Scrotox - Yes, it's a real thing


So this is a real thing guys get done to make their scrotum less wrinkly and hang better.

I am not really sure why any guy would want to do this for non-pain reasons but whatever floats your boat… One guy said he did it for his girlfriend because she asked him to so she could feels his balls slapping on her and it would increase her stimulation… to which I say the crazy shit we do for women and to get laid… to our junk no less… anyway…

I am wondering if targeted botox for me around the scarring in my scrotum might calm down the pain I get. I need to talk to Dr. P about it.

Right now I think most of the botox for vasectomy pain focuses on the cremaster muscles in the spermatic cord itself. I don’t think that’s my problem. I have no idea where doctors target for this procedure but I am wondering if it would be something worth looking into.


I should’ve asked this long ago…have you tried Dr. P’s Cialis/oxytocin brew. It’s $135 for a month’s supply.


Yeah I have tried it. It seems to help some but it stays in your system and then I have to get up a lot at night because I feel like I have wood all night. If that’s TMI, I apologize.