RSD or crps2 of testicles


CRPS/RSD has a very distinct look to it. I was on track for CRPS but they held off on the diagnosis because it “wasn’t bad enough.” CRPS is one of the top 5 most painful conditions and most people die from suicide and/or opioid overdose trying to control the pain. If the area isn’t red and hairless, I’m not sure I’d call it CRPS. It’s
My understanding that you can’t really have mild CRPS. It’s either all or nothing unless you’re improved from taking hard meds like ketamine. To the same point, it’s a poorly understood issue and I’m sure anything is possible.

Interesting what you say about your bowels. I have a similar issue when I eat too much. Something like thanksgiving etc. If I get really full my pains doubles or triples. I always assumed it was because the stomach is increasing the tension on the nerves.


I’d agree Choo Choo. My scrotum did change do bright red and has lost hair thus the crps diagnosis and on the pain scale it ranks like a 44 and back pain an 8-10 cancer mid 20s . Dr Hanna in Clearwater who is a crps specialist said
it is #1 on the pain scale followed close by trigeminal neuralgia also called the suicide disease. It’s all a crap shoot anyway only way to diagnose it is symptoms and temperature change followed by bone loss in final stages but obviously no bone in the scrotum.

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