Recent vasectomy, looking for advice


Greeting everyone.

First off I want to say how much I feel for the guys having problems after a vasectomy. I do not believe I am anywhere near the level of pain or discomfort of most of the guys here and I really feel for those going through issues. Like many, I didn’t realize how good I had it before this shit.

So anyway, I very recently had a vas… 3 weeks and 2 days ago. I had some very minor pain on the left side during the procedure and felt it in my abdomen. It probably lasted about a minute and I honestly didn’t think anything of it.

Recovery seemed normal. Although once I started moving around more I noticed some pain in my abdomen… maybe more the pelvic region on my left side. Right above the base of my penis. Very brief, but almost like something was getting pulled when I stood up.

Here I am at 3 weeks and I feel like I’m getting better but I want to make sure I do everything I possibly can right now to avoid issues later. I still have some pain on the left side and I feel like my left testicle may be slightly puffy. I don’t know if that’s considered swelling or just… idk. To be honest I don’t know if it was always like this. I also have a varicocele on my left but I never really inspected down there before. The pain I have is more focused at about the vas site, I think. It seems to be about half way up my sac and right behind a nice cluster of my varicocele. I haven’t noticed any pain in my abdomen the last several days, but that could be due to the jock strap holding everything up. I started wearing the jock Tuesday of last week. I was just using briefs before which seemed to smash everything and made it worse than letting my junk hang.

Pain is really not that bad. If I wear a jock strap everything feels almost fine. I’d say like 95%. If I jump or run I’ll get some discomfort. I haven’t run more than a few steps, playing with my kids. If I let the sac hang down, the pain starts up again with things getting knocked around.

So… I called the on call doc this weekend and she prescribed Levaquin(which I said I won’t take without seeing a doc first to confirm… freaking tendon ruptures???). So she gave me bactrim and molaxicam. I haven’t taken anything yet because I’m just not sure if I want to ‘waste’ antibiotics and thrash my gut with IFs if I don’t have to. The main reason I called was because my left but felt slightly puffy. But to be honest it seems better today.

I guess I’m just looking for some advice… I just want to avoid further issues if I can. My gut tells me that the varicocele is getting hung up on something… maybe that’s causing some minor swelling… just not sure if I should take the Bactrim to be safe.

Thanks and sorry for the long and winding post.


You are really early on and sounds like you’re just taking a little longer to heal. Meloxicam is just a stronger ibuprofen that you only have to take once a day. Up to you about the antibiotic. Levaquin is hard core so i would be hesitant to take it unless there is a positive culture. Bactrim is pretty common and a little less harsh. Not a bad idea to take a probiotic with it. Again, you are early on and it sounds like you are slowly getting better so don’t freakout yet. Take it easy, you’ll probably be fine.


+1 on what @Kyvas said.

From what I’ve seen here, if you have milder pain early on, I think you’ll end up just fine. Try not to do anything that aggravates your pain for now.

It disturbs me how guys with pre-existing varioceles aren’t warned of potential complications with further surgeries in the scrotum. Actually, the Canadian Urological Assocation’s guidelines (in addition to mentioning 1-14% chance of chronic pain) recommend proceeding with caution for vasectomizing men with varioceles.

If only the AUA could get on board with that too.

You’ll probably be fine OP.


Thanks for the replies.

Most of the pain does seem to have gotten better since I’ve been wearing the jock almost 24/7. Last night I felt that some of the pain might be coming from the jock strap… compressing everything. So I slept in loose boxer briefs and have been wearing them today.

Overall I feel better. However on the left side I am getting pain when I stand and it sometimes travels into my goin/inner thigh. I’m hoping there’s still some swelling in there and it’s not just the varicocele since that’s kinda suck there.

Time will tell. I was able to do a pretty brisk walk, slightly uphill on the treadmill yesterday (wearing the jock) with no pain, so that was huge.

I’m contemplating setting up an appt with the doc, just to see if he can spot anything like a hematoma and give me some kind of idea what to expect.

Also, the doctor did mention the varicocele in the consultation, but only in the sense that he didn’t think it would be a problem accessing the vas… no mention of potential issues afterwards. I didn’t even think to research about it.


You could try ice and heat. I understand your concerns with the drugs. I did antibiotics and NSAIDs for 5 years on and off after my vasectomy and again after my reversal. I developed diverticulitis and serious enough gut issues where I had a sigmoid colectomy scheduled 2 years ago. I’m glad I didn’t do that since I was finally able to calm the crippling attacks of inflammation I was getting after my first diverticulitis outbreak. That being said, I think if you are 95% okay now you’ll probably be fine. Nerve issues can calm down once all swelling and any hematomas resolve.