PVPS after reversal nerve pain?


I second this for sure.

@Fire, if I had anything else to reinforce about what I said earlier, it would be, take your time with this. Get all your ducks in a row, collect as much data about yourself before you make another surgical move should you choose to do so. Sounds like you just learned another hard lesson far as the hemoclips, and your reversal. Not all reversals are created equally, and that’s on many levels. I hate to see you learn the hard way a third time.

Good luck


I went to see a micro-surgeon (urologist). He said what I need is to have a bilateral epididyectomy. He also said that he would remove part of the vas-defferan (from the area of the clips to the testicle).
He said that would eliminate all the pain. To make sure he gave me a nerve block at the clip site and said if this stops the pain then the surgery would work. OMG! Talk about pain!! But once the numbing agent started working the pain stopped.
So, I ask this…does anyone have experience with this?


Sounds pretty drastic to me. If that doesn’t do the trick, or makes you worse, what then? Having the hemoclips, and scarring removed certainly won’t be an option anymore.

Any doctor can inject you will lidocaine, or some other anisthetic, and make any part of your body go numb/block the pain/etc. I’m not thinking this experiment he performed on you proves anything far as what you should do next, but that’s just my opinion.

Having a bilateral epididymectomy certainly isn’t my idea of going slow. If it fails to help, you will have few options left.

I never advise what surgical procedures men should have. I can help you weigh out pros, and cons, give you my thoughts, etc, etc, but I draw a line when it comes to “what should I do” when it comes to the knife. My reasoning, I don’t have to live with the outcome of the procedure.


Whatever happened to you getting an SA? Did you get that checked out? If so, what were your numbers?


What is an SA?

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Anyone that has a vasectomy reversal for fertility, or pain should be getting a semen analysis (SA). I am shocked by the number of guys I have seen get a reversal for pain that figured this part was irrelevant, or their surgeon/urologist never had them follow up with the results.

Any experienced reversal surgeon will have their clients start getting SA’s fairly early, and keep following up on them for a year, or better. How the heck else are men to know if they are even fertile post reversal? If your wife was wanting to have another baby, you better find out if you are still shooting blanks, and the motility of your sperm as well.

I think guys that had a reversal for congestive pvps should stay on top of this.


The urologist did say he wants me to have a semen analysis done before any procedure.
I have also found a different urologist/microsurgeon that I am seeing next week. I’m going to get his opinion before I move forward. I’m trying to move somewhat slow I’m just soooo tired of being in pain!
Thanks again for the advice. It is appreciated.


I hear you brother. I just don’t want to see you rush into anything, and get messed up worse.

Get back with us regarding your SA results. I’m curious to know more.


One thing I wanted to say is that ever since the “nerve block” (last Wednesday) I’ve been pain free! Don’t know why but I’m not complaining. I just would like to know why. The doctor said the numbing agent should work for a couple of days. Interesting I’d say


I agree that removing them at this point could cause additional issues without providing relief. If you are miserable

The guy wants to remove your epi and the distal vas and then says you’ll be “pain free”. I’m sorry but I would get my nut removed before letting someone remove my epi. That’s just me.


Any update from original poster @Fire? Would like to hear of progress last 2 months.


@Fire any updates? Still curious