Question from GF about V complications


Dear All.

I am the girlfriend of a man who just got a vasectomy. He had it about 3 weeks ago and seems to be painless now, he does not need to where supports anymore.

I was just wondering why do some men have congestion and others don’t? I’ve read a lot about that complication but have not found any answers.

Thanks for any pieces of information.

The GF


For what I understand, some guys have the ability to disintegrate sperm faster than it’s been made and others don’t. If your guy had blue balls in the past he is probably one of the guys who will have congestive pain. I had blue balls before and had congestive pain after the vasectomy. But even then some guys start to gain the ability (antibodies) to disintegrate sperm and get pain free after a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The first 3 months you always have to wait if necessary with hot baths, cold towels, NSAID’s, …


Ok, thanks for the answer. This is a total enigma for me…

As far as urinating is concerned, why does it affect the flow? Why does it take a few more seconds to start urinating?


This is a paper I posted the other day that tries to break down the biological changes following vasectomy and why some men may experience pain outcomes and others do not:


Watch out for UTI’s. I got one after my vasectomy and only found out by accident. It impacts your pee, but if your in pain anyway you won’t notice it that fast. And since it is quite rare for a man, the doctor won’t think of it either.


Regarding the UTI, how can the bladder be infected due to sperm?


The theory I had was that due to the pain I didn’t always know the difference between having to pee and just having pain. So I probably just tried to much.


Same reason why some gals do fine with the pill and others go literally blind because of it.
Science finds good alternatives but none is one size fits all.
Even with the pill there’s a test that could very much tell if a woman is more or less likely to experience serious side effects from hormone contraceptives, but it’s too expensive for most health plans to cover. It’s also bad for business since care providers sould always be closing.

I understand women sometimes push their SOs into taking part in the reproduction aspect of the relationship but please understand that neither the pill nor vasectomy is the answer if you’re not inclined towards gambling.


True! I trid the pill for 3 months and it messed me up.

What does it mean when the flow interrupts when urinating? That symptom has started about 2 weeks ago.


It sounds like it might be a prostate issue, possibly a post surgical inflammation or bacterial infection.

There are a number of threads on the board from people with those kinds of issues who had problems manifest following their vasectomy, but I haven’t had those myself. If you search through a few threads you may find more details.


Thanks altlanticcoast!


Yes i have this. There is no answers i have had every test known in medicine and found nothing. Its like prostate infection but they find nothing. Just got to live with it, pissing like a 90 year old its crap. My children hear me in the toilet and say what are you doin dad? 5 min later i finish pissing. Funny thing is drinking grog it goes away, like it relaxes everything.


Yeah, I had some big time prostate issues for about a month after my vas. It was really hard to piss and really hard to keep it going. That symptom did eventually subside, but my pain did not unfortunately.

IIRC the prostate and pelvic floor have to relax to allow urine to flow out of the bladder through the urethra.

If the prostate is inflammed or your pelvic floor is in spasm due to nerve damage, pain, whatever, it’s gonna be hard to start the flow.


I have a question relating to clearing out the remaining sperm right after a vas operation:

  • If the Vas is sealed, where would those sperm come from? I thought the vas was the main channel the sperm would use, so why would there still be sperm 3 months after a Vas (checkup)


The 3 month period is due the remaining sperm within the upper remnant of the severed vas deferens and in the seminal vesicle needing to clear from the system.

As a side note my doctor used the repository when I discussed vasectomy with him in 2013, which does not state the usual NHS UK 1/10 figure for chronic pain.

Though their discussion forum is full of men left in pain :


So a vasectomized male isn’t releasing any sperm from his urethra, just semen.

Semen is produced in the seminal vesicles and excreted out through the ejaculatory ducts.

The vas is also connected to the prostate, so the actual composition of semen is changed post-vas, which might explain why a lot of us have prostate issues after the vas.

Someone correct me if I’m using the wrong terminology/anatomical descriptors.