Random electric shooter pain


I have recently been having random shooting pains into the right side of my testicle. I never had these until the last week or so. I’m not sure if I aggravated the area or what. It’s not all the time but will flair up here and there and stop me in my tracks. It seems if I lay on my side it’s worse. It hit me off and on all night last night making sleep impossible. I had no issues during the day. My guess is this is either a nerve caught in scar tissue or granuloma causing pain when it gets pressure on it a certain way. The other thought is maybe these are healing pains but maybe this is wishful thinking. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome? Ice seems to help


Mine feels like that but is localised to the touch .I am awaiting SA and ultrasound tests ,


So yesterday and last night not to bad with random electric shocks. I am a belly or side sleeper so I used a pillow between my legs to not put pressure on my sack. Hopefully things continue and the pains go away for good. I think I did this to myself massaging the vas pain area a week or so ago in hot bath. I was reading massaging pain area and stretching can help break up scar tissue and help with healing. I think this set off the shooting pains. It’s got me thinking though that my main issue may be nerves stuck in granuloma or fibrosis right around Vas cut area in right nut. This is talked about a lot in the book the cruelest cut that the nerves and scar tissue need to be cleaned up via some surgical method.


Had them as well @Ben, very sharp sudden electrical pain in pelvis and in my prostate as well. They weren’t that frequent, but ( touch wood) have not had any since reversal