Sensitive testicles post op


So apologies if this is repeated stuff. This is my first post. I’m 2 weeks after a non scalpel Vasectomy. I recovered ok in first week but the last week seems to be no improvement. I walk ok but my testicles still seem very sensitive. Nothing excruciating but enough to cause my anxiety level to go through the roof. I get shooting pain if i knock them a bit. Is it a case that it’s just still early days and my testicles are still sensitive from the operation? I know time is on my side. I’m taking ibuprofen and paracetamol at the moment.


It was very normal for my husband and it lasted over 5 weeks. This was all unexpected however since it was supposedly a very quick recovery time. The pain got better but never would go away. Since then it has gotten much better with hot baths and heating pads. If he wears pants that are too tight it also will cause pain to flare up.


Two weeks is nothing. I wouldn’t even begin to worry until after month 3 and the pain was still at the same level. It’s been 9 years for me and every year seems to be about 2 percent better!


I’m at 6 weeks today.

Your experience sounds quite similar to mine. I was in pain 2 weeks in. I was in pain last week. This week is the first time I truly feel like I’m on the road to relief and recovery. They’re still very sensitive to touching or bumping, but not as bad as the past several weeks.


Thanks you so much for replying everyone I was still the same until about 3 days ago and I have recovered really well. Much less sensitive now and no pain at all when not moving. I’m at just over 3 weeks now. The worst part is the anxiety because it causes you to catastriphise in your head and convince yourself your gonna be the one that has pain. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but I started taking my vitamins and whey protein powder to helps things heal. Ive been getting loads of sleep with the help of 25mg of amitriptyline on a night and using deep breathing exercises to cope with the anxiety. Hope this helps anyone else who wants a more reassuring post that things will get better.