Saw a doctor in Atlanta Dr. Hakky


Let me start by saying three days after my vasectomy two years ago the pain began. I own a business and this pain has slowed me to a crawl. I went back to the doctor that did the vas three days in with my right nut as big as a baseball. I’m tough as hell, but this pain took me down! He gave me infection medicine and told me to keep my feet up and keep ice on it for a week. My right nut whom I now call ‘thumper’ returned to size, but continued to throb. A few months went by and I meet with my vas doc to discuss options. ( this doc has never had anyone with this pain). My first mistake was not searching for a doc with experience in PVP. My vas doc didn’t think a reversal would work, so he suggested take my epp. out and part of my spermatic cord. Well, I went through with that surgery only to hurt worse.
I was searching the internet and found this blog. Thank God. Not to jump around, but during this time I started wearing a tight jock strap and taking at least 3 Aleve a day. I had to hire more help, because if I lift anything heavy my right nut kills me. ( I’m so damn mad about this problem). I found Dr. P on this blog and contacted him in Florida. He has been great to talk to and I schedule a time in December to see him. He is 10 hrs. From me.
During my research I found a doctor in Atlanta ( only two hours from me ). Dr. Hakky advanced urology. He has a lot of experience with PVP, so I saw him three weeks ago. He told me the same thing Dr. P told me. Cord block to see if it’s nerve pain. Today Oct. 11 I had the cord block in Dr. Hakky’s office at 10:30 this morning. It was painful at first, but once the medicine started working I have had no pain. No nut pain, no leg pain, no back pain. It feels great not to be in pain even if it’s only going to last six or eight hours. I have an appointment in three weeks for another ultrasound and to discuss what steps to take next.
I think I’m going to cancel my appointment with Dr. P and work with Dr. Hakky to try and stop the pain for good.
Dr. Hakky has been easy to talk to and he spent a lot of time with me going over his experience with PVP and the plan to take with my problem.


Hi Mike. Sorry to hear about what you have gone through. If you have dug around here at all you will know you are not alone in what you’ve gone through. You sound like you’ve found a good doctor. It does help if the person is close.

How long ago did you have your vasectomy? Would you mind sharing with us who performed your vasectomy and what you were told during the vasectomy consult/informed consent about the statistical odds of chronic pain?


Sorry to see you here. It’s good to know there’s another PVPS-sympathetic urologist out there for others to see. Thanks for sharing about Dr. Hakky and best of luck to you moving forward. Please keep us posted.


We should probably add this doc to the PVPS uro directory. It sure could use an update.