Prostatitis symptoms


@Dpm12 Your situation sounds exactly like mine. All my prostatitis issues started three days after my Vasectomy. Mine was done last year November 22nd. So I am approaching a year. It has been a roller coaster for me as far as scale of 1 to 10 on symptoms. I have days that are good. I have days like the past few where my prostate feels like the size of a tennis ball. I think about it every damn day whether it is the prostate inflamed, starting urination off with split stream, dripping urine a minute or so after I take a leak, regretting ejaculation because sometimes it makes symptoms worse, narrowing of the penis (almost looks like someone is strangling my unit from blood from the inside, but then later that day it looks perfectly fine and I am pissing like a race horse), sharp random pains in the perineum, etc.

I am currently on 1mg of Terazosin a day which helps as I have gone off of it a couple of times only to go right back on, Turmeric, Graminex Flower Pollen, Saw Palmetto, Flax Seed daily…I think that is about it as far as stuff directly related to the Prostatitis.

I did antibiotics twice at the beginning of all of this and both times I was pretty much right as rain the first two weeks. I thought I was cured, but it came back. That seems to be the story with everyone else too in regards to antibiotics and prostatitis. Antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory component to it I suppose that does this. Every single urine test and semen test I have done comes back negative…shocker.

I have definitely considered a reversal, but I just can’t afford it at the moment. I have really good insurance, but I was told it was not covered. Can anyone direct me to a thread or link that helps in the direction of getting a reversal paid for in this circumstance? I would love to get my body “flowing” again on the chance it would get the prostatitis to vanish.

Do we know of anyone who’s prostatitis vanished on its own after vasectomy with time? If so do we have assumptions as to why?


@MikeO had prostatitis symptoms that vanished immediately after reversal. I’m sure others have had relief from reversal too, but he reports his as gone immediately when he woke from surgery IIRC.

I had bad prostatitis symptoms after my vas which eventually settled down, but now they’re kind of back up post reversal. It’s only been 2.5 weeks, so I’m not panicking, and it’s not even true ‘prostatitis’ symptoms (I use that term loosely) basically just fairly intense bladder area pain if I ejaculate and then urinate. Only lasts for a couple minutes, and it goes away. No urinary symptoms. It’s weird.


How long do they tell you to wait to ejaculate after reversal @vasregret ?


Seems as though EVERY reversal surgeon will tell you a different thing.

Dr. Jarvi at Mt. Sinai in Toronto did my reversal and he said during my pre op appointment to wait one week. The discharge paperwork said when comfortable.

I lasted 5 days lol.


I’m sure there are guys that had a vasectomy, had prostate issues as a result, never had any intervention, and got better. I haven’t read many story’s that implied such an outcome, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

How much better do some get without intervention? IDK, I really do believe many snipped men live with issues, minor aches, pains, twinges, stuff related to ejaculating, and so on that are perfectly happy with their outcome. I think in many men’s minds, being snipped is a trade off.

I’m sure many men never make the connection between vasectomy, and many health problems including all this prostate stuff. Go figure tho, the vast majority of urologists/medicine deny any connection.

I don’t have any concrete assumptions as to why some get better in time. Getting better over time is actually more less what happened to me. Things aren’t perfect, but they are better. I’ve had things straighten out post reversal/s, that took a turn to the left in time.

I really do believe time is our best friend, but you got to draw lines at some point. Lines such as when to have a corrective procedure, and when to not have another and live on time, and so forth. Everyone is different.

Getting off topic a bit, but my first reversal surgeon had me wait 30 days before I ejaculated post reversal. That’s way to long, and has likely changed a bit since then.

My second reversal surgeon had me wait 14 days before I ejaculated (redo reversal). I had a wet dream about a week into my recovery. I was ready, lol, and it didn’t seem to effect my outcome patency wise.


@Dpm12, Is there any way you can prove what risks you were told about?

Do you by any chance have paperwork that you may likely got from your vasectimist’s office?

If not, perhaps you should ask for a copy of your informed consent paperwork.

I would appreciate it if you could upload a picture of your paperwork. Just blot your name out if it’s on there.

The suspense is killing me to know the truth in this matter. Your story regarding the risks that were discussed with you beforehand are quite disturbing, and I don’t want to be spreading misinformation here.


My pain started 3 days after vas, diagnosed week later with prostatitis. Boggy prostate, excess white blood cells, urine flow was not affected though. For a year I have been living with 4-6 pain level. After a year it started reducing and now I am at 1-3 level, month 19 after vas. I still have perineum, scrotum, penis base and both legs pain, mainly due to sitting, activities, stress and anxiety. I have reversal consultation in a week, thinking seriously about doing it. I don’t know if I should wait one more year before making another surgery decision. Everything down there feels so off and wrong to me.


I have had all the prostatitis symptoms for a little over a year now. My symptoms started three days after vasectomy in November 2016. Since then I have pretty much been on my own like all of us. I have tried tons of stuff but what has helped me the most is the graminex flower pollen that you can buy on amazon. Hope I am not jinxing it, but for the first time during all of this I am trying raw garlic to revisit the “this is a stubborn bacteria that modern antibiotics can’t beat” theory. I am on day three of taking two cloves in the morning and evening, and I am scared to say I feel Fucking fantastic. Zero symptoms at the moment. I actually want to have sex. It is great. I don’t know if it will last but you can bet your ass I will keep doing the garlic thing for awhile of indeed the cloves are kicking the ass of some type of bacteria that has been causing this. Let me know if you try and it helps.


All my prostatitis like symptoms vanished when I got a reversal. Reversal is a pretty serious surgery and is a decision that should not be made lightly. I had catastrophic pain so it was a no brainer. I don’t know if it was clearing out the scar tissue or getting things flowing again or possibly the anti-inflammatories but all that went away with reversal.


First of all, I am only 19 days post vas. But it’s been a rough 19 days. My heart goes out to those of you who have dealt with true PVPS. I began to develop the symptoms of prostatitis a few days after the procedure. The symptoms subsided and then returned with a vengeance at about day 11. The symptoms (heaviness/pain in prostate exacerbated by sitting, mild scrotal and testicular pain, burning in the lower portion of the penis) have not subsided. My urologist prescribed Ciprofloxacin, a powerful antibiotic, for 21 days.

Anyone out there actually get better from antibiotics like Cipro? My urologist immediately opted for them but I had a bad reaction that landed me in the ER (right chest spasms and stabbing pain near right armpit). My urologist told me to go the ER. The pain was in the pectoral muscle and felt like a spasm you might get from working out. Going to the ER seemed excessive, but I went to the ER at the urging of my wife and parents. Needless to say (and another $500+ later by way of ER copay and deductible copay), the spasms were nothing but one of the many side effects of Cipro of which I was not aware. I stopped the Cipro based on my ER doctor’s advice.

Interestingly, ER doctor told me he ruptured his biceps tendon after taking Cipro for 5 days (and that’s one of its black box side effect warnings). I walked into the ER with bilateral ankle pain. Apparently, Cipro attacks collagen (the stuff of tendons) in addition to bacteria. My ER doctor said the potential benefits don’t outweigh the potential costs in the absence of an actual belief that a bacterial infection is the issue.

There was/is no indication of bacterial prostatitis. This is what I would call vasectomy-induced prostatitis, or VIP if you like fun acronyms. Anyhow, I’m just curious about others’ experience in this regard. Any luck with Cipro or other antibiotics for treating nonbacterial VIP?


Vasectomists almost universally go to Cipro or Levaquin for a patient reporting pain post-vas. After all, it must be a random infection and couldn’t possibly be the vasectomy itself that caused the pain, congestive or neuropathic.


Cipro is nasty stuff. Without getting too far off subject, I’ve spoke to at least 50 patients that have had nasty side effects to that stuff. I personally refuse to prescribe it. Too many horror stories and too many other options out there. My wife was given cipro for a UTI and I quickly swapped it with Bactrim. When will medicine figure it out?