Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug


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2nd month update

Still continues to be a battle, mentally very taxing and exhausting. Some days I ache a lot and am in good spirits, some days I have minimal pain and am in tears. I lost it a couple of times and just needed to punch my poor car to release all that anger.

Usually I have next to no pain first thing in the morning, gradually increasing to 1-2 towards the end of the day. Looking back at my notes, I am improving and hopefully will continue with this trend. Pains are also changing, they fluctuate between dull aches, burning sensation, sharp shooting pains and stabbing, mainly behind the testicle where the reconnection was made. Main thing is that I had no congestion pains at all, and no increase in pain after ejaculation. Last months aches in the spermatic cord have gone, and have not felt them ever since. My mood is definitely lifting, and am a bit more positive about the future.

I had SA done at 6 weeks, and it came back just shy of 46mil with 2.5ml total ejaculate - all coming just from 1 testicle. Semen volume has improved, still nowhere near what I use to have prior to vasectomy, but progress nevertheless. I have another test scheduled at 3 months mark, so hopefully this will stay roughly the same.
I also had hormones tested, they went slightly up again, I started at 4.5nmol/L T in May, then 8nmol/L just before reversal and now I’m at 9nmol/L. I will wait for at least a year before deciding best course of action, but if it continues to be on the low side, I will look into TRT therapy. Maybe if I start excercising more regularly and stop taking mirtazpine, this will also have a positive effect.

I still am taking prescription NSAIDs regularly as well as natural ones, and will continue for at least another month. I have also started walking and stretching more, still mindful not to over do it, but will start pushing myself a bit more within the reason.