Pre ejaculate pain


I second that thought. Ask about a steroid pack and consider the hot baths again.

At one point my scrotum was tight for days before i was finally able to relax with a hot bath.


Hot baths can make inflammation worse. I was told take hot bath without even the consideration it could be inflammation. I believe during my higher times of pain were made worse by hot baths and the docs ignoring or not suggesting it could be inflammation.
If you get a pack chill on the hot baths, maybe take a warm one to get the blood going don’t go above like 88 degrees, I felt results right away within the first day a lot by the second. I think it says don’t take it with food but I took mine with a little bit of food.


Hi BB11,
Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine…
All the docs can’t find anything wrong.
I’m going for the last stage on Friday which is a MRI.

Do you have any updates this year? How’s the pain ?



Thead looks like it has not been updated in a while but I have the exact same issue and was wondering if things improved for you.


Figure might as well add to this, I had mine over 7 years ago, I also have 3 slipped discs so I’m in pain often.

I’ve had pain during orgasm, after orgasm, before, and everything in between. It’s usually only on the left side and it’s not always there but when it is its debilitating.

I’ve been married for 13 years with a wife who would like to have sex every day, so when we do I end up avoiding the climax part cause its painful, so I’ll go for foreplay, I generally finish easy whether it is painful or not so foreplay helps avoid it. The biggest change was being put on Norco for my back pain 4 years ago. Opiates make it harder to finish, and solved my back pain issues, and most of my testical pain. Sex is fantastic then I focus on her and just moved to giving up finishing, sometimes for months at a time. The part that sucks is she feels like I’m not into her because I don’t want to finish, this is not the case. We’ve discussed the pain but it has always been a side note. Me not finishing with her leads to her thinking I’m doing it with someone else, which is had for marriage apparently. And for anyone who has taken an opiate knows your body becomes resistant. I’ve been moved up on dosage over the last 4 years…but at this point I don’t feel hardly any pain relief so a couple months ago i talked to my doctor to take me down off them, I’m in pain on them and refuse to go up. Well apparently that has exhausberated the pain in my groin. Now I’m not taking the meds, I’m even more sensitive then I was prior, and my testacles are in constant pain.

Pre op and post op I could masturbate to climax more a less as many times as I wanted to in a day, but now I have a constant pain with a urge to climax, I thought orgasm would improve it, so tried that. Made it worse. Tried ice after talking to the urologist and being told it may be inflammatory, made it severely worse. Got a steroid antibiotic shot in my ass, didn’t help.

So now I’m almost 8 years post op, in almost constant pain with a hyper sensitive member and no real solutions. Reversal isn’t a solution because I don’t want more kids and knocked my wife up 3 times while she was on contraceptives, twice on the pill and once on the IUD which then poked through her uterus and caused a tubal pregnancy resulting in miscarriage.

Anyways long story/rant over, I won’t let the urologist who did the procedure touch me again, I get imaging next week and go from there.


I think you would be a good candidate for pelvic floor therapy. One of the first questions mine asked me was “do you have pain during sex? If so, is it before, during, or after orgasm.” The muscles they focus on are most of the muscles that help you ejaculate. Just a thought. I can’t imagine having sex and not climaxing. That’s hell. I’m sorry for your suffering.


I’ve worked on the pelvic floor muscles for a while, to the point where I can stop myself from finishing, unfortunately it hasn’t stopped the pain after.

Everything I just confirms what I expected, everything is a risk, no option to fix it is guaranteed, I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I’ll most likely get imaging done.


Have you done internal release of the PF muscles? Like everything else, there’s never a guarantee. The sexual buildup that happens within the pelvic floor just seems to make sense to me and explains the issue. I know my muscles are crazy tight, some of the worst my PT has seen and it’s basically all she does for a living.

Good luck with imaging. I’ve personally never had a single image of any part of my body show anything worthwhile. I’ve given up on that stuff.



Did you ever find out exactly what this issue Was? I know it’s been a bit but I’ve had a new vasectomy and have the same severe pain and can’t even get to ejaculation. I’m fine the rest of the time!