Reversal saved my life


My vas pain was a dull persistent pain that came and went and that was getting more frequent and lasting longer. It would certainly get onset by exercise, etc. Part of the issue was also that my balls were low lying after the vas and bounce around during strenuous activity and aggravate the vas site. Now that they are hooked up again, they sit tight higher as they were before. I do bootcamp and run on my off days and have no pain since. I think that chances are you will feel better after a VR. I would highly recommend having the it done by an experienced micro-surgeon who has done plenty and had success.


Great to hear reversal success stories, gives rest of us some hope, thank you for sharing. I am 12 months post vas. My ejaculate become like glue also and much lower in volume, barely dribbling, very bubbly urine. Low or better said non-existent libido , sexual anxiety. My pain is mostly in perineum, penis base and scrotum. Not sure if this kind of pain will go away with reversal.


Vincent,do your research on a good VR urologist and get it done.No joke.


Hmm strange. My ejaculate got watery after vasectomy. I don’t doubt what your saying but it’s the opposite of most guys. For me, reversal meant more and whiter ejaculate. It was thicker if anything.


Hi MikeO - yes, strange, opposite to what you experienced. However, syberk1d and Mainman in this thread also reported glue like ejaculate post vas. Seems none of us have exactly same set of symptoms. Today I had a really bad day, Tramadol pulled me through. Seriously considering reversal. MikeO - seems that your sitting perineum pain went away with reversal - correct? Thanks!


My prostate type symptoms of urgency/urinary infection type problems vanished with reversal. They just vanished. It was awesome. While you are open your ejaculate gets a lot better too.


Vincent,I m not saying rush into it,check out your options,but let s be logical here.You think it’s going to get better with age?Are you hoping rather then looking at the facts?So maybe it’s 50/50,are you still Willing to stay in degenerative pain or take the risk to get better.Seems like logically it’s a no brainer to me.Just my opinion.


Thanks MikeO and Mainman. Yes, so far I was hoping, for a year now, that it will get better. Now I am looking at the facts. I will give it until Thanksgiving, that would be misery month 18 and pull trigger on reversal if no significant improvement. Like most/all of us on this forum, I can not not wrap my head around what I have done to myself, without enough research.


This is the problem Vincent.We all trusted those that took the hypocratical oath did so for the best interest of man as it was intended.We were all duped.It doesn t matter how smart you are.Whether you are grade school or PH.D level , we ve all been fucked over by lies by those we trusted.There is no “In God we trust”.Only in "In I , I trust ".Erase your moment of ignorance with that of informed persistence.From a lamb lies a Lion.Take control of your destiny or live in silent pain that nobody but you truly knows.Decide.


I would schedule for January. You don’t want to be doing this before the Holidays. Then you have things you have to do like shop, go to parties etc… You don’t want to have to feel like you need to do anything after you get reversed but focus on you.


Mainman - funny you said that, I do have a PhD in science and feel like an idiot, got blindsided by 1 in 2000 or so that develop problems preached by doctors. MikeO - thanks for the advice, January is much better timing, I will have my family here for Christmas.


You don’t do sh1t for about 1 6 weeks so winter is a good time to do that unless you are an avid skiier or something. I would plan to do something for your health as soon as you can though like swimming or walking on a treadmill etc… In that phase it’s a “listen to your body thing”. Push but be smart about it.


Really glad I found this site, I do have a question regarding recovery after I quickly post my vas experience.

@41 got vas, immediately started having left nut pain at epi area. Then whenever I work out it hurts. I also frequently get a significant pain and hardness at last 1/2 area of cut vas. None of my friends experienced this issue. Saw numerous Dr’s who all did nothing and told me to take anti inflammatory meds. Oh not to mention declining drive, erections and smaller thick glue like loads.

@49 and 4 days ago I got reversal from micro surgeon in TX who has done hundreds if not over a thousand. Surgery was pain free and not too bruised following day. However that day was travel day. I did a lot of walking and a connecting flight. 6-8 hours later I got home to CA with swollen scrotom which was completely purple/blue bruising, also half way up shaft. The pain isn’t too bad, but is this amount of bruising normal? I’m hoping I didn’t cause a hematoma. After 4 days I went back to work, just mild walking and sitting for now. I’m wondering if I should have rested the satchel a bit longer, maybe a week or so?

Anyway, what is a general timeframe for swelling and bruising to subside? My sack looks like it got the crap beat out of it with knives and a bat. Lol I’m exaggerating, but it does look tore up.

Thanks for all your shared experiences, and I hope I have as much success as the rest of you.


I’m.4 weeks post reversal now. I was bruised and swollen for about 2 weeks. I wouldn’t worry.

Did it help your pain at all?


Ok thanks, was concerned I was too active and dread the thought of pulling sewn ends apart.

It’s difficult to tell 5 days out because my activity has been limited. So far I don’t have the old pains, however it wasn’t constant, was periodic. My pain felt pressure related, so it makes sense this should resolve the issues.

Thanks for response.


I had my reversal done by Dr. Jarvi in Toronto and he actually wanted me to get moving around after a couple of days to help increase bloodflow, etc. Basically he said if anything causes pain, just back off. I really doubt you could pull the repair apart without really trying. I think you’d probably be in agony if you did.

Definitely keep wearing some supportive underwear and if you do anything that causes any pain down there, then back off immediately. I went back to work after I think it was 9 days and had to move a couple of boxes (I didn’t lift, I just pushed them) and I immediately felt sharp pain in my abdomen, which took 4 hours to settle down.

At 4 weeks I’m basically back at my baseline pain, but no improvement yet unfortunately.

Good luck and I hope that once you recover you can leave this place for good.


I’m 5 weeks post reversal. I really don’t think I’ve experienced much of the things people rave about. Some things are better for me, some are worse. Sex is not any better and potentially worse.

I think its still too early for me to make a judgement, however I don’t think its obvious that reversal is the answer for everyone. Trust me I still struggle daily with whether or not I should have just waited longer and tried more conventional methods.

For me reversal was a much longer recovery and far more pain than the original vasectomy. Just my 2 cents.


Sorry to hear this @jsh. What things have been better for you and what things have been worse? How long did you wait, and what were the conservative measures you tried, if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks and hoping for your continued improvement.


My original pain on my right side is more or less gone. I now have new pain on the left side which is different kind of. Hard to describe, it seems to affect me more when sitting, standing is better. Maybe it’ll get better in a few months, we’ll see.

For the other questions to save me from having to rehash it all, i’d refer you to my existing thread


Jared712 your description of weaker erections,ED,glue like ejaculate is exactly what I had.My balls were black and blue bad after reversal(much worse then vas).Everything went back to normal.Just watch rough stuff(including ball swinging hard sex) could set you back.Did you ever have the paid radiating thru the abdominal wall starting at the hairline up?It was like a burning knife.