering if I’m thst low percentage that will suffer no matter what


Of the three friends I have who discussed it with me:

  • One was pain-free after 3 days
  • Another took a week
  • Another took a month

ALL three are completely pain-free now. No lasting or recurring effects.

As I mentioned, it took 2 weeks until I started feeling any improvement, but now the pain feels a lot more distant and dull. The left testicle is still quite sensitive, as though I bruised it, but I’m starting to have hope.

So, it’s too early to start panicking at this point even though it’s nearly impossible to do that.


Any updates? It sounded like you and I had similar experiences. You haven’t posted here in a few days. I’m hoping that you got better.


On antibiotics for small infection dr says but has gotten a lot better dr said most likely infection causing pain so see what the meds do n go from there ! Fingers crossed cuz it’s quite irritating but thanx for checking up n hope yur doing good too


Thanks. Today was a victory… I’m cautiously hopeful that I’m getting there. Still some soreness and sensitivity, but I’m more mobile than I have been since the surgery. I even went out to eat and to a couple of breweries today.

Please keep posting here on your progress, even if you get better. I think that people who get better but never update everyone are doing a great disservice to others who come here weeks after surgery in a panic.


I agree with you on this. It’s good for people’s mental state to hear the success stories in a such a desperate time. I’m still early on so I could be over reacting and likely am but my anxiety is through the roof. I too have felt pretty good today and luckily with the time change only have to work a seven hour shift tonight. Hopeful to see what the next few days bring!


I will certainly keep u guys posted ! Just remind me if I forget ! father of 3 can be busy! Like I said I’m still a bit sensitive but. Hoping antibiotics help ! Have you’s had a follow up with surgeon ? I called n told them my situation n he got me in for apt! Wich I may still have been wondering why n stressing myself out over nothing? Trust me if yur concerned see yur surgeon or yur GP u may have what I got n certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it looked at? Activities in the bedroom have started slowly n cautiously n accually felt some relief after a release! But see yur doc n don’t stress I’m confidant you’ll both be good! I was freaking out but having a professional opinion n round of antibiotics eased my mind significantly ! Take care gentleman n be well ! Best of luck !