Scrotox for dartos/cremaster muscle issues


So I spoke to my Uro yesterday and we will be moving forward with Botox in the scrotox (scrotox) for my scrotal muscle issues. I’ll keep everyone posted. If it helps stop my overactive dartos muscle I’ll be the happiest man alive!!!


Good luck. I hope you will succeed.


Did the scrotox do any good? I’m considering this myself.


Getting it done tomorrow actually. Fingers crossed!!! I’ll keep you updated. Supposedly it could take a couple days to kick in (no pun intended).


Just had scrotox done. Doc gave me 100IU. Twice that of guys getting it for aesthetic reasons. 10 shots on each side. It will take a few days to go into effect. I’ll keep you posted.


You mean 10 shots on each side at the same time? Was that just to spread the Botox into different sections of the muscle?


Yes that is correct. 20 shots total. Lathered me up with lidocaine first. The shots on the lower portion of the scrotum were KILLER! But my doc did it quick like pulling off a band aid. Still waiting to feel results could take up to a week to see the effects as the Botox binds to cells.


Any improvement yet?


So a week out I think it’s safe to say it didn’t work for my dartos muscle issue. However, my cremaster is more relaxed. The pull on my right is noticeably less. Unfortunately I did it more for my dartos muscle. But if anybody has cremaster muscle issues scrotox could help. Also, it didn’t have any effect on my internal pain/tenderness.


@Thissucks have you ever tried an over the counter Magnesium supplement? Might seem simple but Magnesium is a known muscle relaxant.