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My wife has been super nurturing throughout all of this but she’s under a lot of stress. She owns her own business and I’m a stay at home dad so she’s the only one putting food on the table and paying the mortgage. And now that I’m on the couch 24/7 she’s having to pause work every time one of the kids needs a diaper change or needs help in the bathroom. We havethree girls two in diapers one of which is kinda potty training herself. We catch her sitting on the toilet a lot. It’s actually really cute but creates a stressful situation when there’s a shitty diaper that’s been wiped down her leg and plopped on the floor while my wife is on a business call and I’m in so much pain that bending over to clean it up hurts. She usually ends the call and takes over. Sorry I’m so long winded but I can’t talk to anyone about this stuff.


I haven’t really had any sharp pains mostly dull aches that get pretty intense. Have you also had congestion too? Is it possible to have both?


It’s possible to have both. I had nerve pain for 3 years then one of my balls (epididymis) blew up like a balloon at year three. That’s when I knew my vasectomy was a huge mistake and the reason I was never quite right after 2007. It took me 2 more years to get a reversal but I wish I had done it sooner. The problem is I was alone. I didn’t discover the yahoo vasectomy pain forum until about year 3 1/2. I was so disoriented when I joined. I was in deep denial and had a lot of doubt. About a month after my reversal I woke with raging wood and that normally would have led to a horrific bout of burning chest pounding pain. Instead it gently tingled and released and I was fine. I was crying to my wife I was so happy. There is a theory that reversals work because they clear out the scar tissue. For me that was the case. I am still fertile at year 5 although I think one side has closed off. Fertility oddly is not needed for pain relief in many cases.


So the reversal cleared up the congestion but you’re left with the nerve pain?


I wouldn’t do a single thing until the 6 month mark. There are plenty of people out there with the same symptoms that spontaneously wake up one day pain free. If it’s congestion, time is your friend. Happened to a close friend and a neighbor.


Thanks for the advice trust me I’ll take you up on it!


Hi mate

I opted for a reversal after four months.

Best choice I made as back to 100% now


Did you feel like you just wouldn’t heal without the reversal?


How long has it been since the reversal? How long after the reversal were you feeling better than pre reversal? Did they put you under for reversal? I don’t want to be awake through another procedure like that again


I had my reversal June 16. It took about 4 months to feel better. The surgeon used sedation , but I did fall asleep


Ahmen to that. Just do whatever u can to manage your symptoms medically (drugs) or by altering your lifestyle. Time will likely help you atvthis early stage.


So it took you about four months to be back to 100%? Given that would it make more sense to wait this out because I might be feeling better in that amount of time anyway or would it make more sense to do this ASAP because I want to be back to 100% sooner? That’s a tough question what do you guys think?


That’s the question a lot of us struggle with in the first year. I waited almost two years (getting reversed on Wednesday), and in retrospect I was probably ready at the one year mark, despite continuous (but subtle) improvement.

I agree with the comments above about waiting at least six months. I was still getting worse with almost daily new weird symptoms up to about the 4 month mark.


I had vas for 7 yrs, just got reversal. I frequently had left epi pain along with pain where the vas was cut and stapled. I was doing fine for about eight weeks prior to surgery, however I was not active due to a foot injury. I almost backed out of reversal last minute, however I know the pain would return as it always has over the last seven years.

Mostly when I work out or do cardio is when pain would set in. Like you, I’ve been in the gym 3-4 days a week all my life. Activity would cause things to bounce around and cause pain, inflammation and possible leaky vas causing granulnoma. Been to several docs over the years who don’t have a solution other than meds and rest. As others have noted, some people have no problems like a lot of my friends at work. If you really think about it, your body isn’t designed to be cut and tied off. Here is an article I wish I had seen before I got it done.

I’m only 6 weeks post reversal, so I still have slight discoloration but no pain, just a twitch here and there. I’d give it time to see if your body will adjust. If not, a reversal is a possible solution later on. Whatever you do, don’t get drastic and cut out nerves, or remove epi or a testical. Give your body time to adjust and heal before making any decisions.


Thanks man I guess I’ll give it till 4 months or so. What are the chances a reversal can cause nerve damage? I’ve been reading that nerve damage is worse than congestion and I don’t want to get any worse. Are you back in the gym yet?


I’d actually give it longer, before deciding on reversal. I’m not sure about nerve damage, I know a few other than me who have had reversals and no problems. My only issue is recurring bruising of my balls, mostly on left side. No real pain, just bruising.

I’m only 6-7 weeks out, so maybe it’s to be expected. I’m not back in the gym yet. I have a left shoulder issue I’m seeing an Ortho for in another week. I do plan to get at some cardio starting next week. I was waiting for bruising to totally be gone, as it’s kind of concerning. However I guess as long as no pain, maybe I’m good. Unfortunately I’m in CA and flew to TX for reversal, so not like I can pop in for an office visit.

Anyway, with your situation I’d wait a year before reversal, however I don’t know the extent of your pain. Hopefully you’ve ruled out hydrocele or significant hematoma.


I waited two years and wish I had done reversal sooner -but I do think its smart to wait a few months and see if you improve-local docs will not be of much help. This place is a godsend as it is only here that folks really understand what kind of pain you are talking about. I quickly took the “I have suffered a terrible injury and the sooner I get put back together the better” attitude but I kept waiting and waiting but I never got better. a constant dull ache-worse at night better in morning but the most unrelenting pain I have ever experienced.


So here’s my thing if I wait 6-8 months to get a reversal then it takes 6-8 months to heal then why wait? If I do it at four months then that’s potentially four months of pain avoided. My only fear is getting worse. Is there as much risk of getting nerve pain post reversal as getting a vasectomy?


Sounds kinda like me it’s not as bad in the morning as at night


I live in Texas who did you go to for the reversal.