Relief - success story


This will be a long post, but I want to be thorough. When I started to realize that I had more pain post-vasectomy than expected, I turned to this forum for advice and support. Coming here, visitors are greeted with a lot of horror stories and people who are having a very tough time with a difficult condition. The support from other members here is great, and knowing that you’re not alone is something in and of itself. One thing that is lacking, I noticed when I came here, are success stories. Some users tend to disappear after some time (I did), and as new visitor to this forum, it can be discouraging to see so few people find relief.

I decided to post today, because a friend of mine was considering a vasectomy. I recommended against it, given the pain that I experienced and risks involved, but then I realized that I hadn’t even thought about my vasectomy for some time. My pain levels had fallen to the point where they no longer had an effect on my life. I still have some nerve issues, but not really a feeling of pain. More a feeling of tightness on one side, and that only tends to show itself after really rough sex. I’ve gotten used it to, and it’s so minor it doesn’t really bother me. If you insist on a % of pain relief, I’d say 98%.

My timeline goes like this: About 1 week after my vasectomy, everything seemed OK. The pain I had was improving, and all seemed normal. Then about 2 weeks post surgery, I started getting terrible pain, mostly on my left side, and mostly coming from the epididymis. I had always worn boxers, but couldn’t walk in them any more without having a lot of pain. I had to wear really tight briefs to be able to walk to work semi-normally, and still had constant pain. This concerned me greatly, and I saw my urologist. He acted like he’d never seen this before. He did an ultrasound of my testicles, and said it was likely in my head because nothing was wrong. This was about 3 or so weeks in, and prompted sleepness nights crawling down a hole on the internet – reading stories of others, the horror of PVPS, and the few options that existed. I read all the studies, most of which suggest reversal as the best course of action. I visited my urologist again at about 8 weeks, and asked about a reversal. He again said that the pain I had wasn’t real, and must be in my head.

Over the next 3 months, my pain stayed about the same. I visited 3 other urologists, 2 or whom specialized in reversals. They all told similar stories, that in their personal experience, reversals don’t usually work (50-50 at best), are very expensive, and can lead to more pain. They all recommended waiting, and taking NSAIDs for pain. So I did. After about 6 months, my pain was a better, but still bothersome enough that I still considered surgery. I visited another doctor who suggested opening up one side, since I had a closed vasectomy, buy he recommended waiting until 1 year before doing any surgery though.

After this, I tried to keep it out of my mind, and not think about it. I took Advil when having bad pain. I purposely stopped visiting this forum, and stopped thinking about solutions. Slowly, but surely, my symptoms got better. Not enough to notice day-to-day, but maybe month to month. After a year, I didn’t consider surgery as an option. My symptoms were mild, and still improving, so I didn’t want to do anything to disrupt that. I started biking and exercising regularly, with no ill effects.

I’m now a little more than 1.5 years out, and I’m really glad that I didn’t opt for another surgery. Like I stated above, things aren’t perfect, but a mild headache is far more annoying that what I deal with now. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without even thinking about my vasectomy. I know that things can always that a turn for the worse, but I’m thankful that at this point in my life, my vasectomy is no longer a source of stress and pain.

I know that not all people here can claim success or relief. I know that a lot of you are still suffering, and everyone is looking for a solution. I came back here to post this to let everyone know, that sometimes things do get better. Sometimes, time is enough, and waiting works. Healing is possible, and it’s possible to get your life back. Don’t give up. Good luck to all.


That’s good to hear Perri. Most men that come here end up fine with time alone.

Most guys trend better with time but some of us get worse.

You had a lot of pain immediately but got better. I had the opposite problem. My pain got worse with time and by about 1 year out I woke with nerve pain every day at around 2AM. The most horrific burning nerve pain you can imagine and I could not sleep it was so bad. That sort of sleep deprivation will make you crazy/kill you.

Taking breaks from here is a good thing sometimes but I don’t think this site makes you sicker. I think if you are doing well you tend to avoid this site.

I also think waiting a year, if you are not in disabling pain, is a good amount to wait to do anything. Some guys are forced to act. I put it off for 5 years. I’m typing this from work with only mild discomfort today.


Perri thats good to hear i think all the guys that end up pain free leave forum i know 1 in Australia. BUT some of us are not lucky,i am 7 months of brutal pain and getting worse that is testicle pain cord pain and abdominal cramps that make me keel over and cry this is my life. So i have decided in next few months reversal only because i have tried all the other shit what else do we do. Positive writers on this forum are good to hear and i would like to hear more of them.


I think regret is a huge part of dealing with pain. I had a reversal 6 weeks ago (had the vas almost 2 years ago). After a year, my pain was mild (1-3 of 10) but I still was hung up mentally. Every day I’d wake up thinking about the vasectomy - anger, regret resentment - and it was a struggle to suppress those feelings through the day when an ache came on. @PerriT I too got almost full relief from Advil but 2 years of that stuff daily was taking a toll on my stomach.

I don’t regret the reversal at all. I’m not cured - still have aches but they are reduced greatly, with the exception of nerve pain from a granuloma that was removed. More importantly, it’s not as much of a mental burden. I still think of it and have times of regret / anger (as a result of aches or the fact that one testicle now rides higher due to too much vas being cut in the vasectomy). It’s just much less frequent, kind of like perri described.

I would say each person needs to weigh their options. Reversal is drastic and costly but has its benefits but won’t erase the vasectomy. If you’re like perri and things are much more improved and you can get to a place where you’re not preoccupied it makes sense not to have a reversal or further procedures. I suspect a lot of men get to that point with vasectomies. Perri is also right about the wormhole that is the internet. It’s easy to get yourself in a dark place over this.


Did you talk your friend out of it?


I am reading this just after a scan.Having uncomfortable pain in my left berry and lower back but this is the first time I am having such since the cut 6 months ago. I really can’t say it has been all gloom. Open to whatever the future brings.We will deal with it as it comes.


I think so. I pointed him to this site and the literature on PVPS. I think that’ll be enough to deter him.


@MikeO after how long did your nightly nerve pain stopped and became just discomfort? Did it happen gradually?


Right after reversal you are so jacked up that it’s hard to tell what’s what what at first.

About a month after my reversal I woke up with wood and was expecting there to be excruciating burning pain but it never came. I just about cried.

I do remember about 9 days after reversal being out and about and sitting down at a chipoltes and the really sharp pain sitting was gone. I think getting the sutures and scar tissue out alone brought me great relief.

My pain would never have gone away without surgical intervention and in fact got worse and worse the longer I got from my original vasectomy. It’s hard to say if it had plateau’d. I suspect it was close. I started getting really weird horrible sensations like my left nut was tied up in fishing string when I woke up so I suspect I was not done deteriorating.


i agree with most of what you said. I would start with the least invasive surgery and work backwards. Reversal is probably number 1. I’d remove a testicle before I’d go through cord denervation. I agree with you in that the record on denervation isn’t as rosy as they make it sound. I’ve been dealing with PVPS for two years now and I’ve watched as PVPS specific docs have changed their approach and techniques. The truth is, no one knows what to do. I think most mean well but in the end, it’s a business. Build a name for yourself and suddenly you’ll have patients flying in from all over the country. I would recommend nerve blocks to pinpoint the issue. If it’s nerve related, you’re options are limited. Reversal shouldn’t help but miraculously it does in many cases.


Testicle removal isn’t always a fix.i know people in pain with no nuts phantom pain.


We probably should stick to topic on this post which is Relief stories that @PerriT was nice enough to set up. I for one will go for reversal soon. And success is what we want to hear more of. So maybe start a new topic if you want to talk testicle removal. Thanks.


No problem Laurie, I’ll do that. Good luck with your reversal.


Thanks for the story. I found this encouraging even if it doesn’t describe anyone. I read probably ever post on this forum over the last few weeks and honestly overall I think it made things worse for me at least emotionally.



Meh, don’t over think it. The guys here are either in acute phase dealing with this issue or are the outliers of the outliers. There is good information about treatment options to be gleaned here.

You have to remember there are many guys that don’t post here anymore. People do graduate and when they do, I suspect for mental health reasons, they disassociate with us.

My hope for you is you find relief and leave this place and don’t look back. When I felt like I was cured I almost stopped coming here. I started almost hating everyone here and thinking how pathetic they were and I was “not one of those guys”… I almost felt guilty, like I was gloating.

If you get better you won’t come back and you know what, that’s the way it should be. As long as you leave an archive/testament to what you went through and how you got back to better than you are helping others.

This board will give you a skewed perspective on long term outcomes. Yes some of us are f’d up pretty bad but many, many guys skip in and out.

You’ll likely be fine.


I agree with that for sure. I took a 3-4 year break from posting anything, or reading much here. Did me a lot of good.

As for why I stick around, I can remember saying in one of my first post here, I find it interesting to learn more about this stuff. If I can help someone, participate in topics, discussion, etc, that’s great to.

Reading all the horror that guys are going through in the first year forward is tough sometimes. That alone is a testament to how far I’ve came physically, and mentally. Things aren’t perfect, but I beleive I am more of a success story on many levels than many may realize.


I’m at work myself. I have a lot of stabbing pinching burning still but some days are not too bad. Would not have been possible without my reversal and I chose the provider and surgical direction based on information from this board. I feel like I probably did the best I could.

Not 100% but better for sure.


@PerriT Thank you for sharing your relief success story - if you dont mind, can you share a bit more about what type of pain you had…? My husband has it moreso in his lower abdomain/flank area and less in his testicles he says… also what NSAIDS did you go on and for how long (are you still taking them?) besides the meds and time… did you do anything else, any stretching, PT, chiro, change you eating habits (my husband is fairly healthy and was an avid gym guy till about a month ago!) Do you have little ones you are running after and scooping up, rough-housing with, etc…? can you do all that? I’d love to know more of your details - to share with him and give him some hope that we have options and potential solutions. Thanks so much!


@orange my left testicle sits higher than the right post my vas. Is this typically because too much of the vas was cut on that side?


Would also like to know. My right sits higher and is the more painful one. Anyone else have this?