Reversal Surgeons


I am considering several different reversal surgeons and want some opinions. I have a fellowship trained surgeon less than 1 hr from my house who does 4 reversals a week and does 3 layer reversal. I like the thought of being back home same day in my bed. He does not work on many pain patients. I have also consulted with P and Burrows but wondering if they can offer anything further than a fellowship trained surgeon who does mainly reversals? I know P and Burrows work on more pain guys but are they doing anything different during a reversal? P mentioned a micro denervation at the time of reversal to clean up the spermatic cord but wanted to know if anyone else understands this part or has experience? I should also note my pain is mostly nerve damage but would consider reveral first before moving to other treatments.


Won’t do any harm in having second opinion @Ben. I’m in UK but understand that Dr Marks is a top pvps surgeon in US. Have a chat with him too, and if you choose reversal, go with your gut feeling.


@SomeGreyBIoke Marks doesn’t work on pain patients any longer that’s why I spoke with his partner Burrows.