PVPS doc close to Cincinnati


Anyone know of a good doc close to Cincinnati. I have had different pains for almost 30 days most of which i feel is IL nerve related. My general doctor has no clue what PVPS is and my urologist just throws pain meds at it and hope I go away. In my opionion the quicker I can break the nerve pain cycle the better and don’t want to wait typical 3 months.


How far out from vasectomy are you?

I’m up in Cleveland and have seen the two at the Cleveland Clinic known to treat PVPS and scrotal pains. I like them both. Dr. Sabanegh is the fertility/reversal specialist. He’s HARD to get an appointment with. I doubt he’ll jump right into reversal. Saw him when I had my post-reversal relapse in 2008-09, and he prescribed gabapentin and celebrex. We never explored a re-do reversal.

I’ve also seen Dr. Shoskes. He’s the only uro in Ohio who performs spermatic cord denervation. I like Dr. Shoskes and, if I end up opting for SCD, I would trust him.

In both instances, though, they might have you first work with pain management, so you might want to try that at home in Cincy. Pain Mgt. docs all seem to offer II and GF injections.

I’m not sure driving to Cleveland is any easier than a flight to Orlando. I’ve seen Dr. Parekatill there. He performs a spermatic cord block under general anesthesia that might be worth trying. I had it done and got some extended relief.


Im almost 30 days out but want to get ahead of any potential nerve issues. That was my main issue until recently and now I’m starting to have aches on mostly left testicle almost inside leg at bottom.