Reversal Countdown -Wish Me Luck


I’ve got my reversal scheduled in two days. I have nerve pain from a granuloma and congestion pain and am hopeful it will reduce / eliminate some of it. With that said the pain is mild - 1 or 2 of 10. Rarely 3. I’m just tired of have daily aches though. Plus it would be great if I could get back to what otgasms felt like pre vas.

This whole process has been so stressful and mentally draining (pre-vas anxiety, post vas issues and anger and reversal decision). I know the reversal isn’t a guaranteed fix but at least it will partially restore things. Personally, if it makes things worse I can live with that - although I’ll always regret caving to pressure to get a vas.


I think things will go well - the odds are in your favor.

For my own reasoning process, I figured if I tried the reversal and stayed the same, that is still an ok outcome, because I will know I tried one of the best options, an option that degrades with time.

Put this way, had I gone another year or so with pain, I would start to regret not choosing the reversal path.

I am happy with my choice so far and I feel as though you will be as well!

Best of luck on the procedure!


I agree with the other post, odds are in your favor.

Good luck man


I just read your first post on this forum.

Wow, your wife really did pressure you bad to get a vasectomy. That’s not right at all. It’s not like you have a womb and could have helped with all the stuff she went through. Wives get so entitled right after they have babies. She only had 2. I have three and we had 2 miscarriages.

How is your relationship with your wife now? I would be furious if I was you. If you feel pressured in the slightest it’s a bad idea. I only remember one “conversation” with my wife about it. It was the first and the last and it was her yelling telling me I did nothing and that she did “everything” and “What was I going to do about it!!!” and that I better get used to “sex with my self or my hand or condoms because she was not taking the pill anymore…”

I really don’t understand why this attitude that it has to be permanent sterilization/cutting on one partner or another. Why not share the responsibility. Condoms for a year, the pill for a year… until nature takes care of it.

Does she blame you?

I am getting angry for you having read your post. That was a full court press. That said… good luck with your reversal. Mine took me off suicide watch but I still have problems.


I had bilateral granuloma pain excised and surgery TOTALLY cleared up that pain. Unfortunately I was led astray by having them do a re vasectomy instead of reversal and had congestion/inflammation issues. 8 weeks ago I got a reversal which I should have got after the vasectomy. I’m sure removing the granuloma will clear up that problem as it did mine. My granulomas were HORRIBLE! Burning, stinging, pinching pain 9-10 most days. Your congestion should be resolved as well as mine did. Right now I’m dealing with inflamed hard vas running along my vas but from what I’m reading I’m a pretty unique case as far as scarring and hardness goes but hope it will resolve over time.


Hey Orange. You are doing the right thing. Sorry for the negative post. You will be better off with the reversal and you didn’t wait to long so that will work in your favor. I didn’t even know what was happening until year 3. I thought it was just prostatitis or normal urological discomfort.

Stay chill and keep your mind occupied when you’re healing. Dont’ let anyone push you or put pressure on you to do anything but take care of your healing for at least a couple weeks. Then take it real easy. Ice religiously and again… TAKE IT EASY.

You’ll be fine.


The granuloma is by far worse than the congestion. It’s pain at the site and radiating nerve pain as well, which could be result of sperm leaking or the granuloma pushing or both. I only have one on the left side fortunately, which is the result of choosing an open-ended vasectomy. The other side closed up and, surprise, that’s where the congestion pain is worse.

Were they able to get the granuloma out completely? My urologist said mine is a decent size and cautioned that he’s going to try to get as much as he can.

He suggested just removing the granuloma and converting to a closed vasectomy as a more affordable option (i.e., covered by insurance) but also said that it wouldn’t impact the congestion pain.

I’m glad to see you got some relief as well.


No worries. Thanks for the support. The whole first year I was very angry. Things were not easy.

To be honest, scheduling the reversal a few months ago had a huge impact and benefit mentally. Things are certainly strained relationship wise but I’m committed to improving things. Reversal will (hopefully) help a lot in that category.

We both agree we made some mistakes in this and my wife acknowledges she was in the wrong. I get more angry now that I caved in an bought all the BS out there about vasectomies despite my gut feelings against it.

As another member here @Robert says, there’s nothing good that comes from regret. Better just to set the sights forward.


@MikeO No need for apologies. I’ve had a full range of emotions. Personally, and for any lurkers that read this, a huge part of my issues relates to mental components. Since I really didn’t want it in the first place, the complications, albeit mild, make everything seem worse.

I question whether I’d be more accepting of everything if I fell in the camp of guys that made the decision independently. My aches and pains are tolerable and don’t impact my life in a major way - they’re just a nuisance and something I was I didn’t have. Problem is that they make the regret seem exponentially worse. However, after almost 2 years, I’m starting to realize and appreciate that anger and regret only impacts me.

I has an ultrasound this afternoon before the procedure tomorrow and the tech was talking to me about why a reversal? And was the pain that bad? And didn’t I want to see if it improved since I already had the vasectomy? She talked about her husband and how he had no problems. A real mind**ck but I don’t think she really appreciates it all. Anyway, nothing in this whole process is easy and anxiety seems to be at every decision post-vasectomy.


Good luck @orange . I’m 9 months post reversal and things so far looking good . Positive vibes mate and you will be good to go


Thanks. Every positive story helps.


One day post op - feeling very good. The anesthesia and sedatives really did a number on me yesterday and it wasn’t until this morning that I felt right in the head and stomach.

I’m actually more comfortable today than I was the day following my vasectomy. Things are sore but manageable.

The doctor found fluid and sperm on both sides and did a VV. I was really worried about him having to perform a VE so that was good. Unlike with the vasectomy, I have a lot of peace about this decision.


Best of luck orange!


Good luck man. Hopefully you can move on from this place and close this dark chapter in your life


So 3 days post I’m definitely sore and achey from the surgery. Trying to take things slow and easy. Still feeling good about the surgery. However, I saw 2 or 3 of those men getting vasectomies for march madness stories and wanted to throw the remote at the tv every time some doctor said how simple safe snap smart a decision it is for men.



I fall into the camp of someone who wanted the reversal, no pressure from my spouse. After 2 surprise children on the pill, I didn’t want to risk a total of 5 kids (2 were planned, 2 were extra blessings as they say). I have to say that how you describe your pain is almost the same as I felt. Oddly enough, I just had a reversal myself 4 days ago also. At any rate, I’m in a much better place now and when I made the decision to reverse. Good luck to you also


Good luck - there’s a few us here that all one in the past three weeks then. It should provide a good study for long term progress if we all provide updates. I’m more paranoid than anything now that the slightest strain will undo the surgery. I’ve got a vacation in 3 weeks hopefully I’m more mobile and comfortable by then.


Hope everything goes well. I am 4 weeks in and sill am excited about whats to come. It seems its working a bit so far. I tasted with a microscope I bought from amazon. lol. I will say a prayer for you.
I was pushed into vas also. It was thrown at my face for months. All I heard is I’m not having sex with you until you do it. OK well we just won’t have sex anymore. I am not using birth control. I won’t have sex with condoms. All these were said to me over and over again. Her dad even had his done and told me I have noting to worry about. Her mom even told me its not a big deal.
I know how you feel. and I know the resentment you hold as well. We will get though one day at a time.



Who did your reversal? How is your recovery going. You had very similar symptoms to me. It was all problems sitting. I wish I had reversed sooner but I didn’t even realize my vasectomy was what was causing my pain because I assumed it was prostatitis related or a UTI or something like that. When I started spontaneously creating cutout cushions out of foam mats and kneelers from Home Depot I should have gotten a clue but the urologists were always like “you have prostatitis, take antibiotics and anti-inflammatories”.


@Markmc13 that makes 4 of us that have had a reversal in the past month here.

The pressure to get the original vas definitely highlighted some things that needed to be changed in my relationship - on both sides. Its taken about 2 years but resentment and regret are finally moving away a bit. Of late, I’ve been more upset with myself that I would go through with something I had such strong concerns and worries about. One thing I know for sure, without the reversal I wouldn’t get past my issues over this in my relationship. There’s no guarantee I will but at least I don’t have to wake up hating that I’ve had a reversal and think about how I screwed up my body. I know there still may be issues and complications but at least I’ve done all I can to get close to undoing this error.

Good luck with your recovery.