Researching for my husband (I'm the wife) :)


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I totally agree with what you just said.

If it’s the mesh, and scarring that’s the root of the problem, I suppose both answers are correct. If I shoot myself in the foot, and it hurts, what’s the root of the problem? The gun shot, or the nerves? These opinions are being made from completely different angles IMO.

I have a lot of issues with you story far as, it sounds complicated, where to begin at this point, etc.

It sounds like you are suffering on many levels. I’m curious, what was the first problem you had here? The hernia? The vasectomy? UTI? Varicocele? Please explain better where you first started experiencing problems. What problem did you have second, etc, etc.

I know quite a bit about varicocele’s as well, but in your story, all of a sudden a varicocelectomy is recommended to you. You don’t say anything about your symptoms, where it all began, how big is it, etc. Hard for me to say much with nothing to go on here.

Sounds like you’ve had a rough go of it. Give me some more information, and I will give you my thoughts.


@RingoStar that is a very good coment sometimes we seem to forget the root of the problem. As with myself i was perfect healthy before V. The thing is over time we start to question ourselves with what if. Example ,with myself all prostate issues and all the other shit i have i started to wander if i caught something else. But i am over all the theory from Uro and the root is someone cut my nuts open and thats the cause.


I had normal male health issues with occasional prostate issues etc. prior to my vas. I agree the nutsack cutting/ripping out of vas, cautery, fascial interposition, clumps of non-disolveable sutures, an incision that was practically at my inguinal ring and at the base of my penis instead of my scrotum (where it hurts still) were my problem.


Vasregret - I know this is an old thread, but I’m catching up on the Unread ones.

I actually had electro-shockwave therapy last year before I got into nerve blocks, cord blocks, or even pain meds. I can see where it has potential value as a non-invasive therapy for scrotal pain, and I don’t regret trying it, but it didn’t do anything for me. Might’ve helped for a little bit right after the therapy, but not much. Definitely not durable.

It’s only mildly uncomfortable depending on how much he turns up the dial. Definitely worth trying before even nerve or cord blocks since it’s non-invasive.

Various pvp/pvps talk, questions, outcomes, procedures, etc

@sswift …i “just” read what your husband has been through and i felt compelled to say …wow!..he’s tougher than me! I had a reversal that has increased the pain too! The Dr. really doesn’t want to talk to me either. It feels like a betrayal doesn’t it? I was thinking of seeing Dr. Marks but after reading your article I not so sure its the right thing to do. I just started reading this thread and i hope that there is a happy ending but i just wanted to wish you two good luck and hope you find the answer. I havent. Not sure if i ever will, but i guess we have to keep trying. Good luck.


@Choohooo thats really interesting! So some 10 to 15% are anatomically different than the standard drawings. I always thought that some men just produced more sperm than others or that their bodies dont reabsorb them as well as other men. I guess my decission to try to find a med that works for me isn’t as odd as some think then. If 15% are anatomically weird it stands to reason that even the best surgeons could make it worse by cutting on you. I sure wish that i would have known this before ever getting a vas.


@Vasregret what did Dr. turek say about “male disfigurement syndrome”? I didnt understand that.


Thanks …mr Marks wont even call me for a consultation since he knows i
already had a reversal and i am not improved. So yep , already rulled him
out. Good luck to you and your husband and thankyou for your input…


Marks did my reversal and it helped me a lot. I had fairly catastrophic pain prior to my vasectomy which became much more manageable with my reversal. He has helped other guys here as well. Not all though. I don’t recall the informed consent I signed with him. All doctors will have bad outcomes. Everytime you go into the scrotum you are rolling the dice. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with him. Mine was positive.


It’s actually quite possible it is/was a genetic thing far as your husband’s nerve structure goes. Several of us have hit on this very ideology as a possible cause for pvp/s.

My experience with Dr Marks was positive as well. If I had any complaints, it would be that ICVR stopped responding to my emails after my redo reversal failed.

Given the fact that ICVR staff, and Dr Marks kept up with me, and helped me for about 26 months post redo reversal, I’d say I easily got my 9800.00 out of them.

I hope your husband’s final hail Mary surgery is successful. Please let us know how things work out.

Good luck