Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug


hey @SomeGreyBIoke good to hear your trending better, one day at a time bud and stay positive. The question is are these the same pains as what you had all along pre reversal? If those pains are gone then that is definitely a positive.


No, they feel different @NC79, still very early days, but am trying to remain positive. Testi swells up and whereas before it would stay swollen, now it deflates when I rest in bed and apply a bit of ice.


Urinating has improved here as well, I don’t start with dribbling anymore but with a good flow, also I have feeling back in my penis, as it was always cold and felt cold after vasectomy, I am impressed


It’s quite mysterious how the vasectomy was causing issues outside of the scrotum. My only guess is that the pressure on the nerves was interfering with other processes either at the spinal cord or in the brain.


Just wanted to post a very quick update. It’s 3rd week for me post reversal today, and been feeling OK until Fri. All the swelling has gone, but am left with a pretty sharp pains near my reconnection site ( I think ), at the back of my testi.

It all started when I ejaculated on Fri and now am worried that I might have damaged reconnection. I daren’t touching it too much, just gently brushed it with fingers, but was enough to cause me some 5/10 pain. I can feel it also shooting up to my spermatic cord. Have been very careful not to do anything strenuous, hardly any lifting of any sort. Have any of the reversed guys experienced similar?

On a positive note, I have a microscope, and after actually realising what I were looking for, I have noticed swimmers and a lot of dead ones.


@SomeGreyBIoke @Francis how was the return to work?


Stay positive. I remember having a wet dream the night after my reversal and freaking out that I wrecked the connection. Doc didn’t seemed too worried.


Thank you @raising4girls. Did you use to get pains at the reconnection site as well? I’m in bed again, resting as much as I can.


I had the pains your describing @SomeGreyBIoke, and the majority of people I know that had a reversal did to. Some even wondered if they’d really screwed up having the reversal, only to go pain free, or close to it by month 6~.

You may even experience a rise in neuropathic pains by month 1~, which may, and/or should resolve over time. That’s happened to me, and several others I know as well.

Good luck


Thank you very much @RingoStar, that’s very reassuring. I’m going to sit tight and probably will take gabapentin for a short while.


It’s a tough go @SomeGreyBIoke, especially when you’ve been in a shit situation for so long. I completely understand why your questioning every new pain, symptom, etc.

I went through hell years ago, and was very much like the majority I read about on here. Look how far I came over time. These things tend to be something very new to anyone far as the experience. Having your eggs literally scrambled isn’t something men are used to experiencing. Lots of uncertainty running through all our minds at some point to.

Keep your chin up, keep telling yourself things are going to improve. You’ve been through hell with some other stuff in the past, and looking back, you see how far you came physically and mentally.

With any luck, this shouldn’t be any different.


Hi, like anytime you are away from your desk, the work piles up, all caught up with that now.
Health wise pretty good no pain, I think with sitting at the desk to long I had a little discomfort but nothing like I had after vasectomy, I have to say I am pretty good and very pleased with the reversal, 4 weeks today, cheers


I’m impressed with your post reversal story up to this point @Francis. I was pretty worried about what your outcome may be. Hopefully your positive trend continues.

What kind of repairs did you have? Vas to vas? Vas to epi?


Hasn’t been too bad either last week, bit uncomfortable, but I managed to get home during lunch break and ice for half an hour @Ben.


I don’t recall significant pain at the reconnection site but it’s been 12 years since so details are sketchy.


Vas to vas mate I am so pleased with the result, I have had a couple of ejaculations since as well and all good no pain and certainly feels different before, so well pleased


@raising4girls Thanks for sharing about the wet dram. That is something I’ve wondered about regarding reversal, since the docs tell you to abstain from sex for a while after the surgery. I usually can’t go more than a week or so without some sort of release, and of course the nocturnal emissions are outside of our control.


Thanks for the update @Francis and @SomeGreyBIoke happy to hear your getting better i guess at this point time is your friend… keep us posted.


1st month update

I thought I’d keep this thread rolling for my own benefit and hopefully someone else will find it useful too.

Very much a roller coaster ride, one day I feel great and super positive, next day I ache all over the area. Old pains are going, new ones appearing. I somewhat underestimated how difficult the op really is, mentally and physically.

Stabbing pain from the spermatic cord and inguinal canal I had last week is still here, but subsided fair bit. My testi and scrotum aren’t swollen or bruised anymore, everything looks normal down there. So far (touch wood) I have not had pressure pains so am praying to God that this will continue to be the case. I am still taking NSAIDs including natural anti inflammatory supplements, and will continue with this regime for at least several months if not years.

I have scoped a few times to see if there are any swimmers, and at week 3 I could only see individual one here and there, some dead ones clumped together, not much else. I have tried scoping again today, and there were much more. Could see 100’s live ones in a small drop sample, so feeling relieved that the op was successful as far as fertility is concerned and am flowing. At this stage, scarring is on the back of my mind, I will arrange for SA at around week 6 to get the general idea of the numbers.

Overall, still worse off than pre reversal, too early to say if it was worth it, and I don’t want to jinx it saying I’m trending better. I still can walk only very gingerly, hard seats still aggravate things so I am tying to rest as much as I can and not to lift anything heavy. I’m usually pain free or very close to pain free first thing in the morning, and ache towards the end of the day.


You should edit the post above @Francis as you just posted differently in another thread. For 22 days I’ve been thinking you were vas to vas on both sides.