Semen basically ALL blood


TL;DR: 2 weeks post vasectomy and I came literally blood this morning. Not a little blood in a lot of semen.
Basically pure blood shot out. Doc diagnosed it as prostatitis and prescribed antibiotics.

Full version:
I’m 2 weeks post-vasectomy. I had a single-incision vasectomy from a respected urologist. The procedure was painful (not enough local anesthetic) but otherwise uneventful. Ice, bedrest, and percocet made the first 24 hours OK. By day 3 I had mild pain at the incision site and moderate pain in my groin but everything from the base of my penis south was on the mend with mild bruising and no noticeable swelling. I was taking 3 grams Tylenol a day and wishing I had more pain meds. I went back to work on day 4… it’s an office job but lots of walking and sitting in meetings made it suck by the end of the day. The groin pain was about a 6 or 7 by quitting time–enough to make me grimace and wince whether I wanted to or not. After a couple days of this I called the doc’s office. The triage nurse said it’s only been a week, keep up with Tylenol and/or Advil, and use ice in the evenings. OK.

Managed to have sex on day 8 and it was good (only a little discomfort during, and some blunt pain at orgasm but nothing intense.) There was some red-brown blood in my semen. Normal stuff. Had sex a couple more times over the last week and it was the same. Mostly normal semen with a little “old” blood. Not the best orgasms but I felt I was more “missing” some of the ecstasy and it would return in time. No acute pain to speak of.

Then this morning I had sex and I came basically pure blood. Fresh bright red blood… a lot of it. And it hurt in my groin (above my penis). I nearly passed out from the pain, but gained my composure enough to clean up and get dressed. The pain subsided to a dull ache with occasional stabbing pain over the next couple of hours. I called the urologist and they said to come in for an evaluation.

The doctor checked me out and said because of the sheer volume of fresh blood in the semen it was definitely not residual bleeding from the vasectomy itself. He diagnosed it as prostatitis. I’m on Cefuroxime now and already shitting my brains out (I always get wiped the fuck out by antibiotics).

Has anyone had similar symptoms and diagnosis? I know each case is different and I’m not trying to Dr Google this thing. I’d just like to know what I might be up against. I mean aside from the obvious diarrhea from the antibiotics.


You’re not the first guy to report getting a vasectomy and then having an ejaculation that is blood. Your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about it would appear. I’ve had prostatitis a few time and have never seen anything like that.


Prostatitis…LMAO. Dr. Potts, formerly of the Cleveland Clinic, created a GREAT cartoonish-meme with a prostate behind prison bars shouting “I was framed…I’m innocent.” Ignorant urologist like yours and my original will look for any reason to blame something other than their own hands, and the prostate is a convenient scapegoat.


I wonder where that much blood would be coming from. I doubt the upper section of the vas could leak that much where it was cut. It seems to me it would have to be damage done up higher while tugging on things.


I suppose that’s why the doc says the blood is most likely coming from the prostate. That’s the main contributor to semen volume so if the majority of the semen is bloody it does make sense that the prostate is involved.

Like you, and my doctor, I’m skeptical that the bleeding is just from the cut ends of the vas. [EDIT: There’s also the fact that I had 3 orgasms earlier that ended in mostly semen with just a little red-brown blood.] Is the blood possibly seeping into the prostate over time from somewhere “upstream” and then being expelled all at once when I ejaculate? Or is there an infection or inflammation of the prostate itself that is causing the bleeding (which is what the doctor suggests)?

And in any case, are the antibiotics going to help, or is this just physical damage that will require time to heal with or without medicine?


I wanted to post an update. I am now at 4 weeks post-surgery. I finished the course of antibiotics about a week ago, and I haven’t noticed any blood in the semen since about that time, so that is a major improvement.

I still have mild to moderate pain in the groin area, which gets worse as the day goes on, particularly because I have a management job so loose-fitting clothing is not permitted. I’d describe it as a burning or tingling pain. If I’m lounging around the house in gym shorts and not doing anything strenuous, the pain is minimal and sometimes no even noticeable. I have no pain or swelling in the scrotum or testicles except if I move too quickly or get bumped or jostled.

I’m hoping the recovery continues and I get to be one of the lucky ones who emerges without pain or persitent problems. But we are still weeks or months away from knowing that.