Pvps 3 month mark


Hi guys.
Had my vas done first week in Aug. Recovery took alot longer than doc said. I was very tender and had black and blue sack for couple of weeks. At the 6 week mark pain died down a decent bit but was still tender enough. Pain was not really on my mind from week 8 to 10. The last 2 weeks now I have the kicked in the balls feeling throughout the day. Starting to get bit worried. I contacted my doc who performed the vas and explained my story. He was very suprised I wasn’t ok within the first week :hushed:. Basically he told me he doesn’t think it’s related to the vas. Wtf.? He said to take a couse of iprofin for week or 2 and if that doesn’t help to go see him then. So I’m a week down taking meds n still have pain like a min or 2 after kick in the balls. Is this common at this stage at 3 months?Should i be bit worried it might never go away?


@Phil, yea, that’s pretty rediculas your vas uro told you that. What you are being told is surprisingly very common. I swear, pretty much every urologist that preforms vasectomy tells their clients they have never seen anything like this and that before. Statistically, that’s BS. Plain and simple.

If I had to guess what’s going on, I’d guess you are congested, and possibly even leaking sperm. I suppose anything is possible, but that’s my guess based on what you said above which isn’t much, and was a bit confusing toward the end.

Far as getting better goes, stick with your uro, or a uro in general as you proceed further into your recovery. Getting better is likely, but you are like many in the sense that time will tell.


Thanks for your feedback. Yea if i still have pain in 2 weeks I will be meeting my uro. Fingers crossed the pain will ease off because I have a feeling as u said that he will just think it’s all very uncommon & not come up with a solution.:confused:


Keep us posted brother. Good luck.


@Phil My uro told me the same thing. Then one day I happened to get a call from his assistant and she told me he sends about one patient a week to a local pain management group. Step 1, question your urologist.


Try to get a second opinion from another uro. I got the same response you did but then went to my primary doc and he referred me to a different uro who had a better answer. Then eventually was referred to a micro surgeon uro who understood what was going on and what treatment options were available. Do your own research and try to understand what you believe for yourself. Every doc has told me a different story, different opinions, different recommendations.


Ok I met my Uro today because my pain was getting worse. After the examination he recons it’s inflammation of the epididymides. So he gave me crproxin inflammatory meds and pain killers. Take these for a week and I should be ok he said. Fingers crossed this is all it is😕


Phil, I wish you the best, but it sounds like you’re getting the same approach I got from my vasectomist in 2005. I’d been stunned if anyone really gets better from these heavy-duty antibiotics they throw out when faced with a pain patient. You’d think they’d do some sort of culture before prescribing Levaquin or Cipro.

When I shifted over to the Cleveland Clinic in 2006 was to check a urine and a sperm sample (the poor resident had to palpate my prostate until I spooged a drip of semen on a slide…great job for guy that just spent $300,000 on med school). Both were clean so they didn’t prescribe any antibiotics.

I hope it works for you but, if not, you know where to find us.


I’m 6 days on my medication now and I’m no better. If anything I think I’m worse since Wed. Sharp enough kick in the balls sensation. Work defo irritates it ie.climbing stairs with car parts.
So I’m trying to take it easy onertthe weekend and see those it get better. But I’m not hopeful. I’m at 13 weeks now post Vas. :persevere:


I was in rough shape at 3 months. 5 minths now and past few weeks have settled down wrt pain. Less variation and lower severity. Not better by any means, but jolting pain and numbness are gone. Left with low level ache. Still hopefully to see continued improvement all they way up to a year. Two guys I spoke to directly from my area and field said 12 months. One said 6 months till he could run and take two stairs at a time.


I too had the hematoma/swelling problem that hurt me for a couple of months ( hurt every time I lifted up my arms) and then the nuts aching all the time problem. Mine was always better in morning and worse at night. Finally got a reversal (two actually) Local urologist were just clueless although one did say “This could be chronic” Of course no mention of this pre vas. The doctor who did it I still don’t think has any idea how much it messed me up because I quickly realized that all he had to offer was ibuprohen and “give it time” so I stopped seeing him because there was just no point-he could offer me nothing. Sucks dude but you are entering the world where no one really knows whats wrong or how to fix it. In the end what are your choices- nothing, reversal, denervation. I opted for 2 reversals. I’ll never be the same but they did offer relief


@ShipofTheseus might be a lot to ask of your friends, but if they are willing, it would be great for them to post their experiences on this website. We are lacking a lot of success stories from the 6 month to one year mark. Obviously it happens, but would be great to have more examples.


Good news. Pain practically gone. It eased off Sun evening and has improved since. Fingers crossed it was an infection or severe inflammation and has disappeared.
I feel great now. Hopefully this gives a lift to guys that are feeling down with pain.


@Phil I initially had relief after my onset of pain back in April. I’ll tell you to do what I wish I had done. Keep taking the nsaids for as long as you can to make sure you get the full effect. Keep up with any other remedies you are doing like hot baths, etc. I would probably also exercise if you are. I stopped eventually and I regret it.


Glad to hear it @Phil. Thanks fur the update. Hopefully we won’t see you around here anymore.


@Kyvas It’s definitely too much for the one guy. He didn’t know about the site and really just suffered until he got somewhat better. Wasn’t really excited to even talk about it, which makes sense. Who wants to revisit this! The other guy maybe. I’m meeting with him again in a few weeks to chat.

5 months now for me. Severe pain is gone. Numbness and abdomen cramping gone. Feels like congestion; constant ache in the nuts. Still taking NSAIDs, Tylenol, some sleeping med my pain/psyche md gave me (he is great). Papaya powder and alpha lipoic acid the past 2 months. Hard to say if they worked or if the severe pain resolved. Hard to say if pain correlates or is made worse by sex, so maybe not. Sex isn’t painful and it’s actually a short time I’m less aware of the ache. Baths seem to help, at least while I’m in it.

Was able to take a long flight without too much trouble. I’m thankful - even if I have yet to have a day where I feel close to normal, just closer than before. Swimming is another time I feel closest to normal.

So is you are 3/4 months or less and in awful pain, it can get better. Better seems to vary wrt how close to normal. As with everyone, the scary (and hopeful) aspect in the first months is you don’t know what the new normal will be. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life like this, but I hold onto the idea two guys (and more) improved all the way to 12 months. Many do see improvement to some level.


Ah well I spoke too soon. Pain in the sack back again today. So back to square one. Was practically pain free for 2 days😩. I will ring my Uro tomorrow and maybe I need meds for 2 weeks not 1. Good thing was pain did go away so I’m hopeful it will kill it right off next time. Even if i do get better in few weeks if I was back again and knew all this I would never have got a vasectomy.


@ShipofTheseus thanks for the follow-up. I totally get not wanting to bring it up. Honestly, I’m getting kind of tired talking about it myself, where as before it’s all I could talk about. I hope you keep on improving man.



Hang in there @Phil.

Focus on the good spells and soon enough there will be more of them than the bad ones. I’m confident you will graduate from this place and everything will be fine.


@Phil how are you doing man?