Pvps 3 month mark


5 days of meds now and pain still there but not severe. Hopeping by the weekend it will have gone. Fingers crossed. If it hasn’t in back to square one!


Good luck man what do they have you on and for how long?


Ciprofloxacin and ponstan. Originally for 7 days. Second batch now for 10 days. Half way through second lot now.


Are you any better now?


No. If anything im worse. Pain in my groin also now. Kind of burning sensation. 2 more days of meds to go. I’m not sure will I go back to my uro again on Monday or my gp for second opinion. I’m 15weeks now post vas. Pain for the last 5 weeks. :confused:


Damn sorry to hear it man


I went to my local gp today. So I went through everything with him. From start to finish.I don’t have an infection but possibly just inflammation. He has referred me to a urologist for an ultra sound. My gp recons the ultrasound will probably show up nothing but it is safer to do it. In his opinion my pain will "probably"go away. He prescribed me more anti inflammatory meds.


Nothing more reassuring than being told by a doctor that the pain in your balls from an unnecessary elective procedure will “probably” go away. He is probaly right though, lol.


Some good and bad news.

The two guys that “took a year to heal” wasn’t quite accurate. Met with the one guy yesterday. He took 3-4 months to get better during which he had periods that were rough. He had a few shots of pain a bit longer than that, but was mostly good. Now at 2 years and 100% after 1 year with nothing of note since.

The other guy improved up to a year, but still doesn’t feel right 4 years later.

I’m at 6 months now. Dramatic improvement since months 2-4 when I had several periods of intense pain and even baseline was painful. Now “just” an ache that is distracting and always present. Would be hard to accept my current state even though I feel lucky compared to many on this forum. Reaching 6 months and still not feeling well is tough. So too was getting the full story from the two guys I had looked to for hope. I’m trying to hold onto hope that I’ll still make gains over the next 6 months.


Thanks for the update. This is all definitely frustrating. I too am struggling with the fact that this could be my new baseline, but I feel like I’m getting better, although slowly. Drastic improvement from 2 months out, but small improvement from 6 months out. Last week, I actually had 2 days of relatively minor pain that I only noticed if I thought about it. Sadly it didn’t last, but was a nice break. Hopefully I get some more of them. I also hope that things continue to improve for you.


@ShipofTheseus I actually spoke to my neighbor awhile back about my situation. He has a coworker who had a vasectomy 10 years ago and had a lot of pain for about a year. Says that he’s not necessarily in pain now but that things just don’t feel right. It’s interesting that he said the same thing as your friend. Not an ideal outcome, but I could handle that if the pain goes away.


I am now 4 months post vas. I had my ultrasound on Monday and results came back pretty normal except for tubular ectasia on epididimus. I think this means inflammation of some sort. Waiting now to see urologist to review the results and see where I go from here. Still have pain/tenderness which can radiate up my groin. Still hopefull all this will clear up. On anti inflammatory meds for last 6weeks.


Was talking to guy the weekend and he had vasectomy 8 months ago. Had all the bad symptoms ie blue balls,swollen and lots of pain. Was in alot of discomfort for 6 weeks post vas.
Dull pain arrived at 7 weeks and stayed with him up to 7 months. It finally eased and now he said he is pain free. He took almost 7 months to feel better. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for us :+1: