Pulsed RF Ablation Scheduled


Went back to see Pain Management today, second visit since the GF nerve block on 8/22. At the 3-week mark, I was still very sore in the groin/crease. The doc appeared worried then, I think, that I might’ve had some damage, but those pains went away a few days later. Just took some stretching, baths, etc. I’m back to baseline with sharp pains on the left side of the scrotum.

Based on the initial positive response to the GF block (even though it wore off and the steroid hasn’t really helped), he agreed that ablating the nerve is a logical next step. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get scheduled for 4 weeks…having it Halloween morning.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes. I’m hoping it turns out to be a good interim step before succumbing to denervation or neurectomy.


Given your circumstance I think many people would make this choice if it were an option. It sounds like you’ve done your research and had all your questions answered. I look forward to hearing about your experience and outcome. Good luck man.



Good luck with the ablation. I’m excited to hear how it goes. Seems like it has a low potential for making things worse and from what I’ve read, it’s decently effective.

Personally, I think once you’ve had a reversal if you continue to have nerve issues, then pain management or neurology is going to be the best area of medicine to seek treatment (i.e. not urology).

Is it done under a local or with sedation? Or does it even require any anesthetic?


Same as with the way he does nerve blocks. Local and sedation but not totally unconscious as with general anesthesia.
Said it takes 5-10 minutes longer than nerve block.



Thanks. This is a classic cost/benefit procedure. I see it as a possible solution. The nerve block didn’t provide long-term benefit, so I can’t think of anything else to try. Don’t know chances, but I’m thinking 50%. But, the risk appears to be lower than any other procedures like neurectomy or denervation. And, if it fails, I think we’d gain some knowledge. In case of failure, it could be that the GF is not the culprit OR it could be that the pain is centralized in the cord (central sensitization). In either case, that’d be good to know before undertaking anything more invasive. My take, perhaps arguable, is that if the ablation fails, it’s likely that denervation would fail.

So, while I’ve got my fingers crossed that this works (doc thinks it will since the block helped the first few hours/days while the anesthetic was working), I’m preparing a Plan B in case it doesn’t work. Might go see Dr. P. and try a series of spermatic cord blocks, might try the in-office cord block with my local uro who also does denervations. I"m also in talks with the Dellon Institute about seeing them. Have a phone consult scheduled next few weeks.

Thanks for the well-wishes.


hope all goes well. thanks for the update.