Removal of sutures inside after testicle surgery


posted several months ago… my son was a healthy and very active 13 year old boy who began to have pain in his lower abdomainal wall, after numerous tests they performed exploratory surgery on July 21,2016. They thought they would find a hernia- but didn’t- surgeon said his abdomainal wall and collapsed and they tightened up everything and tightened up around spermatic cord. After a regular 4-6 week surgery recovery he went back to playing baseball and being a normal active kid. Then about 5 weeks later in mid October he started to get horrible pain in his left testicle. This pain dropped him to the floor. He said it was like sometime twisting and throwing a curve ball on his testicle. The pain would come and go lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours. He was in and out of hospital for pain control. Ultrasound was not showInfo torsion. The surgeon from the first surgery said that they do everything they can during surgery to prevent nerves from being severed but he felt that may have happened. He was transferred to Mayo in Rochester and after many tests they decided to perform a neurectomy - basically removed a bunch of nerves- they also did a total orchiopexy. After this surgery his twisting stopped but he is in constant pain whenever he moves or walks. He states that he feels staples poking through his left testicle. He has been working with a pain specialist and has had about every nerve medication and none of helped. He spent 3 1/2 weeks at a pain rehab center in Mayo. Although it approved his functioning and he no longer uses a wheelchair, it didn’t help at all with the pain. After Christmas he has an illioguinal nerve block and that seemed to last for 8 hours for complete pain relief and then pain was a little better next day too and gradually returning. We got a call several weeks ago and they think the pain is coming from th scrotum itself and not the testicle. He is now scheduled for surgery to remove the sutures that they placed during the orchiopexy. Has anyone had these removed- do you think it would help? This has completely changed his life and ours and he no longer can even attend school because he has horrible pain when he sits on hard surfaces. I’m hoping someone out there has a suggestion or something. Kind of at wits end. Thanks- Tam


I’m sorry to read stories like your son’s, @SPEDRED son, other children, etc, but unfortunately I have no advice. The majority of what I know about revolves around pvps, treatments, info, etc (vasectomy)

You might consider editing the title of this post with words like testicular torsion, or other key words that will make the post stand out from the pvps guys. Perhaps you will get more replies that way.

Best of luck


Tami, I will see if I can ask the doctor John’s Hopkins if he has heard of removing the sutures.


@SPEDRED What did a Dellon think about removing the entire cord/testicle above the inguinal canal? Fortunately, testicles are like kidneys and typically one is all you need. Seems radicle but it makes sense. Curious to know if this has come up in your search for help.


Dellon hasn’t brought up this idea yet. No one has proposed anything that radical yet. We are going to consult with Dr. Williams next.


If pain is limited to the below the belt, I’m not sure why it hasn’t been proposed. Seems like a legitimate option to me. It seems extreme but they are removed for cancer all the time with little to no side effects. Taking the cord with it is a bit more invasive but I wouldn’t take it off the table. We’ve got two testicles for a reason.


Thanks for your advice… I renamed it.


Thanks so much! Hope things went well! Praying!