Pushed myself a bit too hard, darn it!


I have been on Lyrica, cymbalta and diclofenac for a good couple of weeks, felt a bit better… came off the diclofenac and still felt better… in tandem i have been trying to build up to a 1 mile jog… and bang pushed it a bit too hard by jogging half a mile and abdominal soreness/testicular tenderness are back. I always seem to get to the stage where i am starting to feel slightly normal and i go for a run!! I can only assume that running a certain distance agitates the nerves enough to set off some inflammation. Frustrated with myself AGAIN!! Wish i could work out how to resolve this


Are you wearing a good supporter? How fast are you jogging? Maybe slow it down and try not to lift your knees so high to minimize jostling.

I gently jogged for a couple minutes last week with some tight briefs on and was careful to not lift my knees too high while jogging to minimize the impact.

Shockingly for the first time in 14 months, I didn’t have a massive flare up in pain right afterwards, so maybe something good has come from the reversal.

Anyways, just try holding yourself a little different when you jog to minimize the impact, it might help.

Life goes on and we just have to adapt somehow


Yes i am wearing a scrotal support when running, jogging slow and keeping my knees low… i had been repeatedly walking and jogging the mile… but nowhere near half a mile… pushed it a bit too much and now paying the price, just hope it settles down again soon


Great to hear you avoided the flare up after jogging, hopefully a sign of recovery.:slight_smile:


I have slowly over the years gotten a little better with long distance running/walking. I do have setbacks such as you, but I have noticed they are less frequent and less painful. I also had a reversal and gained some nice nerve damage where i only had congestive before, so now I have both as I think the reversal failed even though I haven’t been back to get that confirmed. Keep pushing yourself, but not too much and you’ll eventually either get use to the pain and/or it will decrease slowly over time.


Thanks for sharing the update. My reversal was pretty well pointless as I suspected from the start that I’m a nerve pain guy, so all I have now is time really.


Thank for sharing this. Has your situation got any better when jogging? Is the general consensus on the forum that pain = flare up = definite avoid?

Is there a school of thought that just doing day-to-day tasks hurts anyway so I might as well push myself a little?


Why did you do a reversal if you suspected you were a nerve pain guy? Also, why did you suspect this? I have been to 3 doctors, the last one saying that he thinks I have congestion, and I still have a hard time believing any of them.


Its been a while but quick update, back running and doing really well with minor increase in abdominal discomfort. Using scrotal support with plenty of padding only when running. Still on 150mg per day of Lyrica… curious on the effect of getting off it but not willing to rock the boat. Had an ulcer (probably from over use of anti-inflams) but now clearing up. How are you all getting on?