PVPS and Prostatitis


Sounds like what happened to me. I was told I had prostatitis and bombed with all manner of antibiotics. I had mostly burning nerve pain. I got a lot of relief from my reversal.

The old boggy prostate is just so much crap. I had horrific prostate problems after my vasectomy with urgency and burning etc… Most of this went away as soon as I got my reversal. It was almost magical. It just all stopped.


What type of burning pains did you have?

I’ve started to develop a burning urethra and burning urination this past week, and i know it’s not prostatitis!


Mikeo that would be amazing if that can happen to me. Im glad you found a fix. I have been reading forms about prostatitis for months and did everything to treat that and then I ran across this form. Now this has changed my outlook on whats happening with me.
Mikeo a little personal question? In my sack I can feel my epididymis is tender and feels larger. I am not sure if the vas are swollen as well but it seems like there is some extra stuff that area. Did you feel like this as well? When I have told the uros this they look at me like I have two heads and give me more cipro and say some back in 6 weeks!

Vasregret I love the name.
I get burning in the urethra sometimes. It comes and goes. That was one of the worst feelings you can get in the body I think.
I also have pain in my testicles
pain in the prostate. Before I got the injections if you pushed on my prostate it would feel like I got hit there by a car. it would hit every nerve in that area. Since the injections I had in the prostate I have had less inflammation there. So its not as painful there.
Now I have gotten pelvic pain as well. I thought that the burning in urethra was bad. This feels horrible. I am going to acupuncture and psycal therapy for pelvic floor to try to deal with that. The pain seems to move around to different spots. I still think in some way its bacterial. We all have that running though that area. If bacteria get down the vas dif after a vasect how can any flow of antibiotics or immune support seems blocked off. Not sure if this is accurate. I hope your get better soon.


Mikeo another weird peronsal question. After my vas I have never felt the same after sex. Never felt empty and didn’t get the drained feeling I got before. My question is did you feel this also? And did the feeling come back after reversal?
I am mad my wife just didn’t tie her tubs. fml


I had urgency that was horrific. I would get into these stretches where I would be scared to go to sleep because as soon as I did I’d get burning pain like I had to go but didn’t and it was just the worst torture you can imagine. You need to relax you pelvic floor too because once the pain starts I think you clench and that irritates those nerves as well. I would try baclofen at night and see if that helps.


Hey Mike are you still symptom free form prostate issues?


Kyle did you end up getting a reversal?


Since my reversal I have not had much problems with the prostate/uti type stuff at all. It’s been nice.


One important distinction to make is whether your “prostatitis” is truly a prostate problem or a form of Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. In my first bout with PVP (8 months after my vas in March 2005), I definitely had something going on with my prostate. I say that because my PSA ran from 4.2 to 4.5.

Since my reversal, I haven’t registered a PSA above 0.3, yet I’ve had two separate relapses of PVP. In 2008-09, my relapse was only in the scrotum and went away after 6-7 months on Celebrex and Gabapentin.

This bout, just about over, has lasted 13+ months and I definitely had some pelvic pain going on. In fact, the worst of the pain was in the perineum, and that took extensive pelvic PT and Elavil to get control over.

I think there’s a whole web of inter-connected problems that can and do start after a vasectomy. No one has an incentive to make the connections because it’d kill the golden goose of the vasectomists. A couple guys here like Aschiro and Choohoo know more than I’ll ever know.

But, I think one key is to find out if your prostate is truly part of the equation. Prostatitis is a poorly conceived, catch-all name that the Cleveland Clinic has stopped using for non-prostate pelvic pain.


Agree with @raising4girls, important but seems hard distinction to make. Right after my vasectomy I developed boggy prostate and high white blood cell count. After 4-5 months these issues went away but pain remained, now at month 13. I am suspecting that I have chronic pelvic floor issue (perineum, leg, scrotum pain) but it is so hard to confirm that. Progress is extremely slow and I am doing all sorts or PT, exercising, massage, relaxation, etc. Kind of stuck in a pain level that is better than when this ordeal started but still not good. I will give if until next January before considering reversal. I was already high anxiety case before vasectomy and that probably does not help in calming nerves down there.


Straight after vasectomy had prostate issues and still have. PSA showed nothing abnormal all tests showed nothing abnormal still have prostate and urination issues. Not 1 single test out of hundreds done has showed anything and i am totally fucked with a list of symptoms ball pain, cord pain, abdominal pain, flank pain, feeling sick daily. Not a test can find anything amazing modern medicine.


I tend to think reversal will help you, @Loz, if you haven’t had one. I have no medical training, so take this for what it’s worth, one man’s experience. I didn’t feel sick pre-reversal, but felt “off”. Maybe it was due to the chronic pain, I don’t know. What I do know is that I felt normal once I had the reversal. The pain stuck around for 4-5 more months, but I had this feeling that things would improve the minute I woke up from the reversal surgery.

I truly think that vasectomy has unexplainable impacts and some men and, for us, putting things back together works.

I still haven’t met or read about a guy who regrets his reversal.


@raising4girls totally agree buddy. Was booked in for reversal but just got few issues to sort out. Explained in other topic. Its a challenge here in Austtalia PVPS is not recignised much we are still in cave man days here.