Pre ejaculate pain


I second that thought. Ask about a steroid pack and consider the hot baths again.

At one point my scrotum was tight for days before i was finally able to relax with a hot bath.


Hot baths can make inflammation worse. I was told take hot bath without even the consideration it could be inflammation. I believe during my higher times of pain were made worse by hot baths and the docs ignoring or not suggesting it could be inflammation.
If you get a pack chill on the hot baths, maybe take a warm one to get the blood going don’t go above like 88 degrees, I felt results right away within the first day a lot by the second. I think it says don’t take it with food but I took mine with a little bit of food.


Hi BB11,
Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine…
All the docs can’t find anything wrong.
I’m going for the last stage on Friday which is a MRI.

Do you have any updates this year? How’s the pain ?



Thead looks like it has not been updated in a while but I have the exact same issue and was wondering if things improved for you.


Figure might as well add to this, I had mine over 7 years ago, I also have 3 slipped discs so I’m in pain often.

I’ve had pain during orgasm, after orgasm, before, and everything in between. It’s usually only on the left side and it’s not always there but when it is its debilitating.

I’ve been married for 13 years with a wife who would like to have sex every day, so when we do I end up avoiding the climax part cause its painful, so I’ll go for foreplay, I generally finish easy whether it is painful or not so foreplay helps avoid it. The biggest change was being put on Norco for my back pain 4 years ago. Opiates make it harder to finish, and solved my back pain issues, and most of my testical pain. Sex is fantastic then I focus on her and just moved to giving up finishing, sometimes for months at a time. The part that sucks is she feels like I’m not into her because I don’t want to finish, this is not the case. We’ve discussed the pain but it has always been a side note. Me not finishing with her leads to her thinking I’m doing it with someone else, which is had for marriage apparently. And for anyone who has taken an opiate knows your body becomes resistant. I’ve been moved up on dosage over the last 4 years…but at this point I don’t feel hardly any pain relief so a couple months ago i talked to my doctor to take me down off them, I’m in pain on them and refuse to go up. Well apparently that has exhausberated the pain in my groin. Now I’m not taking the meds, I’m even more sensitive then I was prior, and my testacles are in constant pain.

Pre op and post op I could masturbate to climax more a less as many times as I wanted to in a day, but now I have a constant pain with a urge to climax, I thought orgasm would improve it, so tried that. Made it worse. Tried ice after talking to the urologist and being told it may be inflammatory, made it severely worse. Got a steroid antibiotic shot in my ass, didn’t help.

So now I’m almost 8 years post op, in almost constant pain with a hyper sensitive member and no real solutions. Reversal isn’t a solution because I don’t want more kids and knocked my wife up 3 times while she was on contraceptives, twice on the pill and once on the IUD which then poked through her uterus and caused a tubal pregnancy resulting in miscarriage.

Anyways long story/rant over, I won’t let the urologist who did the procedure touch me again, I get imaging next week and go from there.


I think you would be a good candidate for pelvic floor therapy. One of the first questions mine asked me was “do you have pain during sex? If so, is it before, during, or after orgasm.” The muscles they focus on are most of the muscles that help you ejaculate. Just a thought. I can’t imagine having sex and not climaxing. That’s hell. I’m sorry for your suffering.


I’ve worked on the pelvic floor muscles for a while, to the point where I can stop myself from finishing, unfortunately it hasn’t stopped the pain after.

Everything I just confirms what I expected, everything is a risk, no option to fix it is guaranteed, I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I’ll most likely get imaging done.


Have you done internal release of the PF muscles? Like everything else, there’s never a guarantee. The sexual buildup that happens within the pelvic floor just seems to make sense to me and explains the issue. I know my muscles are crazy tight, some of the worst my PT has seen and it’s basically all she does for a living.

Good luck with imaging. I’ve personally never had a single image of any part of my body show anything worthwhile. I’ve given up on that stuff.



Did you ever find out exactly what this issue Was? I know it’s been a bit but I’ve had a new vasectomy and have the same severe pain and can’t even get to ejaculation. I’m fine the rest of the time!


Wow ! I never realized that the sharp pains in my testicals after/before/ during sexual intercourse or masturbation or even after being sexually aroused was such a common issue with men my age and younger and older after a vasectomy! I thought I was alone! And it finally took me this long to look it up on the net to see if there was something to it! To be completely honest I actually have been afraid to find out. As it was my procedure was done roughly around 2003-2004 at the time my ex wife and I were on public aid and had reached the state we lived in maximum number of children allowed for those receiving public services ( was around the time the state law had been reformed and mandated this) so as my ex was pregnant with our twin sons and we went in for a case review, the case worker informs us that one of us had to undergo the procedure so we wouldn’t have more kids (there is a couple large cities where that’s how people lived, have a bunch of kids and live off the government) Well after some discussion (her telling me that she refused to have her tubes tied and that I was the one who would be giving up my ability to procreate) an appointment was made with a dr. to go over what all was going to happen, and everything was blueprinted out for me including the pre-op jizz in the cup sperm count right on up to the 30 day post-op jizz in the cup sperm count. The whole time all I could think about was that I didn’t want to give up my ability to procreate, it really was the drive behind my sexual appetite. I liked the fact that I could make babies(and I used to make really good looking kids!) And the other thing on my mind was I really didn’t like the idea of even the most skilled surgeon having that beyond razor sharp scalpel right next to my nutsack!! And I even told the doc that when he asked me if I had any questions concerns or comments. And upon hearing that I was doing this against my will and the nervousness and anxiety I was going thru just then he calmly informs me that they would give me a substantial amount of the benzodiazepine Valium prior to the procedure so I could be relaxed as much as possible. I evaluated this and thought well at least I’ll be relaxed for it. So the days roll by and I go in for the awkward here’s your sample cup and here’s your cubicle just let us know when you’re done speech. Now let me discribe the cubicle…it had three walls and a curtain, absolutely none and I mean NOT A SCRAP of visual stimulation, not even a beer advertisement with women in bikinis. So I’m off to just the most awesome start of something I really didn’t wanna do! And to top that off, do you know how difficult it is to achieve, maintain an erection and getting to ejaculation with no “help” when the nurse who’s old enough to be your mother comes and asks you almost every ten minutes on the dot if you’re doing alright in there :man_facepalming: I guess I was supposed to have been prepping the whole time I was sitting in the waiting room area! So the procedure day is drawing near and we have to meet with the dr to go over the results of the jizz cup, and he asked me again if there were anything I wanted to discuss prior to the following day when it was gonna happen, again I voice my concerns about my nerves and sever anxiety about the whole thing. HE AGAIN REASSURED ME THAT THEY WOULD GIVE ME VALIUM PRIOR TO THE PROCEDURE TO HELP ME BE MORE RELAXED. So the ex and I go home and go through the whole argument about why I had to be the one to be subjected to what I consider torture when she could have it done when she had the twins ! I even asked her the question that even if she and I ended up getting divorced did she really wanna have more kids? Wasn’t 4 enough? My argument about why I didn’t want to get it done was because of that fact of us possibly getting divorced, my stance was well it wouldn’t be fair because what if we did split and I did meet someone else and after awhile me n whom ever decided that we could cohabitate and what if my new woman wanted a baby ! Well then It would be the hugest disappointment ever to find out that I was unable to fulfill that want! Her argument as to why she wasn’t going to have it done was this “her great aunt had bled to death because she had gotten her tubes tied immediately after giving birth, and she was not gonna windup like her aunt! All of it based on a one time isolated incident (that I still to this day have no way to verify) How fair was that to me?! Because isn’t that what people do? Meet, hang out , date, fall in love , get married and have kids? (Not always in that order ) Anyway that was a common argument between my ex and I from the time we were given the ultimatum right up to the day of the procedure. I hope I’m describing my anxiety and stress factors surrounding this whole thing, because I strongly believe that it’s a major part of why I’m having the problems I’m experiencing and have experienced ever since the procedure. Alright it’s the big day and I was so stressed and my anxiety level was just through the roof , but I try to keep in mind that I will have a little bit of reprieve once they give me the dose of Valium they had assured me I would get. We arrived at the clinic, check in and wait about 5 mins when they called me to come on back so we could get the show started. So I reluctantly follow the nurse(same one from the specimen collection ordeal I think) and I’m brought to a exam room and instructed to disrobe and put on the gown and have a seat on the exam table. So as the nurse is leaving the room I mentioned the Valium the dr had told me I’d be getting because of my anxiety. She says that she’ll check with the dr about it and that she’d be right back. Well she was right back alright, along with the dr and the surgical instruments to preform the procedure. First thing I do is ask the doc if I was gonna get the Valium we had discussed, he looked at me and said “Oh , well you should be alright, when I had mine done I actually was working and I had it done and was right back to work the very same day! “. Right here is where I should have gotten up off that table and walked out but I didn’t, so the doc tells me again how this procedure is gonna go down and immediately goes ahead and starts numbing the area and begins the process. The first side he did I could feel the incision, I felt him pul the vas deference out of the incision I felt the tugging and pulling as the vas deference was severed tied and reinserted back into the incision and then I felt the poke tug and pull of the suture(s), meanwhile as I was trying to remain calm the tension spread throughout my entire body and I got very tense, if I would have been a :bomb: I would have detonated on the spot, so now we’re halfway through and they begin the other side , starting with the numbing agent they wait the short minute or two for it to take effect, then he starts to get to work, well idk what happened but as soon as he started to make the incision I could feel it and not feel it like the numb pull and tug like before and I told him as such he looked dumbstruck. Tells me well we got the anistetic from the same bottle so it’s the same as the first one , I said well I don’t know but I can feel it so he hit it with a bit more thinking that would do the trick waits a couple more mins and starts again, again I tell him that I can feel exactly what he’s doing he tells me something along the lines that it must be psychological, because I knew what was going on that my brain was telling me that I should be feeling it . … and as he’s going along almost ready to wrap it up he says to me why are you so tense ? You need to relax! Which really did nothing but make everything worse! Here’s the “professional “ after assuring me I’d be given something to relax me not once but twice then reneging on what he said telling me that I need to relax! So now here we are some 14 years after the fact, and the scenario I described earlier has occurred a couple different times and you guessed it I am and will probably be single for a very long time because of it. I’ve had the sharp pains in the exact same areas as the procedure that started about six months after surgery and I have just never really said much to any of the drs I’ve been in the care of because I didn’t think they would be understanding and be able to give me a definitive explanation as to why it hurt after ejaculation wether it be via masturbation or sexual activities. And from what I have gathered from reading this forum is this THERE IS THE VERY STRONG POSSIBILITY OF PAIN AND DISCOMFORT LASTING LONG AFTER HAVING A VASECTOMY. And that I’m not crazy and I’m not alone in this struggle