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What are your thoughts on the avoiding 4 months of pain mentality. What is the good reason to wait? Are people saying that because I might just heal up to 100%?


Is that pain you’re talking about pre reversal? How’s are you feeling now and how long has it been since reversal?


Hey buddy,

Well I totally agree with you in regards to not having to deal with pain for months. My non medical opinion is it “might get better” once totally healed which takes several months. I also would think wait for healing and inflammation to subside before slamming more surgery trauma on your sack.

If your still in legit pain @ 6-9 month mark, I’d probably be shopping for reversal doc at that point. My pain was random and not consistent which is why I waited so long. I did finally get tired of the pain coming on every few months then taking 2 weeks of resting to go away.

I just think anything before 6 months is premature. After that, I get it and I’d pursue reversal. Just don’t get crazy with epi or nut removal. If anyone suggests anything other than a direct vas reconnect, I’d get numerous opinions as the alternate is significant and permanent.


I’m a wife, not a guy, so I don’t have any practical advice :slight_smile: . Just wanted to reach out and say I’m sorry, and to hang in there. We have kids too (seven of them, ages 12 yrs to 22 mos) and this has completed altered the way we live our life. I hurt so deeply for those of us with young kids - this shouldn’t happen to us. Shouldn’t happen to anyone, really, but it’s REALLY, really hard when you have little ones.

As a wife/mom, I think the best advice I can give you is to take a deep breath, and really weigh out your options. The other guys are right - there does seem to be two types of pain - congestion and nerve. Maybe some self-trouble shooting and conversation with the guys here can help you figure out which pain you think it is, and that will help you decide where to go next. Keep your wife involved, sounds like she’s right in this with you and that’s SO so good!

As a married couple, just keep those lines of communication open, stay on the same team. :slight_smile: She’ll have days, speaking from a wife’s perspective, where she gets tired and frustrated with, but be patient with her and let her vet out those emotions. :slight_smile: We PVPS wives love our guys fiercly but truly do NOT know what it’s like to live with this chronic pain, so sometimes we don’t have the patience we should or get frustrated. It’s ok - it’s all part of the package. Sounds like you two have a great relationship, and that is so key.

Stay strong! Take things a day at a time. This is a great group of people, and I/we have learned more here than anywhere else!

Best of luck.

Jenn / Imthemissus


First…take a deep breath…you wil be okay. You can read my post on here about my improvement and what worked. I had issues for about three months. Like you i freaked out; got depressed, and did not want to take meds. Uro was no help. Primary said epiditimis prescribed antibiotics for a month with anti inflammatory. Saw Dr. P in Clermont who prescribed cialis/oxytocin combo. It was the magic pill to ease the inflammation. The pre surgical consent is bullshit. They dont tell you that you will likely have congestive and inflammatory issues for months maybe even a year. Mine told me after :rage:. You will heal. It will take time. You will be swollen, lumpy, and feel like you got kicked in the nuts after you ejaculate for a while. Take the antiinflamatory meds. I was told to but when i did things improved slowly. Last night I had sex and was thinking how great it was not to worry about having any more kids. No condoms felt great. I took no meds this time and I am good. Two ejaculations in two days and no pain just mild pressure if I bump my boys. I had my vasectomy in July. Things are just starting to improve. Hope this helps!


It does help man. Thank you. I’ve been feeling more optimistic then I’ll read about someone whose not able to work out without pain ten years later. I just want to workout, drive my car and fuck my wife like I used to. Do you think the nsaids helped with the actual healing? Or they just helped with the pain in the meantime?


Its all the inflammation. There’s a lot in there. You have to calm that down. The antibiotics have anti inflammatory properties when combined with NSAIDs can improve the inflammation from the procedure itself. Then you after to shift to the inflammation from the congested vas. The cialis/oxy helps with that. Your pelvic muscles are very sensitive to your mind. Can you think back to a time where you saw something that sort of grossed you out and you kind of felt your balls go up a little? You don’t realize it but the way you think about the procedure and the information resulting there from can also have affect on the tension in your pelvic floor. The meds should help relieve the symptoms and ease your mind and in time things will bother you less and less. You can read some horror stories on the forums but there are also different facts in some of the more extreme cases like nerve involvement and and epidimal removal etc. most men do find relief. In the rare cases where they don’t there are often other factors at play. I think the thing that freaks people out the most is that people rarely feel as good as they expect following the procedure and in the months thereafter. I’m confident that in time you will heal. Seek a consult from Dr. P. He did wonders for me.



Man thanks a bunch that really helps. Me and my wife had planned to buy a car specifically for track racing this month and I haven’t because of all of this. Lately though I’ve been more optimistic and feeling a little better because of it. I actually started looking for a car today :slight_smile: the power of the mind is great!


I just hope I heal up so that I can actually drive it without having to sit on a pillow… most race tracks won’t allow that lol


I just finished a run:) you’ll be fine. Just give it time. And take anti inflammatory meds.