PVPS aware doctors / urologists in Europe


I am trying to find urologists, doctors, other health care providers (such as physical therapists etc.) in Europe that
a) acknowledge the existence of PVPS
b) have experience in treating PVPS patients, medically and surgically

So far, I’ve had little success with urologists and doctors; there seems to be one or the other surgeon in the UK and in Germany who know what PVPS is, but they are offering reversals exclusively, i.e. no other (surgical) therapies.

I guess many actively searching the forum are at a stage similar to me where all they want is to find a doctor who is understanding, who would listen to the concerns, and who can offer help and guidance through the various options that are out there.

Please chip in your experience; it will be of help for many of us here.



In Belgium you could try Philippe Mast, from the 11+ that I have visited he seems to be the most caring one and has some experience with cleaning up the mess of other urologists.


Are you from the region?
What’s your (presumably) long story short? What did you try? Did you have follow up surgery?
How are you today?


I’ve had my vasectomy in June 2016 and had nothing but complaints since then. Tried a shit load of medication and herbs/seeds. Got an open ended conversion, some fibrosis was removed, a bilateral epididymectomy and a clean up by the doctor I referred you to. So 5 operations in total and now begging for a bilateral orchidectomy since nothing has changed. But suddenly they have principles and the doctor that fucked me up in the first place is retired now… So no, I’m not happy…

I live in the northern part of Belgium, so in terms of this forum I live next door to Denmark :wink:


If you are happy to fly to the UK Mike Henley and Duncan Harriss are the doctors with good experience I am aware of there.

I had a reversal with Harriss and a pretty good outcome.

They are in Derby and Nottingham, so the nearest airports are East Midlands and Birmingham.


D Harriss

Mike Henley

Skyscanner for flights