Reversal Countdown -Wish Me Luck


God I get pains in my nuts just reading about this stuff. Any updates? Are you doing better now?


@Markmc13 Hi how you doing now? Are you still around?


Just a general update - haven’t been to the site for a while. Reversal was in March 17. I don’t have any regrets about the reversal. Daily aches and pains are gone- still get some discomfort once or twice a week but its very minor and never lasts that long. The boys are still tender but so long as they’re not hit and I wear support things are generally good.

The biggest difference is that without daily pain I’m not as obsessed about the vasectomy decision. My biggest lingering issue is related to a granuloma that was cut out - still have residual nerve pain. That’s not as common of a problem for people though. I would recommend reversal for anyone dealing with issues like I was.