Referred Pain to Hip


Has anyone had referred pain to their hip? I have pain on only my right side at the top of my hipbone, mild pinching.

Anyone have experience with this kind of pain? Could this be a referred pain from iguinal area or even a hernia? Also maybe this is referred pain from epididymitis…


I developed a left hip problem after developing PVPS on the left side. I think they are related. Doctors I’ve talked to are mixed on the issue.


@Robert, I’ve got this myself, and have since my beginning’s. It’s not constant anymore, and has a bit of a mind if it’s own. It comes and goes, and like most of my symptoms, it’s usually made worse by ejaculating, and/or frequent ejaculating.

I had this pretty bad 6-12~ weeks post vas. I’d say mine was at it’s worst far as constant pain deep within my left hip socket area 5-6~ months into my first reversal recovery. It also got quite bad shortly after my varicocele embolization procedure. It was more concentrated in my left buttox, and hamstring area post embolization.

Hard to say what the deal is far as the root cause of my left hip, hamstring, buttox, etc pains I get. I’d tell you it’s from a combination of things such as nerve damage, congestion, and varicocele issues. I suffer from lingering hip, etc, etc, etc, pains to this day (nearly 8 years post vas).

I’ve read of guys that had this resolve via reversal. I’ve also read of many that reversal did not help. I’ve read of all kinds of stories that involved hip pain post vas, post reversal, post embolization, etc, etc.

How often do you experience symptoms? Is this something new?


@RingoStar It’s interesting. I’ve had a similar sensation before…something like 10-11 years ago (8-9 years pre-vas).

Back then, I mentioned it to my doctor, and through the examination, I got a positive fecal occult test, and I ended up getting a whole battery of gastrointestinal workups. Long story short on that one is that I now get colonoscopies every 5 years since they found polyps.

However, that pain went away, and sometimes it would go away upon standing, so the thought was it was some kind of nerve entrapment. It went away without coming back until this year.

I didn’t have the pain post-vas, only now 8-9 months after reversal it showed up. It very well could be due to weight gain this year and getting a nerve pinched, or it could be tied to varicocele, or it could be tied to epididymitis, who knows. It’s correlated to my worse side.

It’s more annoying than anything, it feels like a chip clip pinching the top of my hip bone on my side. I’d prefer this sensation to pain in my scrotum. I think I’ll ask about the pelvic floor physical therapy, and ask again about any sort of hernia possibility.


Just a guess but this sort of “referred pain” may be the secondary effect of reacting to the original pain. Changes in sitting or walking that cause hip pain. I hurt my toe once and then had terrible knee pain as a result for a while.

Feldenkrais is a method that can alleviate these secondary pains. Something to consider.


Shortly after vas I had right thigh pain, burning, plus other pains. Now 19 months after I have both legs pain and right hip pain, dull and burning. I need to get back to streching and exercising to see if any relief.


I finally got a chance to go to Pelvic Floor Therapy on this issue, and the PT noticed tightness in my oblique, hip flexor, and possibly the lumbar gap was getting pinched a little smaller. I had weakness on my right side extending my hip, indicating a reduced nerve signal to that side.

My exercises are around lumbar activities and trying to stretch and strengthen muscles around the area. The PT thought the vas probably put me over the tipping point of what I had already accumulated from a career of sitting and slouching. I’ve had to be very conscious of my lumbar position and make sure I am sitting in a supported fashion.

Anyhow, the PT is optimistic that I can get relief over a 2-3 month span. If I don’t get improvement in another month, he will recommend dry needling for the oblique and hip flexor that have the problems.


Hey, @Robert. Hope your plan works out, you never know unless you try.

Far as I’m concerned, this hip pain thing is a pretty wide topic far as what causes this kind of stuff. I think there’s many way to end up with this stuff post vas, reversal, etc.

I’ve heard several “top vas doc’s” opinions on this, including in my case, and they vary all over the board. From nerve damage, to lower back problems, etc, etc. I’ve heard some interesting, and wacked ideas from some surprising people many years ago.

I used to be pretty lost myself far as what causes hip pain, sciatica, lower buttox pain, hamstring pain, etc. Like I said above, I think there’s many ways to end up with anything like we are talking about post vas, reversal, etc.

I had an obstruction type varicocele corrective procedure, and within a matter of 5-7~ days my pains as I described above got much worse, and carried on for many months, and then some. The procedure didn’t even take place in my scrotom. There were no knives, no cutting, etc.

I did manage to make quite a bit of progress over the years far as getting better after I was made worse, but I still have issues because of it, and I still regret it. I had that procedure in december 2011.

One key thing regarding my story is, I had an obstruction type varicocele corrective procedure, which caused vascular congestion, and it caused me so much pain, grief, etc.

Bottom line, any doc, or anyone that says all pains like we are talking about in this thread are purely neuropathic, or related to the lower back are full of it. If vascular congestion caused me so much pain, and grief, so could spermatic congestion, amongst other things. Unfortunately, I proved this on myself, and learned the hard way.

Perhaps I do have some nerve abnormally because I do have a permanent lower back injury. I also had a dormant pre-existing scrotal pain condition prior to the vas as well. And while I generally disagree, beleive me when I say, docs could easily blame all my problems on something other than my vasectomy.

Keep trying @Robert, perhaps you will narrow things down eventually.


I’m not trying to mess your thread up @Robert, just adding to it, but years ago I had a guy contact me through a blog site I used to have regarding vasectomy, pvps, side effects, corrective procedures, etc.

That guy never had a vasectomy, had zero history of lower back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, buttox pain, hamstring pain, etc.

That guy had the same obstruction type varicocele corrective procedure I had, but he had his for fertility reasons.

The procedure had the same negative effect on him as it did me. He suffered from vascular congestion.

This guy lived in Canada, and the Canadian medical system threw every test they had at his condition trying to find some answers, or perhaps another culprit for the all the post procedural problems he was experiencing. Seems that guy was seeing a PT specialist as well.

He seemed to make some progress over time, but had lingering side effects way out there like I do.

I have no idea of his current status. I also know of guys that had the same exact procedure and it did absolutely nothing to them.

Anyway, just thought I’d share the story because it’s another example of vascular congestion of the testicle/s causing the same problems. I’m not suggesting your refered hip pain has anything to do with what I’m saying either. I just think we should all be aware that these things do happen.